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Moozy's Characters

Moozy's Characters:

Table of Contents

1. Table of Contents
2. Blood
3. Dragon
4. Rell
5. Silem
6. Holly
7. Ping
8. Morfe
9. Mark (Modern Town)
10. Dennis (The Hamlet)

Post 2 (Character #1: Blood)

  • Name: Blood (pronounced "Blood" as in the word "blood")
  • Race: Cat
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Age: 6 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Height, Weight: About average for a cat (size Tiny)
  • Fur Color, Eye Color: Black, Black
  • Languages: Cat, Common
  • Home: Alarra's Gems
  • Description: Blood is no ordinary cat, and she certainly makes use of her abilities. Full of odd quirks and idiosyncrasies, Blood is dignified, cynical, and takes pride in her insults and witty banter. She also enjoys staring contests. Blood has a son named Argo, who speaks in "orange," and if you want information on him, strike up a conversation with him.
  • Blood speaks in "red."
  • Image (by Ceika):
  • Mirror Town: mBlood is dead.

Post 3 (Character #2: Dragon)

  • Name: Dragon (pronounced "Dragon" as in the word "dragon")
  • Race: Silver Dragon
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Age: 55 years (Young Adult)
  • Gender: Male
  • Height, Weight: About average for a Young (not Young Adult) Silver Dragon (size Medium)
  • Scale Color, Eye Color: Silver-blue, Dark Blue
  • Languages: Common, Draconic
  • Home: Traveling
  • Description: Dragon is a Silver Dragon that was experimented on as an egg. Therefore, he differs from a normal Silver Dragon of his age in the following ways: Dragon cannot speak, though any normal noises (breathing, coughing, etc.) still emanate from his mouth, and in place of speech he can perform one-way telepathy; he cannot grow past size Medium (age Young); he loses all Supernatural abilities available to him; he loses all Extraordinary abilities available to him, other than immunity to acid and cold and vulnerability to fire, and partial Keen Senses: no Darkvision, but superior low-light vision; he loses all spells and spell-like abilities granted to him for being a Silver Dragon; he loses his Damage Reduction and Spell Resistance; he gains Perfect maneuverability while flying (one of the few things he gained from the experiments); but he retains all Skills and Feats as his age category and his Natural Weapons as a Young Silver Dragon. Dragon doesn't react well to magic, and when he encounters it, strange things occur. He is also whimsical and fun-loving in nature, yet he has proven to be a very effective and strategic warrior. One of his favorite pastimes is sleeping, especially in Trog's.
  • Dragon speaks (telepathically) in "blue."
  • Image (by Orange_Zergling):
  • Mirror Town: mDragon is To Be Introduced.

Post 4 (Character #3: Rell)

  • Name: Rell (pronounced "Rell" as in "bell")
  • Race: Human
  • Age: 27 years
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Gender: Male
  • Height, Weight: About average for a human (size Medium)
  • Hair Color, Eye Color: Black, Blue
  • Languages: Common, Elven
  • Home: The OmniShop Inn
  • Gear: OmniShop uniform, with plenty of pockets. A police badge. A small watch, given to him by Gent, which cancels antimagic. A small, carved wooden door, given to him by Fydan, which teleports one a short distance when "Aryonalel" is whispered into it. A green and rather nondescript amulet that lets him telepathically communicate with Fydan.
  • Other: Rell was once blind, and also has a superior command over all light. The magical light that he creates and manipulates is purely white. He has enough power to keep a copy of himself going, most of the time.
  • Rell speaks in "blue."

  • Image (by Vael):
  • Mirror Town: mRell is currently in control of Rell's body. He is CE and causing lots of trouble, as he usually does. He controls shadow against Rell's light, has red eyes, and speaks in "red". Otherwise, many subtle aspects of him are the same or directly opposite as Rell.

Post 5 (Character #4: Silem)

  • Name: Silem (pronounced "Si" as in "psion", "lem" as in "lemming") (nicknamed "Wings")
  • Race: Human
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, leaning toward CG
  • Age: 22 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Height, Weight: Slightly taller than average for a human, slender for a human (size Medium)
  • Hair Color, Eye Color: Brown (shoulder-length, straight), Green
  • Languages: Common, Draconic, Elven
  • Home: "Blue Wings"
  • Description: Silem is a woman with large, white, and feathery wings that are usually folded against her back. She is extremely pretty, and has a certain fierceness that is hidden under her beauty and gentle, optimistic outlook. Additionally, she has a tendency to worry a lot. Silem lives with Shal, an ice mephit, and she is pregnant with (his) twins.
  • Silem speaks in "indigo."
  • Image (by Orange_Zergling):
  • Mirror Town: mSilem is To Be Introduced.

Post 6 (Character #5: Holly)

  • Name: Holly (pronounced "Holly" as in the word "holly")
  • Race: Human
  • Alignment: True Neutral, so far heading toward Neutral Good
  • Age: 12 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Height, Weight: 4" 10', 85 pounds (size Small)
  • Hair Color, Eye Color: Brown (shoulder-blade length), Hazel
  • Languages: Common
  • Home: Town Hills Apartment (with Slythynia)
  • Description: Holly is a young orphan girl who was born and raised in (and never left) the Town. After searching for a short time after her father died for someone to take care of her, she found Slythynia. They also live with a cat named Argo, who can talk and -happens- to be Blood's son. Holly is huggable-cute and has the potential to be a strong, beautiful woman.
  • Holly speaks in "olive."
  • Mirror Town: mHolly is To Be Introduced.

Post 7 (Character #6: Ping)

  • Name: Ping (pronounced "Ping" as in "king") (aka Magnate Abolish, his KNAME)
  • Race: Gnome
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Age: 92 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Class: Rogue/Wizard/Cleric
  • Height, Weight: Slightly taller than average for a gnome, average for a gnome (size Small)
  • Hair Color, Eye Color: Black, Dark brown
  • Languages: Most of them
  • Home: Nowhere in particular
  • Description: Ping is a gnome who lusts for power. He is quite evil, and skilled in arcane and divine magic, physical prowess, and even spying and stealing. His long-term goal is to have the Town under his unquestioning control; this little wannabe dictator will stop at nothing to reach power. The gnome's past is shrouded in mystery, though it is known that he has stolen valuable knowledge and skills from Psions, Druids, and Monks, among these minor psionic powers and the ability to keep his emotions and true intents hidden at all times (he's a master at keeping a straight face); murder, torture, and generally brutal methods have been used by Ping in the past to get his way. Ping recently decided to become a Lich. For some unseen reason, he seems to grow stronger every day. He has also joined K.N.A.V.E.S. in the hope of gaining allies, minions, and as a source of information and a way to help him achieve his power.
  • Ping speaks in "violet."
  • Image (by NecroPaladin; under Disguise Self):
  • Mirror Town: mPing is To Be Introduced.

Post 8 (Character 7: Morfe)

  • Name: Morfe Twiddle (pronounced "Morfe" as in "dwarf" and "Twiddle" as in "twiddle")
  • Race: Human
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Age: 64 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Height, Weight: A bit short for a human, average for a human (size Medium)
  • Hair Color, Eye Color: Bald (gray eyebrows and beard "fuzz"), Brown
  • Languages: Common, Dwarven, Elven
  • Description: Morfe is a man of no real power. He's just an old man who came to the Town to have fun in his old age, and he looks the part. Morfe likes youngsters and generally enjoys sitting around and talking. One thing that's interesting about him is that he apparently doesn't need to sleep. He also teaches at the Town School.
  • Morfe speaks in "brown."
  • Mirror Town: mMorfe is To Be Introuduced.

Post 9 (Character #8: Mark)

  • Name: Mark (pronounced "Mark" as in the word "mark")
  • Race: Human
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Age: 16 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Height, Weight: About average for a teenage human (size Medium)
  • Hair Color, Eye Color: Brown, Brown
  • Languages: English
  • Home: Traveling
  • Description: Mark is a teenaged human living in the Modern Town. He is an orphan who wears casual clothes, and he lives wherever he can take refuge. He is a mutant, and often tags along with a small group of other mutants. Mark's power is that he can manipulate atoms in such a way that he can change materials into the shape and atomic structure he wants, and he can also multiply atoms to make the size he wants. However, his very handy and potentially powerful abilities increase his metabolism: he eats quite a bit and needs to sleep for about ten hours per day.
  • Mark speaks in "orange."

Post 10 (Character #9: Dennis)

  • Name: Dennis Clay (pronounced "Dennis" as in "tennis" and Clay as in the word "clay")


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