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Metakirbs (Greatly reduced) Character list

Metakirb Draconis / Sodan


Race: Dracorion, half-dragon, half-corolox
Class: Dracoknight /dragon tamer/ Aura Fighter
Alignment and Temprament: good but becomes enraged easily
Height: 6 feet, 3 inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Age: 19
Hair: Dark brown/Black, long at front, covers his left eye occasionally
Eye colour: Dark Blue
Gaia style:
OOTS style:
Kinda a mix of both...
Sodan looks like
Backstory: As far back as he can remember, he has been without a home, travelling for several years with his friend, Terran Bloodrage, he was always accompanied by his dragons, Kalessin and Drakkon, eventually he ended up running from Terran when his sister disapeared and Terran blamed him for it, ended up in the town. Married to Serra Bloodrage (now Serra Draconis), recently began using a unique bodily energy known as an aura, to fight with, Aura becomes more powerfull the more injured the user is, recently came into possesion of (or more of they came into possesion of him) a pair of icy claw gauntlets, which make it easier to chanell his aura, the spirit of the gauntlets: Koutei, tainted metas aura, gaining control over him. Many things later happened and Metakirb died at the hands of Dmeta. Reincarnated as an arrogant young warrior, Sodan, who was influenced by a corrupted weapon into trying to takeover an entire world.
Owns four dragons:
A fire Dragon: Drakkon, Oldest of the four, deceased, Appearance:
A Young chaos Dragon: Kalessin, Apperance:
A baby gold Dragon: Serraleth
A baby Water Dragon: Methri, youngest of the four
All four speak Draccorion, Drakkon and Kalessin can also speak common

Metakirb talks in silver
Sodan speaks in Green

Estran Sarathi

Race: human
Class: Black mage
gender: female
alignment: chaotic neutral
Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
weight: average
Hair: Long, Dark brown
Eyes: silver-blue
Appearance: or, without her ribbon
Equipment: A powerfull rod made by her brother before he became a corolox
Backstory: A young girl who grew up on Coros, her brother became one of the corolox, she trained herself as a thief, years after the coronas were thought destroyed she trained with the archsage on coros, becoming a mage
She now wears a more of a traditional thief garment since her mage robes were destoryed by a voilon, replaced with a blue top, skirt and ribbon, After an attack by Magus, she had her memories wiped, with Edserns help she recovered her memories, After getting Married to Edsern. An attack by Chimera left her infected with lycanthropy. Has fallen into hard times recently and has become rather reclusive.

Talks in Darkslategray

Terran Bloodrage:


Race: Dracorion
Gender: Male
Class: Blood Knight
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Temperment: Dark, Short temper
Age: 19
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair: Jet black, long at the front, covering his left eye
Equipment: Pitch black robe that covers whole body, Hidden under is a pitch black armour with blood red trims, Dark Crusader blade

Backstory: One of few survivors from the dracorion/corolox war, is the brother of Serra bloodrage and is very protective of her. He strongly believes that the Dracoriono empire must be re-established.
Recently returned to his Dracorion form, has large black wings, more powerfull than metakirbs
Will often go deep into thought about the past
Never shows much hint of emotion, partly due to the experiments on him at a young age, partly because of a great loss he suffered during the dracorion/corolox war
Having recently died, seemingly for good, he arrived t corona temple to fight the tainted Metakirb. Last location unknown.

Terran speaks Like this

Endlox Charmacera.

Race: Ultimate Ascended Perfect corolox
Class: Corolox
gender: male
alignment: chaotic neutral
Age: in his current form, a few days, as his whole being in all it's forms, 10-15 years
Height: 7'
weight: average
Hair: fiery, same style as coronox coreth
Eyes: dark yellow
Appearance: identical to coronox coreth, only endlox consists of pure fire
Backstory: A corolox of fire, Originally flammalox, he served Coronus, hihs creator, for several years, being defeated on coros the corolox set thier sights on the town, during which the corolox of darkness, shadelox, or darklox at the time, offered him more power in order to overthrow coronus, not being one to turn down power, he agreed, becoming pyrolox, some time later he was defeated by Metakirb and Edsern, and on his journey back he became mroe powerfull, when he returned he underwent an alignment crisis, which didn't change anything in the end, eventually he was sealed away, but it wasn't long before he escaped, as he ran from Terran Bloodrage, part of him was sealed again, To retain a physical form, he was forced to mold his common form into the appearance of his last host, Coronox Coreth, his voice was also sealed, so he remains silent most of the time, in a trade, endlox regained his sealed powers, in exchange he helped Estran save Edsern, since then he hasn't done anything of particular evil. Prefers to be called endlox, despite being now known as Charmaceran While he's still around and planning something, hasn't been seen recently.

Talks in red

Sentra Aran

Race: Human/Alimbic
Class: Bounty hunter
Alignment and Temprament: good but becomes enraged easily
Height: 6 feet, 3 inches
Weight: 135 lbs without power suit over 300 lbs with
Age: 26

equipment: a chozo power suit, augmented by alimbic defensive technology and dual arm cannons made to adapt to an enemies weakness

Backstory: when Ridley and his space pirate army attacked K-L2, two children were all that survived, one child was found by the chozo and raised as Samus Aran, the other found by the Alimbic, years after the chozo found samus thinking she was the only survivor, his name was Sentra Aran. He was raised an Alimbic warrior using a Chozo power suit the alimbics had gained through trade agreements with the chozo, augmented by thier defensive technology and equipped with an adaptive weapon system to find a foes weakness and exploit it. He proved his skill and prowess during the first great war on Alinos, proving himself to be a skilled tactician, causing his foes to chase alimbic warriors and rush straight into an ambush. When gorea attacked he could not defeat him, however he managed to lure him into the seal sphere, however he was also trapped and as long as Gorea existed Sentra was trapped. When Samus defeated Gorea she released Sentra, he now resembled one of the alimbic he grew up with but a black colour with red trims, With the Alimbic Having vanished seemingly from existance he set off to find his sister and the Alimbic that remained. Has left to follow a bounty.

Sentra talks like this

Kemros Lumeron

Race: Shadowlander
Class: Mercenary/Lunar Knight
Alignment: Neutral
Temprament: good
Age: 19
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160lbs
Hair: Long, Dark brown (almost black)

Backstory: A Young Mercenary, always accompanied by a small silver serpent with wings named Silvros, he has recently gained a strange sword of unknown origin, not much else is known
Kemros (or rather Silvros) has revealed that he was a mercenary for the three lunar gods, Lunos, lunar god of life, Soren, god of pain and Meros, god of battle, he spent four years serving them, acomplishing tasks given by Lunos and Soren, but Meros never gave him any tasks, then Meros told him to search for Luner cave, inside he found two swords, a silver sword, sword of the lunar gods and a strange sword covered in black vines, Meros warned Kemros that his task was to purify the cursed sword, while trying to do this he would not feel pain or life, he could not talk or sleep, but he took the task, So Meros sent his servant, Silvros, to talk for him.
Upon finding a wealth of lunar artyefacts scattered around the area Kemros has recovered his emotions and his voice, he remains, however, still trapped by the curse of the sword. Has left to find a way to purify the sword.

Equipment: light armor, covers all but head, Dark brown coloured, Sword of the lunar gods, Strange sword, covered in black vines (currently does not use)

Kemros talks darkred
Silvros talks dimgray



Race: Demon (trapped in a human body)
Class: Dark knight
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral (working on it)
Height: 6 feet
Weight: average
Age: Current body is about 15, Kelri is around 300
Hair: dark brown, long
Eye colour: blue
Backstory: A demon that would posses humans, was eventually captured in a necklace, Allowing her to only posses ther wearer, After being found by a young girl named Koral, She used her body for some time, After having Koral taken from her, she found a new host with the help of Chimera. She found herself slowly falling in love with him, causing the necklace to fuse into her chest, stopping her from removing it. After Chimera was Killed she has tried to turn her life around, though is worried about what her current employer will do when he finds out about this. Many things have happened since then, Kelri currently resides in the Crystal guardian's realm.

Kelri speaks in Violet

Dark Metakirb (DMeta)


Race: Dralmer/phazon entity
Class: dragon knight
Alignment and Temprament: Depends on elemental variance.
Height: 6 feet, 3 inches  
Weight: average
Age: depends on variance
Appearance: Dark copy of Metakirb
Backstory: [coming soon]

Currently looking for a challenge.

DMeta speaks in Bold



Race: Cactan Time lord
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral.
Height: 5 feet  
Weight: average
Age: 23

After Going through Chameleon Chamber:
Backstory: [coming soon]

Cactra speaks in darkgreen

Kyumu Draconis


Race: Dracorion
Class: Dracoknight
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral.
Height: 6 feet 3  
Weight: average
Age: 21
Backstory: Metakirb's brother, Experimented on when she was young, She became Flammalox because of what became to be known as the endlox virus, A corolox without need of host, yet spreads to a host, changing them into a corolox, She hopes to rid herself of the virus, but that isn't easy. Has left to pursue her goal.

Kyu speaks in Indigo



Race: Angel
Class: mage.
Alignment and Temprament: good.
Height: 5 feet 5  
Weight: average
Age: somewhere around 8023
Appearance: [will find image later]
Backstory: Same As Kelri's up to a point. Currently lives with Dei near the castle Elyea lives in.

Kelri speaks in Violet

Heavily edited 19/10/11


All these characters have some link to the Crystal guardian.

Rhias Izanami

Race: Goddess, The first Crystal Guardian.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: As old as time.

Rhias is not the sort of person you want on your bad side, she's stubborn, and never forgets a grudge. She is however fiercly loyal to those she likes.
Betrayed very early in her life, by those she considered family, and abandoned by the group she was traded to, Rhias is very difficult to earn the trust of.
Recently almost killed herself to recover her lost daughter, is currently recovering under the care of the current crystal guardian. She has since recovered and is trying to create a way for Ary to fully control the corruption in her body.
Rhias speaks in Dark green

Aryna Firiat

Race: Bear with me on this. Half elf, quarter angel, quarter demon. Yeah.
Alignment: Good
Age: 16

(Note this is Ary when she's 23, but the general idea of how she looks is the same)

Aryna Firiat is the Daughter of Kelri and Al Firiat. Caught up during a timeshift before she was born, Ary technically doesn't belong in this timeline, nor does she have a father. While the timeline's alternative of her father believes himself to be her father, Ary isn't so sure herself, currently preferring to refer to him as her uncle.
When she was five years old, Ary tried to fight to protect someone, despite that person's protests about how dangerous it was and that she was nowhere near ready to fight. The result of this was that Ary ended up with a claw of pure chaos as her left hand, this chaos has tried to take over her body over the years, and is making slow progress to that end.
Ary also became the crystal guardian as a result of that fight, and isn't so sure about her ability to use her goddess powers, much to the dissapointment of those around her, who seem to try and push her into something she's not ready for.
Ary is a capable sword wielder, preferring to use a pair of katanas forged for her. She is also capable of fighting unarmed, incorporating some measure of fire and teleportation magic into how she fights.

She's also a little bit ditzy.

Ary talks in dark blue

Finally decided on what i'm going for with her theme:

Orochi Kushinada.

Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Age: She's lost track, it's not important to her either.

Orochi Kushinada is a survivor of a previous measure of existance created by the Guardians and destroyed by a group that the guardians refer to as "The others". Orochi was saved by Rhias.
Orochi has since served Rhias with incredible, almost fanatical, enthusiasm.
Orochi has learnt how to change the formation of her body, causing an effect simimlar to a shapeshifter, this ability is neither natural, nor magical, therefore it cannot be suppresed by conventional methods.
Orochi is very intelligent, performing alot of research on a person before interracting with, or fighting that person and will very rarely fight a battle she cannot win.
Armed with two weapons, A greatsword, Kusanagi no Tsurugi, and a metal snake's head, Orobouros. Orobouros appears to be a living weapon that orochi often uses as an extendable chain to ensare her foes.
She's also a purveyor of what she calls "Magiscience" A combination of magic and technology.

Orochi talks in dark slate blue

Aryna Firiat (Shinigami/Guyry)

Race: Bear with me on this. Half elf, quarter angel, quarter demon. Yeah.
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 19

Shinigami is Aryna from an alternated, gender reversed reality.
Even though she's three years younger than he is, he's vastly more confident than the regular Ary, fully capable of controlling and manipulating his chaos infection.
The name "Shinigami" Means "Death God" It is a title he aquired in his reality, Where he was a mercenary feared for his ruthlessness and brutality when it came to battle.

Shinigami talks in red

Erina Firiat

Race: Half Dragon, Half Demon.
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 22

Erina claims to be Aryna's daughter from the future, she's half demon, which makes it possible, but her appearance is much more on the half dragon side, which confuses Ary alot. Erina is a typical dragon, proud, confident and dislikes backing down, putting her in conflict with Ary alot, getting frustrated with how meek she is.

Erina talks in Silver

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