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Nabaz's characters

Name: Nabaz
Race: Human Female
Height/Weight:5'2", Fluffy-ish

Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Long and straight, Light Brown

Description: Nabaz looks like a standard human.  Her standard wear is made up of a blue tunic and black pants, as well as extremely large, black boots.  She also has a green cloak and a pack that she carries around most of the time.  Her most unusual item that she carries is a large black and grey plush seal, that she has lovingly named "Shoop".  She also sports the odd bruising, despite the fact that she never really seems to be the type of person to cause mischief.

Personality: Nabaz has a fairly good-natured personality, happy to meet most anyone she sees.  However, she does have the odd habit of trailing off in a conversation, as though listening to someone else.  Also, she is highly protective of Shoop, to the point of fighting someone that tries to take him away from her.

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