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Description: Felix is a lightly tanned human male that looks to be in his late thirties. He has dark brown eyes, thick black eyebrows, a brown-but-graying fuzz of a beard, and he's bald. He wears heavy gray leather clothing that has lots of pockets, most of which contain extradimensional storage space. He also wears dark combat boots, dark fingerless gloves, and a pitch black cloak with hood. Basically, the only skin showing is his fingertips and his head, and even those he can easily conceal when they need to be. Felix speaks in color=#FF5050, a light red. He also has a slight accent that becomes more prominent the more relaxed he is.

Backstory: Felix was born an ordinary human, and lived a completely normal life up to the age of 38. At that point in time, a few hundred years ago, he was recruited into the ever-expanding "Divine Scouts," a group of people given power so that they can do favors for the gods. They are similar to clerics in this way, except that they do not stick with one god, they are given considerably more power than clerics (usually), and the jobs they do are generally harder and of higher priority. At first, a Divine Scout is given immortality that prevents the body from aging. Thus, Felix still looks 38, even though he's 279. Each Divine Scout is also given a single item of godly power, which in Felix's case is his cloak. They are given more, albeit less powerful, items the more "favors" they do. Currently, Felix has been assigned to watching over the Town.

(More to come - that is, more on Felix and Divine Scouts in general, and more on another character(s) on the way!)

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