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The Chilli God

New-Towner Elements in the Playground

It appears that some of you have been nominated for the Elements in the Playground competition, and may or may not have realized this.
I can tell, because you haven't posted.

It seems that the majority of New-Towners have been nominated for Earth - Castaras, Geomancer, and Atreyu.
I've been nominated for Fire, Exachix as well.
And Vael's been nominated for nothing, again, I'm sure. <_<, Just Kidding.

Even if Old Town is somewhat avoided nowadays, the SMBG still hasn't forgotten you. It would be nice if you could give the current nominees a little run for their money and make the contest a little less one-sided.

Very Happy

Thanks for the heads up, Chili God. The truth was that I was really busy those weeks with non-forum activities. Mostly I had people in Real Life Town and a desire to really try to beat some Playstation games.

I appreciate you letting people know and Congrats on the Maggie!

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