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As an agent:


Post agent

Terrence Parkinson (goes buy David Johnson.)

Hair: Light brown

Eyes: Brown, matches his hair perfectly

Appearance: The second picture. That's more like what he wears.

Equipment: Cloths, Alfa Romeo 169, browning hi power which he keeps in the inside pocket of his coat (witch he recently stopped carrying), lap top, brief case. Brief case contains disassembled sniper rifle, a knife that is strapped to the side, extra money, and clips for his guns. (Witch he also stopped carrying)

Back story: He was orphaned when he was just a baby and taken into Father Flanagan orphanage. He joined the army at 18 and was recruited into British intelligence five years later. five years later He was assigned to a mission that would change his life. A girl named Westlanna who, after being framed for a crime was forced to kill two CIA agents. Knowing that she would never trust the CIA they made a deal with British intelligence to get as much information from her as possible. He claimed to be recruiting her for intelligence, and asked her many questions. Over time he grew to be friends with the girl. when he was informed that one of Wesses bosses agent was coming to kill her he was ordered to kill her but found he couldn't do it.  He called his boss and told him she was dead, and was given a 6 month leave. He now wants to leave that life behind and be with Wess.

Tereal Barkinson

Back story: He grew up in sylv'est, the the city beyond the mountains. His father was the leading military general, who as Tereals was growing up, had more power than the aging king. Tereal was taught swordsmanship, archery, horse riding, piano, cooking, and dance. At night he would slip out of the castle to go visit the local circus. Their he learned slight of hand, guitar, and new, more frowned apon forms of swordplay and dance.  when he was 14 he was caught at the small circus. As punishment, his cold hearted farther orders the circus burned down and all Tereal's teachers and friends their killed. Tereal escaped during the attack on the circus and ran away, up the mountain. after many weeks he reached the town were he has lives ever since.

The Team

Mr. Simon McTeata

Age: 31

Eyes: One blue, one black

Hair: Blond, curly, down to his neck.

Cloths: all black leather

Other things you need to know : Has a clawed steel hand in place of his right hand. He has a sword that has elegance, yet deadliness. It is probably magical, but you don't know for sure.

Back story: No one knows. Probably not a very happy story any way. he currently works as an enforcer for KNAVES.

Mr. Blood and Mr. Huston

Ages: 25 and 30

Hair: Blood has short white hair and Huston has none.

Eyes: blue for blood and brown for Huston

Other things: they tend to finish each others sentences. They love killing. Huston uses a cross bow and blood uses daggers.

Story: At age 15 Blood killed his parents. Ran away from the law but was caught after killing three cops.
He was thrown in jail, awaiting trial. Their he met his new "Room mate" Huston, in for triple homicide. The escaped jail, killing a guard in the proses. They arrived in the town after 10 years and countless killings,


Age: ?

Hair: None

Eyes: Black

Other: has white fish scales  over his skin. Is a brilliant mechanic. uses a cross bow to fight, although he usually does not.

Story: a poor beggar, he was taken buy a mad scientist named stormbad who wanted people to live under water. He gave him fish scales, but could not give him gills.  He killed stormbadand escaped. He moved to the town and learned he had a brilliant mind for mechanics.

The butler

age: 63

Hair: wight, balding

Eyes: green

Other: Is a powerful wizard. Very well dressed. He is simon's butler.

Story: ?

Does anyone have thoughts on how I can improve my new team of villains?


4th level Hex blade

Appearance: Their is a picture for a reason.

Back story:

When he was a young boy of about 15 his powers kicked in.  Magic flew from his was a curse. i knocked over a candle and lit his house on fire, killing his family. he looked on from out side. He was shocked at first...but soon began to like what had happened. He stood in the snow with a huge grin on his face, until fire men arrived.  When one asked him hat Had happened he replied I think I did..  He was arrested and sent to trial. He pleaded guilty and was sent to an juvenile detention center. His teach was a wizard who say potential in the boy for magic. A strong believer that their was good in every one he trained the boy. When Sept had learned all he could he broke into the storage closet, took a scythe that the boys used in the farm every day (the detention center believed that hard work was the way to make better people)), went into the  Wizards room and killed the bookish old man. He took his spell book and blasted his way out. After many months of traveling he had enquired leather armor, witch he placed a stone of magic in , a grasping dagger, and boots of silence. While he was on the road a traveling paladin found him. As the palladian drew his sword for battle, Sept swung his scythe at him. The Palladian cut the scythe in half and put the Blade of his sword to Septs neck. Sept cursed him with shaky hand and the paladin dropped the sword. Sept grabbed his Grasping dagger and  plunged it into the paladins chest. As the man died he looked into his eyes. know one knows what He saw but it scared him. He vaporised the Paladins head. He Jumped onto the mans hours and bolted off toward the town. He know has a fear of Paladins.

I added a new picture to Terrence.

Made some more changes to Terrence.

Updated Terrence's pics again. I also added to the bio abit.

The Black ghost

Appearance: see avatar

Identity: unknown

mission: rid the town of evil

Origins: unknown

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