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Been wondering, is it possible to make the "New posts" system actually work here? Made me crazy when they changed it back on the GitP forums, and it seems to work even less like it's supposed here.

First of all, if I click the "View newest post" icon next to a thread, I often end up several post before the newest post. Also, when I subsequently return to the list of threads, one or more other threads (other than the one I clicked on) are now marked as read as well. And finally, the same problem as we have on the old forum as well, if I close my browser everything is marked as read, making it rather frustrating to try and figure out what I've read and what I haven't.

In short, it's quite frustrating to try and keep up with anything when it works like this.

Because that's how it does it.

If finds the newests posts since you've last logged on.

I don't know why... all phpbb forums do it.

It seems Vael doesn't have the knowledge of the programming of the boards. I don't either, or I'd offer some help.

It's easy to complain about, not so easy to fix.

I don't have any knowledge, and I don't really have much access to changing them, either.

I do have a fair amount of programming experience, but I'm not too familiar with (or fond of) phpbb. But if you don't have that much access to the code I guess it doesn't matter anyway.

Maybe there's a plugin somewhere, though. It's a guess.

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