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NecroPaladin's First Day of School (and how it went wrong)

Consider this a sequel to "Sophistemon's Sucktastical Saturday."

Okay. Let me put some things into context. All summer there were problems with me trying to get a locker, so it took me until just yesterday to actually register one and put all of my school supplies inside.

This morning, I unlocked my locker, opened it, and put a few binders inside, to accompany every textbook I would need for the year plus my planner, art supplies, and schedule.

This afternoon, I unlocked my locker, opened it, and found that my locker had been utterly vacated. Not only were 600 dollars' worth of books missing, but so was my planner, my art supplies, EVERYTHING. For a moment I thought someone had somehow foiled my lock, robbed me, and carefully re-locked the locker, but I didn't happen to observe anyone carting off eighty pounds of books and equipment.

Thirty minutes of frantic, near-tears searching across the campus, I found out what had happened.

There had apparently been a complication. Another student thought that he had registered for my locker. So the maintenance crew took everything out of my locker without alerting me and put it in storage, except for my lock. By the time that this dipshit student decided that it was, in fact, my locker, the maintenance crew were already on to prepping for today's game, and, later, leaving the school. To designate that it was, indeed, my locker, they put the lock back on.

However, they neglected to RETURN EVERY SCHOOL-RELATED ITEM THAT I OWN from storage (which, might I mention, only maintenance can open) before they left. So, here I am, utterly unprepared for the next day and with only my backpack left (no books), due to some asshole who said that my locker was his and then decided that, no, wait, it isn't, and the school couldn't give a shit despite their zero-tolerance policy on missing homework.

An omen?

That's the point where I'd be throwing a fit to the office/dean/principal if anyone even remotely considered penalizing me for my missing homework and books.
I may be somewhat quiet at times, but when something ticks me off...I get rather vocal.

Don't accept punishment for what isn't your fault, Necro!

*gets an uncharacteristic attitude with things like this*

Sadly, my school, being a prestigious upper-class private school dealie, has one of those "We don't take responsibility for anything" policies.

That sounds like just about the worst thing to get punished for ever.

I thought this was why locks other people can't get into your locker unless they break the lock?

The school staff knows the codes for safety reasons.

Safety reasons are what bolt cutters are for.

And cutting off digits when one of the janitorial staff finally loses his/her mind...

Wow... That's kinda scary that that's the first place I went to...

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