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Name: Peter Darblosky

Age: 28

Class: Therapist

Race: Human

Description: Peter stands at about 5'10, and has fair skin. He has black hair, and olive colored eyes.

Backstory: For as long as Peter could remember, he's wanted to help people. But as he grew older, he discovered something. He could not stand the sight of blood, and passed out whenever he saw it. He found something else out. He hated not being able to spend time with the people he was helping. So, he decided to become a therapist. Not just any therapist though. He got a degree in everything related to therapy. Personal, work related, sexual...everything. This had the side effect of draining his bank account, and he ended up on the street. He eventually thumbed his way to Town, where he hopes he can start a new life.
Monkey Muse

Name: Nishi Jignesh

Age: 25

Class: special (see backstory)

Description: Nishi stands at about 5'2", and has darker skin. He often wears typical wizard robes, and has dark green eyes. His eyes change color to red though when he uses magic.

Backstory: Nishi's family developed a type of magic which allows the person's consciousness to live on within another family member, giving them advice and the abilty to cast spells far above their level. The greatest spirit is the one simply called "The Voice", the one who devloped this spell. When his old "host" was nearing death, The Voice chose Nishi. Nishi wanted no part of his family's ritual. He ran off just as The Voice's host was dying. The voice managedto find Nishi, and enter into him, just as he was getting on the train to Town. They fought for several minutes until they reached a compromise. Nishi would get alot of magical powers, and in return, Nishi would allow The Voice to live in his body. They don't always get along though.


The Voice's history and identety is unknown, but he is related to Nishi somehow. Anything more about him is unknown.
Monkey Muse

Name: Sir Coritin Smith

Class: Palidan

Age: 29

Discription: Standing at 6' 5", and very skinny, he seems almost sickly. The broadsword strapped to his back tends to end these thoughts quickly. He has dark gray eyes and miltary styled blonde hair.

Backstory: Coritin was born to a minor noble family, and was close to being abandoned when the king said that one male child from each family must be given over for military service. He was given to the military, was he was expected to just become a pikeman. However, when he was six, he was chosen to be the squire of a very controversial palidan, Sir Gregory the black.
Sir Gregory was controversial because he rarely did what the council ordered him to do. When asked to execute a group of orcs, he parlied with them instead. When asked to remove some squatters, he paid their rent. When asked to arrest a a corrupt merchant, Gregory killed the man. However, he never did fall, so the council kept him around. It was with this passive resistence to the law that Coritin was trained. He was tought to fight, to do daring deeds, and to most of all, respect and listen to the commoners. he was also taught that a palidan must always know what his actions may do. After Gregory died of stomach upset, Coritin took his place. The council at this time was...corrupt. They took bribes, and ignored graft. Coritin was outraged by this, and called the tribute 'blood money'. When he voiced his concerns at the grand meeting, the council told him they would look into it, and then transfered him to Town. Coritin left with a heavy heart.

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