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Renegade Paladin

Non-Town art?

Pursuant to the thread title, I'm wondering where we might post non-Town related art, if such things are relevant to the board at all.
Orange Zergling

I, myself, put it in the same thread as Town Art, although Wukei made a non-town art thread in Chit Chat.

Perhaps rename the Town Art board to simply Art?
Renegade Paladin

Heh. Given that my art tends to be in a written medium, putting it in a single thread with everything else would seem a bad idea. Tends to ruin story cohesion, you see. :p

Yeah, and most of my non-town artworks are things like life drawings anyway, so they wouldn't fit in to my thread at all.
The Chilli God

Oh, but the 409 episodes of my comic series that I'd share with you if I could...

Ooo, non-town art would be cool.

Might get me drawing things that aren't just random doodles...

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