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Murky Pool's character

Time for this thing to make a return

Name - Unknown, answers to Red Thing or variants thereof
Race - Cornugon (Horned Devil)
Gender - Seems to be Male
Alignment - Something in the region of Lawful Neutral. Doesnít register or seem Evil, but is uncomfortable in holy places.

This Cornugon stands shorter than the average a mere seven and a half feet tall and weighs in (if anyone should ever feel the need to do this) at around four hundred pounds. Itís body is covered in fine red scales that do not shine unless polished up by the creature (or someone else, although god only knows why someone would do that). The only parts of the creature that are not scaled are itís eyeballs (brighter shade of red than the scales), , itís teeth (large, pointy, numerous and bright white) itís claws (the colour of aged bone) and the tip of itís tail (a bladed spike that is the colour of fresh hewn obsidian).
Despite itís size and the claws on itís hands, the creature possess fine manual dexterity and has no problems manipulating household items. It keeps itís feet claws retracted unless landing or fighting. If it lands on an ordinary substance (wood, stone, metal) these claws will leave scratches or small holes.
The red thing has a pair of perfectly functional wings and it uses these to travel anything greater than a distance across the road, unless it is accompanying a non flyer.
It is an upright bipedal creature.

The red thing wears no clothing and generally carries no equipment. It does own the standard issue Cornugon spiked chain, but doesnít usually carry it in Town. However the red thing also seems to have a dimensional pocket, centred on itís location, which it keeps small items in.

The red thing has all the magical abilities of a normal Cornugon. It does not seem to know any other magic, however it does seem to possess certain knowledge of other planes and some laws of time and space as well as some mysterious administrational organisation(s).

The red thing arrived in the original Town after completing a contract of work somewhere, it got a job as a Police Officer and was promoted to Detective, then took over as Chief of Police when the old chief retired. It suddenly vanished from Town for reasons unknown, reappearing in spirit a while later for a very short time before vanishing again. It has now found the Town again.

The red thing is a balanced, calm creature. Itís natural defences make it difficult to harm and it tends to view threats with as a form of emphasis. This means it tends not to respond to threats with violence, but with more of an office like politeness as if the threatener were offering an alternative course of action. This is not to say that it is unwilling or unable to fight as it was involved in several conflicts during itís time in the Town. It seems to fear only Good aligned Gods and good aligned weapons, despite being neutral and not subject to added damage from such things.


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