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Dipsnig Razortooth

Race: Goblin
Profession: Spy and Thief
Age: 24
Alignment: True Neutral
Height: 3'4"
Weight: 90 ib.

Backstory: Dipsnig comes from Dragonbone Colony, a technocratic goblin nation placed in the mountain by the same name. It was carved out long ago by the great goblin hero Hultznim the Sliver Tongue. Back there, goblins are respected as a race, but remain aware that there are places where they're still treated as monsters and vermin. Recently, Mogrlum Necksnapper, the Boss of Dragonbone Colony, decided to send agents out to the world to spread the cause of Goblin freedom and prosperity. Dipsnig, a young, promising spy and a former miner is one of them. Besides, he had to get away from home after having an affair with his colonel's wife.

Personality: Dipsnig is a wise-cracking smartass with a pragmatic, down-to-earth attitude. He's also sneaky, smart and inventive, sometimes too clever for his own good. He's also bolder than most goblins. He displays strong racial pride and is quite specieist against elves and dwarves. He tends to be somewhat patronizing towards humans and human-sized races, viewing them as poor, lumbering oaves. Also, like many goblins, Dipsnig is kind of a packrat. He tends to carry lots of stuff in his backpack that "might prove useful".

Equipment and abilities: As a government spy, Dipsnig is very good at stealth, of course. His naturally excellent goblin hearing has been honed by training and he can see perfectly in the dark. He's a good shot with his crossbow and can defend himself in melee when he needs to, although he much prefers to strike from hiding. In addition to this, he can brew poisons reasonably well, being resistant to many of them. As far as equipment goes, he wears leather armor and is armed with a crossbow, a pick and several daggers.

Appearance: See picture, only with shoes and a backpack.

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