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MMORPS - Town in spectacular 3D! [NWNModule Project]

Hello there all! Remember back a few weeks when Artemis spoke of the old Neverwinter Nights packs? Well, I got it plus the expansions pretty cheaply and started working around in the Toolset where one can make their own settings and thought that it would be pretty fun if there was a module of Town out there.

So, this would be a call to all those interested. If you don't have the software, it can be gotten (expansions and all) off amazon or many other online stores for $20. (Diamond/Platinum version for those who want to know the exact name and such)

So yes, join up and bring Town to li-... Er.. Visual Existance!

*Miniature Multiplayer Online Role Playing Setting

Oooh! I think I have NWN Platinum!

Finally, an excuse to play it again. *Wasn't a huge NWN fan, never played it after beating it once*

Pretty difficult to make Town, though. Considering the way Town changes all the time and such.

But if scripting or something else is needed, I may be able to help out.

I wish more people here had NWN2, though. Seems like it is only NWN.

I'm planning on reacquiring NWN2 since I lost it the first time I got it...

But anyway, I'll have to get around to poking at this once I fiddle with my Firewall a bit.

I have NWN2, just never got it to work on my laptop =/

Weee, I feel less alone now Smile

And NWN2 is freakishly demanding on the system, in my experience. Probably no wonder it is difficult to get to work on a laptop.

Well, hate to burst any bubbles but I was thinking on using regular old NWN cause it can actually run on my computer. That and the Hak packs are highly useful.

I don't think the modules translate very well between the two either...

Aside from the actual area design, I believe most things translate fairly well, but I've never tried.

And in any case, I wasn't suggesting you use NWN2, since so few seem to have it (or are able to run it). I was merely curious about who did have it.

Oh, we should probably ask, since this is rather important. are the Community Expansion Pack and the Player Resource Consortium being used to make this?

If they are, people will need to get those. >.>

Well, I've got the CEP version 2.1, and I think Teru's actually running with the newest version at 2.2. I haven't downloaded the PRC, mostly because I wasn't sure how it'd mesh with the CEP. All that said, with whatever we build, we need to be on the same page, even if it's going with no .hak packs at all. Otherwise, we won't be able to add in and build onto what the others have created. I can't even view the module Teru made, because I'm missing some .haks that he has.

I wish I could help...I just don't play MMORPGs.  I'm not a group person...

I haven't got either at the moment, mostly because I haven't played that game in forever, but could always download them again.

And I don't play online either, but if it's just something that needs to be made, I can probably help anyway

It's not really an M, probably M and O if there's a server made for it, RP probably, S... S?

Setting. =P


of course.

I like. *blackout likes*

Hmm...Might want to set up some random encounter areas where appropriate, for those idiots with the hack 'n slash tendencies that might stumble into the server by complete accident. Y'know, the guys who have no idea what Town is.

Random encounters are pretty easy to set up, as I remember. Well, the sort that respawn every once in a while, remain in one area etc. Standard hack n slash fodder.

Art has (finally) updated her game with the latest version of the CEP, which means she can now look at whatever modules Teru has built, and anyone else with the same.

Also, we all still want to do this, right?

Whenever I get off my lazy butt and hunt down the CEP, I'll be able to, too. >.>

If somebody who knows what they're doing (so not me), has a whole copy of NWN (so not me again) and feels like scripting a minorly amusing (at least to me anyway) NPC encounter should feel like contacting me, I have an idea...

As I have been rather absent as of late, I must aplologise for the lack of updating and what not.

Anyway I'll get the list up of what Hak packs we're using for those interested.

But yes.. Back to class now. I should be back later tonight
Draken Frosthand

Yay. I took my lazy butt of the chair and installed neverwinter Nights again.

Art, Teru, would you mind linking the versions of CEP and PRC you are using?

That's the latest version of the CEP, I haven't downloaded the PRC yet, actually. I'm not sure if Teru has either. I know DeBunny suggested it, though.

And I suggest it again. It really is a wonderful set of goodies, once you get them situated.

As I have recently come into possession of Neverwinter Nights 2: Gold, I eagerly await a functional version of the PRC2. Or PRG, as they seem to be calling this one...

Yay, one more who has NWN2! Very Happy

Anyway, to stay on-topic, I'm still willing to help out if there is need for scripting. I can do scripting.
Draken Frosthand

Well, I was wanting some scripting help.

At least I think it is scripting help. Might not be what I want, however.

Say Deadly. You know of a way for me to alter the size of a placeable's model?

I don't believe it is possible to scale objects in NWN1, either directly or through scripting. You'd probably have to have the 3D model changed, for which you need someone who can do 3D graphics. I tried my hand at exactly this long ago, to scale a model, and lets just say it didn't go well with my lacking 3D experience Smile

What exactly are you wishing to do? Sometimes alternative solutions can be found in cases like this

...I hope it doesn't involve a particularly large hydra-type creature.
Draken Frosthand

I wanted to scale a placeable. Possibly many different placeables.

But if actual fiddling with the 3D models is required I guess it is not possible to do for me.

Also Deb. Making a large hydra-like creature would require an hydra model to begin with.

Or is there one in the CEP?

I wouldn't have the faintest idea. I've never touched the buildy tools.
I'm a destroyer, not a creator. >.> Usually.

Hello all. My pardons for not popping back in sooner but what with stuff going on, I haven't been able to put up the most recent chunk of stuff for you all!

Now, before I upload something that is rather messy due to an experement.. I want to ask all who are interested for something.


That's right, custom background music. So if you have anything you want to inject into some area or another, put up a rapidshare link.

Course, to be sure, this is part of the experement... But it shouldn't be too much longer. Anyway, I shall have a workable chunk of module up for you all to download tomorrow. If I don't I will give everyone metal bats in which to break my kneecaps with.

So yes... Bear with me for a bit longer and I am so sorry for the wait.

There we go. That is the most recent version of what I have made. Note that there are more than a few spots that are rather.. Empty.  That's for a reason, Mostly cause I got caught up in making the places rather than filling them in.

Also, There are more than a few 'testing areas' that are leftovers from previous experements. Nothing to worry about though.

So, now that we have that up... Please spare my kneecaps...
Draken Frosthand

So, I had nothing to do, and started working on a large set I am naming "Undertown"

It is mainly the sewers. Among other stuff.

As I write, I am working on an old, abandoned laboratory that is somewhere in the sewers.

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