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The Town
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The Bazaar [Sci-Fi]
Mountains VIII
Emperors Glory [Outpost/Plot-ish] [Sci-Fi]
The Eye of Orion III
Continuity's Rest
The Temple of Inari XXXIII
Lank and Krisnda's IV
Dei's lair
Trog's Tavern LXXXIV
Gift Shop (The Colosseum)
The Colosseum (First Round, Fourth Battle) -- Moxie v John
A Tear between Dimensions (plot)
De's Apartment (Slums)
Asteroid 7574B [Sci-Fi]
Unremarkable building [Order stronghold]
The Temple of Merant Herreldr IV
The Whale: Professor Affidavit's Pride and Joy
Trog's Tavern LXXXIII
Streets XXXIII
The Lofty Loft of Loftiness
The Dark Note Music Hall IV [Modern]
Crypt of Zagreus [plot]
A Quiet Walk [Quest of Dooooom!]
Vivian and Davorin's countryside house
Random Locations in Town II [Modern]
Claddagh Inn XI
City of Bells [Tyrath]
The Black Dragon's Den VII
Trog's Tavern LXXXII
Ragnarök Shipping
Toss & Roll [Tyrath] III
Lank and Krisnda's Cave III
The Search for Daleks [Plot]
The Countryside VII
Trog's Tavern LXXXI
Sszinyon's Hideout III
Town Hills Apartments V
The Beaches II [Modern]
Rundown Apartment Complex II [Modern]
Greenleaf Drive III [Modern]
Seal of the Conflagrigation [Plot]
Trog's Tavern LXXX
The Silver Tower III
Princess in Peril! [Adventurer's Guild!]
The Icarus [spacecraft] [Sci-Fi]
Relog Building
Welcome to Menagerie Jurassica!
Streets XXXII
Finch [Sci-Fi]
Pseudo Tardis II
The Annual Be Yourself Ball
The Annual Gender Bending Ball
The Ardent [spaceship] [Sci-Fi]
Lank and Krisnda's Cave II
Trog's Tavern LXXIX
The Majestus [Spacecraft] [Sci-Fi]
Citadel of Eeeeeeeeviiil! [Location of Doom!]
Qin's Tea Parlor
The Temple of Inari XXXII
The Eye of Orion II
ANGEL Headquarters
The Player's Lounge Grand Opening!
Pillaged! [Plot of doooOOOOOoom!]
Spider's Trail, [Plot - see Adventurer's guild to join!]
Trog's Tavern LXXVII
K67/Gem6 [Sci-Fi]
The Grand Town Aquarium [Modern]
The long list of Sci-Fi town stuff.
Psuedo Tardis
The Silver Tower [Modern]
Streets III [Modern]
Al's workshop and house
Fire-work shop
The mages guild
Mages Acadamy
Great fissure
Abandoned Mansion
Trog's Tavern LXXVI
Bertain Mansion [Sci-Fi]
Mountain Temple of Kyr XV
The Card Game [Modern]
The Cornerstone of Worlds
The Roads Less Traveled 8 [Plot of Doom!]
Odd Warehouse [Modern]
Sankloon [Sci-Fi]
Trog's Second Floor X
Cave Temple of Kirisha
Claddagh Inn X
Trog's Tavern LXXV
The Tardis II
Four-thousandth door on the left [Plot] (free to join)
Streets XXXI
The Temple of Inari XXXI
Silent Night [Plot]
Station 3 [Sci-Fi]
Slums VII
Llanarch Hall; (Town School) Boarding House
The Downtown Public Library of Town II [Modern]
The Dark Note Music Hall III [Modern]
The Rift.
Bodhisattva Demon Hunters
The Roads Less Traveled 7 [Plot of DoooOOOooom!]
Greenleaf Drive II [Modern]
Arrowhawk [Sci-Fi]
Lank's and Krisnda's cave
Lake Fendal
Random Locations out of Town [Modern]
Trog's Tavern LXXIV
Stormhaven Clearing
Revenge of the Barkhouse Bestiary
The village of Longhaven
Abandoned Dojo [Modern]
The Desert outside of Town
The Alhazred Asylum for the Criminally Insane
Trog's Tavern LXXIII
The Townanian Mountains [Modern]
The Dead Ship [Sci-Fi]
The Mall III [Modern]
Chime Manor [Plot]
Mountain Temple of Kyr XIV
Beach XVI: Party at the Beach!
The Riverside [Modern]
Trog's Tavern LXXII
TIAP - Town Introduction and Apprentice Program
Somewhere Over The Ocean, Dragons Fly (Plot)
The Dark Note Music Hall II [Modern]
The Eye of Orion
The Arena [Dome]
The Streets [Dome]
The Dome (OOC discussion about Town going on here)
The Silver Slipper Restaurant [Modern]
Streets XXX
Claddagh Inn IX
Sszinyon's Hideout II
Sandbox Plot
Trog's Tavern LXXI
Mountain Temple of Kyr XIII
Town News
Temple of Zoemaytare
Temple of Iames IV
Omega's Realm
The Temple of Inari XXX
Plane of Rest
The Fairgrounds II [not so secret LOVE hideout]
Cemmnè [plot]
The OmniShop XIII
Iron and Glass Crafts [Modern]
Paradox Realm
The Shadow Shrine
Streets XXIX
Mountains VII
Sneak's Milk Bar Restaurante III
Cabin in the Woods
Town School
The Eyrie V
Arya's Estate
Dieter Meyer's Institution [Modern]
Woods VI
Return of the Barkhouse Bestiary
Shadow Proclamation HQ
The Crescent Nightclub [Modern]
Big Jo's Crab and Surf Shack. [Modern]
Mountain Temple of Kyr XII
Pirate Port [plot]
Claddagh Inn VIII
Veil [Planet] [Sci-Fi]
Yossarian Memorial Field (The Airport) [Modern]
Jordan's House [Modern]
The Downtown Public Library of Town [Modern]
Heroes Against Totalitarians of Evil. (HATE)
The Black Revenge [pirate ship]
Where you dream.
Senasthene, the Revolving Abyss
The Roads Less Traveled 6 [Plot of DooOOOOoom!]
Trog's Tavern LXX (no space dragonflies allowed)
Ye Olde Queste for the Holy Grail [Plotte]
Davidson Security Company HQ (Mercenaries) [Modern]
Mountain Temple of Kyr XI
Greenleaf Drive [Modern]
Arena PvP: Asirem v. Katrina
Madam Magnolia's All Seeing Eye [Modern]
Arthur's Mindscape
Highline Corporation [Modern]
The Beaches [Modern]
The Prancing Pony [Modern]
Derelict Construction Site [Modern]
The Pig Pen: Get Bloody
Claddagh Inn VII
Random Locations in Town [Modern]
Random Plane Locations
The Dark Note Music Hall [Modern]
Chime's Door Emporium
Bounty Hunter Hideout (Plot)
Chapterhouse of Kynn
Werewolf Cave: Adventurer's Guild!
Maya's Gadgets and Gizmos
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