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Miatog's character list.

Name: A dog whistle pitched click.
Race: A deep almost echoing click.

Appearance: It has yellow skin that's covered in yellow scales. It's cylindrical head rounds off at the top in a dome. Three eyes placed on the 'forehead' in a triangle, the top red, the bottom left yellow, and the bottom right blue. It has no neck, the head just goes into a torso. Not counting it's appendages, it's four feet tall. It has three long noodle arms, the last six inches of each slit into three noodle fingers. One arm is in front of him, the other two to the side and slightly behind him. The three stump like legs seem to provide a very firm hold on the ground, placed in a revered pattern of the arms.

A small six inch metallic orb orbits its head, no design, made of black metal.

       Enupnion Forum Index -> The Character Directory
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