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Mortia De Luna Draco

Mortia De Luna Draco

Name: Mortia De Luna Draco (translated: death by the moonlight dragon)
Race: Human, believe it or not
Class: Sorcerer-10, Dragon Disciple-10, Dragon heart mage-5
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Good. Tends to be patient and kind, but has a tendency to go into rages, and has a violent temper. *
Age: 210
Height: 12'5"
Weight: 523
Hair colour and length: Blond hair, cropped short and even. *
Scales: Platinum and cover most of body. (though most are small enough to just look like platinum skin.
Eye colour: Deep blue
Weapons: The Draco ancestral Scythe, spells, breath weapon, bite and claw.

More detailed stats

Mortia looks like a platinum half dragon. he has wings that are 5 feet taller than him, normaly folded up against his back. He is in increadable physcal shape, as he constantly trains for battle. His normaly bare chest and arms have shifting tattoo's all over them, some say it is the source of his magic. He has 10 small horns encircling his head like a crown, and his normal clothing is a silken pleated skirt.

[Back story]
Born on another plane, similar to this one. He was born to a noble line of people, known as the bahamu, the dragon worshipers.
[Family History]
23 Generations ago, there was no draco line. The queen of the Bahamu fell in love with a dragon who was in the shape of a man. The dragon loved humans, and wanted to be one. The Queen got impregnated by the Dragon, and had a son. The son was a true half dragon, and the King, being both wise and merciful decided that this child could never rule the kingdom. He set the son aside, and had his best warriors train him how to fight. The great Dragon learned of this, and felt saddened that his son was living the life of a warrior. The dragon crafted from his own bone and scales a mighty scythe, that his son might cary him with him where ever he went. The Half dragon son became so effective at fighting, that the King named him and his line protector of the bahamu royalty. To serve the second son of the queen, who was born of the King.
[young age]
By the time Mortia De Luna Draco was born, the Bahamu race was at a shadow of its former self. They had moved from their ocean side pallace to the middle of the desert. There were only a few towns left for them, and only one city. The Line of kings had been missing for over 100 years. Mortia was born human, and at this time the Draco line was more basic nobility than protectors. The Powerful Draco scythe had been passed from oldest son to oldest son, but the powers and magics of it were dormant. His father was an ambassador for other nations, and his mother was a high priestess of bahamutte. He has an older brother, and two younger brothers. When Mortia was 25, he met, and fell in love with a Mist Elf, and eventually married her. three years later, the Bahamu were attacked by a powerful nation, the reasons are still unknown. Mortia wife was killed, and after the battle, Mortia found out that his wife was pregnant. Mortia's older brother had also been killed, and so the Scythe passed on to Mortia. (at this time, the blade of the scythe remained inside the handle, so everyone just thought it a rather large walking stick with a dragon at the top) Mortia felt his first bought of uncontrollable rage when he first grabbed the Draco scythe. He ran off, determined to get strong enough to come back and defeat the army that had his people prisoners in their own land. The protector was born again. Mortia went off alone, but he met some others along the way.
[middle age]
Mortia's power grew, and he found himself able to call magic to his will with out any training. He also heard about these things called the dragon scrolls, that were supposed to unleash the potential of anyone that read them Long story short, The dragon scrolls were what changed him into a dragon disciple. He deemed himself powerful enough to go home at age 38. He had been gone too long. All of his people had been killed, and his town was covered by the desert that once surrounded it. Mortia tracked down the army, and killed them to a man, all except their leader, Kell. a half undead insane warrior, who's power exceeded Mortia own. Kell managed to escape from the carnage, and Mortia has been seeking him ever since. When Mortia went back to where his city had been, he noticed a giant cave in one of the mountains that hadn't been there before. When he went inside, there was a great wyrm gold dragon, who was waiting for him. This dragon taught him the finer points of what a servant of Bahamutte does. Mortia's eyes began to open, and he learned of all things dragon. he learned to control his rage. He learned more powerful spells. He became the man he is today. One day, when he came back to say good bye to the dragon, the only family he had left, to go in search of Kell, the gold dragon was gone, and in its place was a platinum dragon. Bahamutte himself had been teaching Mortia, and was now putting his blessings upon him. Mortia became a Chosen of bahamutte, Knighted by Bahamutte's own hand.

[Common Knowledge]
-Mortia is a deadly and vicious enemy, but normally his Noble roots show.
-He is well spoken, intelligent, and very charismatic.
-Mortia is the retired Mayor of the town.

Mortia still wishes to find Kell some day, but has recently found a peace here in the town.
he recently has been blessed again by bahamutte, and is considered an Elite of Bahamutte now. Occasionally he will disappear for days at a time to fulfill his obligations to his god.

[Ongoing Storyline]

Having conflict with his god in the temple of bahamutte.
Recently was forced to kill his daughter to save the planet, which accounts for his long absence. He was in morning.

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