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St. Patrick

Merry Christmas!

Time to write a letter to Santa.

Tell me what your character would like for Christmas.  And if he's been a good little boy or girl, he might just get it.

Days 'til Christmas Eve: 1


Stevie: Some good laser guns.
Jack: Cream. Milk. Mice that don't run too fast, so he can play with them.
Harlithi: Some more comfortable chainmail. A better shortbow.




Darkblade: Some new form of awesomeness he has lost all his other awesomeness and now is little more than a mouthy KNAVES NPC.

Er'n: Proof of every murder every KNAVE ever comitted.

Virus: An NPC host that he can control

Hamilton: PC members of XENOS

The Nightwatchman: Peace, liberty, freedom and justice for all in the Town.

The only one I can think of that would ask for a Christmas present from Santa is Phie (she is still a kid.)

She'd like a plushed stuff doll of Morbius ^.^
The Chilli God

Dare I say it...
Dare I mention...

"MURK want fighty-fight!"

Drat, I said it.

Murk wants a fight for Christmas?
Orange Zergling

Santa/Orc ultimate smackdown?

Oskar - Um, probably another bag of holding. Can't have too many of them, y'know.
Taklinn (Yes, he still exists) - Spellbooks/tomes/scrolls/magic stuff.

Wukei wrote:
Murk wants a fight for Christmas?

No, he wants a Fabergé egg.

Well it's obvious what you'll be getting for x-mas...

But seriously, how is Santa supposed to bring Murk a fight?  He's not exactly the fighting type.

Battle training construct? Fights as long and as often as he wants.

Sofia wants to be able to use magic.

Slythynia: What she'd really like is a better longsword, her current +4 longsword is a bit weak really for her...

So much for doing Sneaky Saint Nick again...

I thought you were doing that on GitP?
The Chilli God

Are you suggesting that MURK understands the concept of Christmas?
The idea of a red fat guy who lives in the North Pole and brings presents is quite beyond him - MURK would just point at Santa and ask if he has permission to kill him, just like everyone else.

Of course, Santa packs a mighty punch with that bag of gifts (You have no many idea how many kids ask Santa for rocket launchers and nukes), so he could give MURK quite a fair fight once the red cape comes off.

Chilli, could you do me a favor and make that art? Please? I'd like to have that as an avvie.



Dear Saint Nicholas,

In the assumption that your fine organization of stand-ins happens to visit our humble town this year during the holiday months, I was wondering if you could bring me a gift.

A cloak made of red velvet with a white fur lining, much in the same style as your infamous cap. I would much prefer the fur not be Fox-fur.

A green woolen sweater with an Argyle pattern of red and white is also something I would very much like.

In the event that you cannot bring me anything this year, I understand that you are very busy; as such please do not feel a need to bring me anything at all.

Sincerely, Aikidu De'Laurent Veneanar

Malsesen (Nameless)


Dear Santa,

How are you doing up in the north pole? I'm good, well as good as I can be. As you might know, I do not know anything past when I set foot in the town... so I don't know whether I have been good this year or not.

Anyway, Santa.

I'd like a nice scarf and an assortment of clockwork's tools.

Your friend,



Deposition would like a blow-dart. So he can do his thing from long range.

Johnny Cortador Would Like: a few pairs of underwear that aren't made of leaves. It's winter now and he's scared to death that Mneme will start making them out of holly.

Henry Calhoun Would Like: bullets. Lots and lots and lots and lots of bullets. And maybe a new coat if it isn't too much trouble.

Brimstone Would Like: the eternal damnation of sinners world-wide.

AME-105 Would Like: world domination and the extermination of the human race.

The Baubma Would Like: some advanced technology to carry them into the stars and beyond. Also, weapons capable of staving off an invasion would be nice.

The Gentleman Would Like: what, are you kidding? Seriously? Meh, just put him down for some underwear, too. You can never have too much underwear. Boxers, not briefs.
Ms Elaneous

Vedran:  Not the nicest nor naughtiest fellow, but thus far he seems to have strayed onto the kinder side of moral ambiguity.  Some sort of interesting musical instrument, up to the decision of Santa, that calls up the spirits of the dead, if only for a dance.
Excerpt:  "My dearest Saint Nicholas, I must say it's been far too long since your last visit.  You know how much my mother loves to play hostess, so there's no need to be afraid of imposing.  You are most welcome at our home.  Please remember to stop by from time to time!"

Dante:  Dragon ashes.  Those things don't burn easy, ya know.  But hell he'd love 'em.  Course, all he'd deserve is coal.
Excerpt:  "The thing about "nice" people is that they won't march all the way up to your iceberg and melt it out from underneath your feet like the "naughty."  I believe you've been pacifying the wrong people, Kringle..."

Iris:  No one can give her the only thing that she wants.  Perhaps it would be kindest to leave her be...
Excerpt: ... Iris has never believed in Santa Claus.

Mneme:  A plant that grows meat so that they no longer have to kill animals to obtain it.  Poor animals... they are so cute!
Excerpt:  "There is the smallest matter of my deer-catcher plant.  I am reminded that you use reindeer in your travels, which you would likely not take kindly to having them being bitten, nor would they enjoy it.  Please take care to avoid it, save perhaps dropping its present as you fly over.  I would hate to see you delayed on your journey, what with so much to do!"

Quint:  Card covers for his rarely used Tarot Cards.  No sense getting them all bent in the heat of battle.
Excerpt:  "We missed you at the Personification Convention this year.  We do realize that you tend to get a tad overwhelmed with your work, but there's more to life than work.  ... Yes, I do realize this sounds ironic coming from the Grim Reaper, but trust me."
Shadow of the Sun


(The handwriting of this note is rather illegible, and the spelling is rather bad. It has been improved for ease.)

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I would like my Auntie Vera, and my Uncle Je...Get...Gent, to be happy.

Also, if you don't mind, another Gent plushy. I lost my last one.

With many hugs,


Metakirb: A dragon egg

Estran: unless she gets her memory back she doesn't know what christmas is...

Waddle Dee: Stuff! no literally...

Ben: an early and completed copy of smash bros brawl

Black Magus Knight: revenge on me for forgetting to add him to this when it was posted, a large aount of pointed objects/torture devices
Obsidian Blade



Considering that Lakshmi hasn't been to school since she was six, she spells things rather well.
Dear Santa,
I hope your reel. At the temple they said that you weren't, but lots of peple here say you are. They also said that Chismas is a wiked pagan holiday, but I think its fun.
Anyways, for Chrismas, can I pleese see Mum? I've been very good, and I want her to see my new sisters!! Or a way to see her, cause I don't think she can come over here... maybe a skrying glass or magik mirror? I just want to be able to talk to her...
Also, if its not to much trouble, can I pleese have some cookies?
Thanks, Santa!

ps Should I get something for YOU for Chrismas? What do you want?


Tessa (The She-Wolf):
A hug, maybe some food and a blanket to curl up in trogs with

Some pillows so Krystal can't steal all of them please?

A surprise

A book or two

A new robe.

Lucas: A totally awesome magical longbow.

Joseph: A blessed shotgun.

Warpfire and Sir Conviction don't want anything, though it isn't likely they'd get it anyway.

Fenric: A tuxedo

Myobi: A +3 riding whip

Krystal: Something powerful.

Karl: A boxed set of Mobile Suit Gundam

Yoshiro: A spellbook of abjuration spells

Izumi: A good crystal ball

Kazuki: Oil of Slipperiness

Very very sick and wrong >.<

Or maybe it's just my mind

But knowing Kazuki and his mother? Probably not...

I had the same thoughts Wukei.

Meep...all of those make my mind cry out in pain Fenric...Especially that riding whip...O.O

Congratz. =P


Good Luck Fenric =).

Celisil: The thought that counts.... No, really. He doesn't want anything.. just the thought.

Nights: Sprinkles!... And a new red wagon to go with every other wagon it's asked for... About.. 376 of them now...

Ispen: Rubber balistics... For when he doesn't want to use force... much at least.

Ella: Massage lessons...

Fuiner: A chance to slowly and painfuly flay the fat man's skin for all the times he has entered his abode without consent.

Mr. Spooch: That one vial of stuff the cowardly lion got... or face tentacle warmers... They get cold sometimes!

Tsyche: Power tools.. Big ones!

Reason: Something sharp and pointy... Hopefully large enough to cut things that scream and bleed.. Or a good book series, That works just as well
Terumitsu doesn't even bother as he is on the permanent 'Naughty' list.


Dear Santa,
I know I gave up believing in you five years ago, and that you often don't bring seventeen year olds presents. I'm not even sure you bring...things like me presents. Are we automatically on the naughty list? I've tried not to be...bad...
In anycase, I've learned in this new, fantastic, scary place to believe anything.
If I do get a present, I want to go home. Failing that, if I could just have a nice teddy bear to snuggle onto when things get wierd around here, that's be great. Thank you.


Kantur (Lorrian's): A (Preferably Greater) Rod of Wonder

Kantur (Hoseki's): A lit fireplace in the bedroom, warming the room nicely to wake up with Hoseki to.  And a Bamhacon sandwich, if it's not too much trouble.

Seoral: Something to keep his strong when he's in danger of wavering in his duty.

Oh and Santa, I'd like for Slythynia (Gnrlshrimp) to get a pair of sunglasses that make her immune to loud shirts.  And, though I'm sure your sleigh must have a custom bag of holding to carry everything, if there's room, could you bring Myobi a horse if she doesn't already have one, because it seems very silly of her to ask for riding equipment if she doesn't have a horse... =P
Ms Elaneous

Kantur wrote:
Myobi a horse if she doesn't already have one, because it seems very silly of her to ask for riding equipment if she doesn't have a horse... =P
>.< Not even gonna go there... Gah... you people corrupt me!

But... what does Myobu wish for? -blink blink-

Well, Sia would like a playmate for Samm. A kitty would be nice. ^^

Here we go. =D

- Demi (assuming she’s still well... a she): Some new outfits, or a high quality magic item crafting kit.

- Antony:
A picture of Seng Lu in a dress. He’s curious to see what she’d looks like. >.>

- Rin: A Blue Crystal Ball with True Seeing

- Nobu:
A new chess set.

- Kalar:
Maps to various unexplored dungeons.

- Sikka:
A God’s Eye.

- Mory: A year long pass to the Toss and Roll.

- Indi: Any sort of toy will do.

- The little not-yet-named Succubus Child: A new doll or stuffed animal

Dear Santa

I've been a good little raccoon this year. It's hard to live up to my name around here, but I do my best. I've killed a lot of muffins, you know, that counts too. Some of them tried to invade our Town, others were just delicious.

For christmas, I'd really, really love me a Christmas Muffin. I've never had a real Christmas Muffin, baked with real christmas spirit(s)... I'm sure your lovely wife bakes some wonderful christmas muffins, if I could have such a one I would be a happy raccoon.

A big muffiny christmas hug

Your friend,
Deadly Raccoon

Lemme see now.

Mrs A - A new crystal ball + a packet of really good tea

Snowraven - a Mad Cat mk 4 mech

Duskblossom - A kitten

Winterfrost - Shotgun of undead smitation

Nightstar - new motorbike

The kids - assorted kid type things - chocolate is high on the list.

Frank - + 5 crowbar of mechanica persuasion

Hm.  This could be difficult....
Let's get the people who actually want things and have been relatively good.

Xeni- Xeni would love....a Bag of Unending Muffins.  Mmm, he loves those and having a bag with an infinite number inside would make him giddy.

Kasvar (actually, just the entire Temple of Gen)- An unlimited supply of never-rotting veal.

Erm....I think that's it. Wow.  For all the characters I have, this is all the good ones.


Aesa- A rod of wonder (or, possibly, a custom item similar to a rod of wonder)

Signy- One or more stuffed animals that are cuddling size. ^-^

Vera- Metal for use in her forge

Dear Santa,

I've been a fairly decent human being this year, with only a few violent acts and only one hostile takeover of a foreign land. ...What? I could've been much worse.

Unlike a certain someone, I didn't enslave an entire race of arctic elves, go on any drinking binges, break into anyone's house bearing gifts, introduce countless innocent children to the concept of greed, or proclaim myself worthy of judging another person of being good or naughty.

Unlike a certain someone who'll go unnamed. You know who I'm talking about, Nick. You can go ahead and put me on the naughty list again, but I'm just gonna take that lump of coal and turn it into a diamond like I always do.


Dear Santa,

We've been really really good little children this year. We've done our very best to resist those urges, and trying counts doesn't it? What we all really want is more knives, and more people to stab. Other than that we'd like to not be used anymore, the Preist is very mean to us. Maybe you could give him to some other child who has been naughty. Well, more naughty than us.

Lottsa love: Sorry, Regret, and Grief.

P.S. If bicycles arn't under our tree we know where you live.

For Capelli- A security blanket of some kind that won't burst into flames and start to melt when she hugs it while afraid.

Tyl- He's good, give his gifts to the poor.

A letter arrives, written in a neat, flowing script.


Dear Santa, Saint Nicholas, Chris Kringle, or any other alias you may be using,

I'm not sure if I completely understand this holiday of yours. I've heard many different stories from a few different people, but gift giving seems to be the driving force behind it, and you're the biggest giver of them all. Of course, this leads me to wonder what could you possibly want from the people of the world? Gifts are not given freely, that much I know.

I've been told that you want us all to be good, though I can only guess at what standards you keep. I assume you use the usual Surface rules, in which case I am certainly on your 'naughty' list, and even if you used my own race's standards I am far from exemplary.

I suppose I must tell you what I'd like to be given, so that your 'good' judgment may deny it. What do I desire? Truly, to be rid of this curse that binds me to my fate, but even with your abilities, I doubt you could stand against the gods, nor would you have any reason to.

Perhaps I should stick to more material things, and make it easier on both of us. It's been decades since I've gotten my hands on a decent poetry book. And should you deem me unworthy of that gift, know that I'm perfectly fine with receiving your 'punishment' of coal. More fuel for the fireplace is not unwelcome. It's freezing up here.

~ Raril Xar'Cha


Silas: only wants more notebooks and photo albums so that Aura can record every happy memory between the two of them. Or perhaps a notebook/photo album with pages of holding or something of that like.

Sophistemon wrote:
It's winter now and he's scared to death that Mneme will start making them out of holly.

Mistletoe would be interesting, wouldn't it?

Namesake wants a sign that he's loved, some sort of token of appreciation to validate that he's helped someone or something.

-Saint Nicholas, as I understand it you are not necessarily part of my pantheon, but nevertheless I find your omniscience startling come every December.  Indeed, it takes a staunch and righteous man to not object to having his paunch described as a 'jolly bowl full of jello.'  Now, what I'd like is something personal...

Clergyman State wants to know how Santa Claus does it...

-"He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows when you've been bad or good..." confound it, mister Claus, show me your secret!  There are those of us who could use it!

Malleo wants his two front teeth.

-Not my front teeth in the most direct sense, mind you.  I want front teeth from other people to call my own...  Lots of them.  Maybe even a few bones.

What?  My snowmen have to be accurate, or else it's not worth it!

Morbius wants the ability to smell, somehow.

-See, I just feel silly writing this, and even sillier asking for something that I don't think Santa Claus would be able to restore, but Phoenix has these superstitions...I guess I'll play along, given that it makes her happy.

I want my sense of smell back.  It's the sense with the strongest emotional effect, and I haven't had it since I was sixteen...

This letter is perhaps the most childish thing I've ever written...

Revenant wants forgiveness.

-And that's all I ask.

Deckard wants-

MONEY!  I want money, you enigmatic bastard, and lots of it!  Screw the toys!  Do you think I'm happy with the doll?  Like hell-

I wanna playmate!  Bring meh a dollie!

No.  NO! No no no no NO!  Don't you dare-Santa Claus-if you give me another doll I will personally put out a bounty on those elves just so I have an excuse to hunt them down myself-For the love of all that's holy- (the ink runs out here)

No word yet from Edward Redd, Red-Cap Rose, or the Iron Woodsman.

The_Librarian: right now, to spend Christmas with the wolves and Jonah would probably suit her.

Greeny: Muffins... brownies...

Kratos: Books of magic to learn from

Jonah: Kalidas' head on a plate, or a new pair of boots

I am not keen to this stupid fantasy the meatbags portray, but I think I've got a good idea...Throughout the year, you spy on all the stupid thralls, then you fly around the world at inexplicable speeds, judge the thralls on whether they have been just or not, and then reward or punish them accordingly. In response to this, the thralls seem to put you up as some sort of leader, bending to your will so they can get rewarded...Almost like slaves...

Claus, for Christmas, I want your brain. Please send it wrapped up in your body. Hehehe.


Whoa, is it Christmas already? Awesome. Well, let's see. I could use some new clothes. Maybe a guitar pick. Oh, and a whammy bar. A kickass whammy bar! And like, I dunno, a lifetime supply of pizza. Oh, and more hair-spray! And new shoes. Definitely new shoes. And, umm, can I get like, a car or something? Oh shit, do cars exist yet? Am I breaking a rule for knowing what a car is? Whatever. I want a Porsche. Maybe some like, red-tinted contact lenses for when I play gigs and stuff. Oh, yeah, and some gigs, too. I could use some gigs. And maybe *letter reaches end of page*


I require nothing, and my knowledge indicates that you do not exist.


Hahahahahahahahaha, that's rich. Yeah, I need something alright. Hahaha. Who do you think you are, man? I'm the god damn Plot! I do what I want, when I want, why I want, how I want, under what conditions I want and to what degree I want.


Can I please have a dirtbike?


I want this Lelin chick to really be dead. I'm serious, old man, make it happen. If you don't and she ruins this for me, I will find you and I will fucking cut you.


Gee, thar's not really much I want...I suppose you could give me like a, I dunno, like a big bag full o' candy. Yeah, a reaaaally big bag of candy.

Oh, don't worry, though. It's no' fer me.


I want to be, you know, RPed with again. Or something.
Destro Yersul

I dunno, really. What could I use, what could I want? I've got so much already... Here, you know what? Send something nice to all of my old friends for me. I don't know what to give them, I figure you might have a better idea... Anyways, here's the list...

<a list of names follows, most of them unrelated to Town>

Oh, hey, I just remembered! I could use a new pair of slippers...

Gezina has never heard of Santa, so she doesn't really want anything for christmas, a general wish of hers is one of the tomes about Lihetmahie, she already has Hane and Ohe, so there's Voto, Liha, Zi, and Gese.

Iella would like to be free, if that's not possible, she would like a spellbook with conjuration spells.

Eshilda would love a fiend dread dagger.

Kyran would love a holy avenger.

Lyrik would just want a new musical instrument (He already has a harp, a trumpet, a violin, a mandolin and a set of drums)
St. Patrick

Only one week until Christmas.

If you want the elves to make you a present in time, you should really hurry with your letters.


Dear Santa,
They tell me that you are like a good stablemaster and will reward me with a present if I am good.  I was evil for a while, but it wasn't my fault and I got better and I've been better ever since.  I've tried to help out around the temple and helped fight off some evil muffins.  

I would really like a new collar.  I like the one I have from Alarra, but I've been wearing it a lot and a new one would be neat.

Thanks, Santa,



Ekrath would like some swanky new armor. And a piano please. Thanks Santa!

Bard and the employees of Bard's Space tavern would like a day off.

Dear Santa,

My main characters would dearly love a "protection from plots" charm, but that would spoil all my fun so they won't be getting those. Instead this is their second choice for giftly goodness.

Hawkeye would like an authentic pirate cutlass

Alex would like a "how to play musical instruments" book and ranks in perform [musical instrument].

Merant would like Sam's soul.

Kalidas would like a hundred nubile female girls.

Melantha would like a shadow familiar.

Thank you

St. Patrick

Just an FYI to Raistlin and anyone after:

Your items will be done, but they may not be done by Christmas.  My helper elf is working as fast as she can, but there's only so fast she can go for things to be done well.


No letters will be taken after tomorrow.  After all, you wouldn't expect the true Santa to deliver after Christmas at midnight.
St. Patrick

Come and get your gifts!

Santa_Claus wrote:
Come and get your gifts!

Sad You could have told me that you didn't know who my characters were.


Actually, I knew Floyd and Descartes and Plot...but I couldn't tell just by the color.  Who was the one who ended up with the present, and I'll edit the website.

To all members:

If you share what you got from Sneaky Saint Nick, I'll put it on the website.

Just what I need/want. ^_^

Wukei wrote:
Actually, I knew Floyd and Descartes and Plot...but I couldn't tell just by the color.  Who was the one who ended up with the present, and I'll edit the website.

I don't know? Was that supposed to be chosen for me or do you just want me to pick one at random?

Which one asked for the candy?

Wukei wrote:
Which one asked for the candy?


And thanks for that one again, now I can finally try to fly Very Happy

All edited.

So awesome. Much thanks.

I was wondering who he made that one for...

*The llama trots in, hugs Sneaky St. Nick and Santa, and trots back out cuz his player only has a moment.*

Thanks!!  I live them both. You two rock sooooo much.

*he trots out wearing his new mask and collar*

Agreed, Thank you.

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