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Modern Town Resurrection

Since this Town is pretty much dead, it might be a good idea to start a revival. One way we could do this is give it an actual name. For one thing; its fun. For another, it would make it less of a Town with a hat by giving it more of an identity.

I think it should also be recognized that the Modern Town is actually a fictional city, defining it separately from the main Town even more.

If you have any more ideas for the Modern Town or a new name for it go ahead and suggest it here.

There was already discussion about giving Modern Town a proper name and it was rejected.

I say screw them. Let's come up with a few names, vote one of them in, and apply to the Modern Town.

The City?

<_< >_>

The name isn't an issue, it's getting players back into the game.

Agreed. The name isn't the issue.

I can't say that I didn't do my part to try to ressurect it.
Destro Yersul

Which reminds me. Sorry I didn't have Johnson say something in the police station. I decided I was going to, but by that time you had posted that you left...

I'll keep him around, if we get this going.

Rok left. Rhon is still there.
Destro Yersul

Ah, geez... Well, I need sleep now or I'd post anyways. Sleep is good. Haven't had any for 15 hours or so.
Face of Evil

Modern Town Resurrection

I've had this idea tossing around in my head for a few days, but I haven't had any way of making it a reality at the Playground. So I visited this forum and, voila, here I find you guys have a "Modern" Town and are looking to bring it back from the ashes.

Here's my suggestion: place the Modern Town in an Urban Arcana setting. If you're not familiar with it, Urban Arcana is a campaign setting within d20 Modern where D&D creatures cross over to our world and become permanent residents of modern Earth. These are referred to as Shadowkind.

The Shadowkind transported to our world include kobolds, goblins, elves, dwarves, halflings, aasimir, drow, tieflings, ogres and so on. Monsters are occasionally transported here, as are faeries, fiends and even undead. Sometimes, bodiless spirits are also brought to Earth, and these creatures often wreak great havoc amongst communities. Although they live across the world, there are no more than a few thousand Shadowkind on Earth at any time. Most of these are concentrated in the Modern Town.

Their numbers are too low to be an invasion force, but the Shadowkind have no idea why they are transported here. But whatever higher power brings them to Earth also enables them to live here through the Gift of Lethe, a mystical enchantment that allows Shadowkind to appear like normal humans and speak the local language. The Gift also curiously wipes out most of the Shadowkind's memories of their former world, though they retain any skills or magical knowledge that they had.

If a humanoid (elf, dwarf, goblin, etc.) is transported here, they need to find a way to survive. Some find jobs and homes and make honest livings, but many humanoids are drawn into crime, and there are many street gangs and mafia families consisting of gnolls, orcs and others running illegal activities in the Modern Town.

The one race that is never transported to the Modern Town are humans; it is theorized that it is because humans are the dominant species on this planet. However, there are people who possess the abillty to perceive Shadowkind for what they are, instead of regarding them as other humans. Some people possess this ability naturally, but many come into 'the Sight' as a result of severe trauma, usually involving Shadowkind (ie. a young girl gains the sight after a troll eats her parents).

Humans with the Sight inevitably are drawn into dealings with Shadowkind one way or another. Many believe Shadowkind are abominations that must be destroyed (and they are correct about some of them),  so they become 'Hunters.' Some Shadowkind are also Hunters themselves, though these tend to work with the less fanatical organizations.

Others try to take advantage of Shadowkind. For example, there exists an entire organization of humans with the Sight who track down Shadowkind when they enter this world in order to take away any magic items they possess and then put it on the black market these are the "Greeters."

And some just try to work with Shadowkind and live with them in harmony. It's not always possible; some Shadowkind are inherently dangerous and need to be stopped. But many Shadowkind just want to get by, and these are often the Shadows you find working honest jobs. They may even take humans as mates and raise families.

So, as a player, you could either be:

1) A newly-arrived Shadowkind.
2) One that has been here for some time.
3) A human with the Sight, working to either destroy or shelter Shadowkind.

If anyone's interested, I could write up a bit more on this campaign setting.

But were do human characters that don't know about them go? I'm not going to give up my character for this idea.
Face of Evil

Well, the answer is pretty simple, Nightwing: modify the character to fit in the setting. Any human can gain the ability to perceive Shadowkind, so long as they come into prolonged contact with them in traumatic situations.

I should note that I'm making this suggestion under the belief you guys are talking about "rebooting" the Modern Town.

Well, should Modern Town be revived, I would love to continue to AME105 plot that is currently stagnated.

That is actually pretty much how Moderen Town started in GITP with shadowkin and what not.  I liked it.  I still have charcters or at least a character I would play with there.  But really I don't like playing by myself, and there just hasn't been enough activity to make me want to play there.  

So if someone really wants to start something up I will play.

Urban Arcana does sound interesting...
Face of Evil

One thing I think has been a big cramp with these small communities is the lack of organization beforehand. I don't mean people aren't free to create their own places, but I think it would be helpful if there were some agreed-upon details before a Modern Town reboot.

For example, we could all agree on a few "groups" operating within the Town, such as the "Welcome Wagon," a group of humans with the Sight who come into contact with Shadowkind when they arrive in their world. In exchange for helping them get ID and some start-up cash, Shadowkind can give the Greeters whatever magic items they "bring over." These items then go on the open market.

People could belong to these organizations if they wish, or they could be freelancers.

I admit that it's hard keeping up interest in these things, but I think if we build an interesting environment, people will want to come here. I think a big problem with these small communities is that they're so aimless people pretty well just ramble around from location to location. I think with giving the environment some definite rules it will be more interesting.

I'm willing to do some world-building on my own, but only if no one objects.

The only reason I stopped playing is cuz the person I normally play with there has been indisposed. >.>

On a side note:

Wynn's mansion serves to train shadowkin, for those looking to be part of some random organizations. Wynn's name was shamelessly stolen from the leader of the Knights of the Silver Dragons.

Lyra Industries is a (evil) private arms dealer that uses shadowkin and the like.

The Displaced have been mentioned before, though it doesn't have to be the "help shadowkin find their place in the world" place...
Destro Yersul

And Johnson will be just an ordinary guy, with ordinary horrible luck, and a really nice gun. Feel free to harass him.

Well, I've chucked poor Raril into Modern Town. He's wandering around, generally confused and getting stared at. Go ahead and gawk at him, run in fear, or attack the weird dark elf-thing.
Shadow of the Sun

Personally, I'd like Modern Town to be...Basin City, of Sin City fame.

I think when I'm ungrounded I'll move the Songsouls there.  People with Sight will be able to tell there's something not normal about them, but, being physically human, they'll look the same.  I think they'd go with the Shadowkind because they were created through magic and aren't exactly human anymore.  I'm not going into that now, though.  *evil laughter*

Well, Modern Town's kinda quiet right now....So, for those of you whom have the honest and hardworking Shadowkin characters, the Game Pit's open for anyone who's gotten bored.

Characters playing roleplaying games inside a roleplaying game? [sarcasm]Revolutionary![/sarcasm] But, seriously, methinks it'd be fun.

*Wonders if I should send Dranas into Modern town*

Wouldn't that be fun (^_^)

Dranas? *forgot who that is*

My Drow, the one who is murderously racist against humanity.


The one that would have the SWAT team after him within 15min of entering any human city

Oh. Right. That guy.

Um...Not QUITE loud enough to get people to really do anything for extended periods of time.

So...yeah. Modern Town, Game Pit, make some gamer characters or something, cus I know you're all bored to tears of Modern Town being so quiet. At least it gives your characters something to do come *insert game day* night.

Stuff is going on in modern town now.

If you're looking for a good spot to get involved read the first post of the "Normal looking house in the suburbs" thread and if you have a mercenary/assassin/spy/thief/whatever they can join, just read the spoiler. (Yah, I know, shameless plug for my own thread, but hey, it's the truth, I'll make sure you get some action in the plot Very Happy )

Or have your person randomly show up in Detroit or something.

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