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McBish's people

Chaotic being of unknow sort
Eyes random like
Class Bard
Hair Dark with streaks of purple, dark blue and teal

Lillah was banished here by the Lords of Chaos. She has been hired by Traven to work at the Den. Word is spreading that you should never ever play cards with her. She is also blind. She also got married to Kyrian. She has become a goddess of bards and luck and also works to protect battered women.


Eric Kidd
Age around 19
Weight: Skinny
Brown hair
Gray eyes.
Alingment: um... whatever

Eric arrived in town and was promptly thrown in prison for stowing away on a ship. He is a pickpocket and sometimes a thug. He doesn't mind knocking you out to steal some gold, but oddly will risk his life to help protect innocent people. He wears simple clothes because he can't afford anything fancy. One of his favorite sayings is The only thing emptier than my stomach is my pocket. He obviously grew up on the streets and whenever a cop is in the room he gets a little nervous. With good reason due to his past. He has a small brand on his right arm, near the shoulder but it is rarely seen. He likes to hang out down by the docks sometimes getting work there, sometimes looking for a way out of Town.

Equipment: A dagger on his belt, a flat razor up his sleeve. He also has several small razor blades and pieces of wire hidden around his body in small pockets on the inside of his clothes. One on each leg and arm, one on his back where his hands would be if he is tied up. One on the inside of his shoe and one in the sole of the other shoe.

Story Lines: None really, he is afraid of Iames, and has worked for Cekia. He is always on the look out for gold. He hasn't recently been trying to unite several gangs in the Town but failed. A gang attacked him and nearly killed him when they burnt down his building with him inside of it.


Looks human
Looks to be around 12 .
Alingment varies

Shea looks to be a 12 year old human boy. But he isn't, he is acctualy a psionic experiment. His mind holds huge potential for psionic power, but Shea doesn't have very good control of it yet. He strikes out with this power only when he has a strong emotion. He has been working on getting more control though.

Story Line: Two men showed up in Town searching for Shea. They found him while he was wearing the One Ring and he proceeded to kick their butts. For a while Shea left the Town but has recently come back.


Al the Mutt
He is a dog.
Think this.

Al is an awakened dog. He was awakened by a druid to help him fight of a lot of demons, that is how he got the many scars on his body. He swam to town after the ship he was riding in sunk for plot related reasons. He hung out for awhile pretending to be a regular dog to get free food. Then he meet Jacklu's dragon "Trogdor" and won a game of tag so he got a endless tab at Trog's. So having all the food he wanted he droped the act and became an officer of the law.

Malcom Conners

Human, (partially cyberized)
Age: 22
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Black

More coming soon.

So I wanted to bring a new character into the Town, but didn't know where to put his story about how he came to it. I considered making a thread but decided against it. So I wrote a very short story to introduce him to the Town. So here it is, in spoiler form.


The Introduction

The Girlfriend

There was a man named Shawn. You may have passed Shawn on the street, you may have gone to school with him, worked with him, eaten at a restaurant Shawn was in, but you wouldn’t have noticed him. Not that Shawn would mind you noticing him, why would you, he is just an average guy and used to not being noticed. So why am I telling you about Shawn, because his life was about to become a lot less average, much to his dismay.

It started with an early Friday, something Shawn always liked and often took when the boss wasn’t paying attention. But this early Friday was an entirely bossed sanctioned early Friday. So Shawn figured he would go and surprise his girlfriend by showing up early for their dinner date, so he stopped at a florist and picked up some flowers and headed over to her apartment.

Now there is a general rule about not showing up to surprise friend of the opposite sex, but Shawn felt confidant since they had been dating for five months now. They were planning on moving in together as soon as their leases run out on their current places. Shawn often wondered how he was lucky enough to have found someone like Erin, that is his girlfriend in case you hadn’t guessed.

So he climbed up the stairs and opened the door to her apartment and stepped inside. He froze as he heard the noises coming from Erin’s bedroom. He recognized the sounds, he and Erin had made them together on occasion when the mood took them. These were the sounds two adults made when they were in a room together, but their clothes weren’t. Shawn felt as if he was kicked in the chest by a horse.

Shawn wasn’t sure what to do in this situation, ideas ran through his head about what he should do. He pictured himself storming into the room full of indignant rage yelling at Erin and whoever else was in there. He dismissed this idea, he didn’t feel any rage right now, and didn’t feel like acting. He thought about blundering in their and letting them see his shock, for shocked he was, but he didn’t really want to see what was going on in that bedroom. So without a word he set the flowers on the table by the door, and pulled out his keys and took the key to Erin’s apartment of his ring and set it next to the flowers. And as quietly as possible he slipped back out the door, he saw no reason to ruin the rest of their afternoon. He headed back to his place to numb himself.

Now Shawn didn’t get drunk all that often, but he was a social drinker, and had a decent stock of numbing agent at his apartment. So for the first time in a long time he started to drink all by himself, and didn’t stop till he ran out of drink to drink. Sometime in the fog that was that weekend Shawn got a call from Erin, it didn’t take long and went like this.

Erin: Shawn, I’m sorry. I- (Long Pause) I want to explain.

Shawn: I understand, you finally figured out what I was knew all along, you’re too good for me.

Erin: *Quiet crying*

Shawn: Look I just found a small bottle of either gin or mouthwash from some hotel. I’m going to investigate closer. I l… I’ll see… Bye.

When Monday morning rolled around Shawn woke up feeling like someone broke all the empty bottles of all the alcohol he had drank, which were quiet numerous, in the past two days. But despite this he rolled out of his bed and got ready and went into work for the day.

The Job

Shawn had been working in sales despite having a degree in theatre. He spent 8 hours a day on the phone selling candy to fill vending machines. Sometimes he found a moment or two where he enjoyed his job. Mainly when he knows someone will definitely not buy anything he can start bullshiting about the candy and all its qualities. One time he spent nearly half an hour explaining the subtle reasons why the Snickers bar was one of the best candy bars available. But most of the time he finds it incredibly boring.

So when he came into work the Monday he wasn’t very happy with the idea of spending 8 hours with little to do but sit around thinking about Erin and wondering why she cheated on him, and feeling sorry for himself. He thought to himself that he would rather do anything to not be there, but there he was still at work. After about an hour of filling out some paperwork he got called into the bosses’ office, because the universe is full of irony.

So Shawn walks into the office and sits down with a fake smile on his face. The two of them exchange some pointless pleasantries Shawn’s boss starts to talk in the odd sort of cooperate double talk that doesn’t really mean anything so Shawn tuned him out and thought about the motivational poster above the bosses head. But then Shawn picks up on phrases like “re-energizing the staff” and “shifting personal standards to fit the updated mission of the company” he started to pay more attention, and just in time. “I’m afraid Shawn that we have to let you go.” Shawn had a very distinct response to this. He blinks a couple of times then breaks out in laughter.

“You could have told me an hour ago and saved me the trouble of sitting around.” Shawn stands up and takes his bosses hand in his and shakes it. “Have a nice life.” Then he turns and walks out of the office, getting some odd stares from his co-workers. He turns to them. “Don’t worry about it just got fired. And guys were going out drinking, and you’re buying.”

Now when Shawn got drunk this weekend, that was because he was depressed and didn’t want to feel. Some people might think that is what his plan was for this night, but they would be wrong. No getting fired actually didn’t upset Shawn at all, he was drinking in preparation. You might have heard bad things come in threes; well Shawn was drinking to get ready for the third disaster.

The Third Disaster

And so the night passed and Shawn remembers very little of it. It went by in a blur of shots and more shots. He woke up and figured out that he wasn’t in his apartment and remembers that he stayed the night at a friend’s house that was within stumbling distance of the pub. He gets up and stretches out and spots his friend passed out on the floor, nice of him to give up the couch. He puts on his shoes and then finds his right sock. He shrugs and stuffs it in his pocket and heads out of the building and started to walk home.

As he walked he started to consider what exactly the third disaster could be. He considered a death, possibly a family member, he had a brother and his mom was still around. He tried his best not to think that, plus since the second disaster was not as bad as the first maybe the disasters were becoming less. Maybe he would get evicted, that would be moderately bad, but he probably wouldn’t be able to afford the place for much longer without his job for awhile. Or it could be… wait a second, what is that pressing into his back, is that a…? Yes there is definitely a gun pressing against his back.

”Move into the alley or I blow you away.” Yes a voice of a mugger, a gun, this had to be the third disaster. Shawn couldn’t help but smile as he complied with the gunman. This wasn’t so bad; he only had about 20 bucks in his wallet. “Right now give me all your money, keys, watch. Everything.”

Shawn slowly empties his pockets and passes them back to the mugger. And then he feels rough hands shoving him forward and Shawn notices the large black dot in front of him. He wonders for about two seconds what it could be before he falls into the open manhole.

Shawn had always had a fear of falling. He often claimed this was because his mother once fell down the stairs while pregnant with him. He’s worst nightmares all included falling. He always woke before he hit the ground but the fear of just falling still haunted him. As he feel down the manhole he thought that he seemed to be falling for a long time, maybe his mind was playing tricks with him but it seemed like he was falling for hours before he finally hit the ground with a crunch, and he blacked out.

When he wakes up he groans and looks around, after noticing the fact that he is lying in a pool of water with a rock situated in the perfect spot to stab into the middle of his back he notices the ladder to the surface is laying on the ground next to him. He groans again because it seems like a good idea and sits up. He slowly gets up and heads off down a tunnel hoping to find another manhole to get out of. He pulls out his lighter to help him see, he isn’t a smoker he just likes fire and is always prepared.

He smiles as the tunnel stretches out into a room so he doesn’t have to duck down anymore. Sometimes he wished that he wasn’t so tall, 6’3”, but then he has to reach something on the top shelf. He spots a door on the other side of the room and frowns. He frowns because this door seemed very out of place. It looked very old but still sturdy, the wood covered in intricate molding. It looked like it should be in some ancient castle or something, not in the sewer.

Shawn tries the handle only to find it locked. He frowns and considers turning back but decides that he can try to break it down. He takes a couple of steps back and runs into it smashing his shoulder into it. The end result, one hurt shoulder. He slumps down against the door with a sigh. “Well this sucks.” And with that the door swings open and he falls backwards into the darkness.

I think I will also post this in random chat, if you want to give me any feedback I appreciate it.

Colin Clout

Age 14
Red hair
Blue Eyes
Class: Druid level about 3ish

Colin is a shepherd, who is at the moment lost. He stumbled into the area around Town during a rainstorm and has been looking around Town. He is in general a kindhearted person, who finds himself unable to stand by while someone is hurt. He often saves his healing spells for others even if he is hurt himself. He hasn't had much experiance besides watching over his sheep and is pretty naive.

His equipment is a staff, a sling, and a bag that he keeps his herbs, spell componets and other assorted mundane items (bandages, a blanket stuff like that.)

Noah Bryan
Age: 55
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Mostly gray with a few black here and there
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 140 lbs
Class: ex-Cleric / Bard / Expert

Noah has lived a life trying to keep people alive. As a young man he devoted himself to a god becoming a cleric at a young age. He was as devout as any cleric and quickly climbed through the ranks. When a war broke out he volunteered to work as a medic. He worked hard and was stationed at a field hospital near the front. They saw many patients constantly. He quickly learned to stretch his magic, using all sorts of tricks. He also came to learn a mundane form of healing, surgery. He rose to the station of head healer, with a military rank to go with it. He never was much of a military man, and often was got in trouble for not following regulations. But often got away with it due to his ability to save more lives then anyone else.

Then there was a big stink over a young soldier claiming that Noah raped him, a male soldier. The problem was Noah did sleep with him, but it wasn’t rape. He was almost executed but a high ranking general stepped in to defend him due to his skill as a healer. In the end he was kicked out of the military, dishonorable discharge. He didn’t care much about that. But when he returned to the church they put him through a test to see if he could continue to be a cleric in their church. Basically if he could still cast his divine spells he was ok. He failed the test, his god possibly displeased by his dishonor, or maybe the discoverance of his lifestyle.

Abandoned by his god, not having a job, and in disgrace he was lost. One night a couple of soldiers having heard the rumors of him raping a soldier cornered him and attacked him. He was beaten badly, but in the end rescued by two female bards. In the end he ended up traveling with them. They didn’t seem to mind the rumors surrounding him. He found out why when they started asking him to take the occasional long walk at night.

He traveled with them for a couple of years and has now ended up in Town.

Name: Itzal
Age: ?
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 140
Skin color: Dark, black and gray mostly.  It sometimes shift.  Think of shadows turned solid.
Race: Shadow made Flesh.

Story to come.

Age: 9 years
Race: Human with angle bloodline
Hair: Blond most often tucked up in her cap.
Eyes: Blue

"Ignore me Aura" is an ablity that Angie has.  It basically makes everyone not notice her even if she interacts directly with them they will forget about her right afterwards.  About a DC 25 will save will overcome these affects.

Age: 31
Class: Expert/Rogue
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: Skinny
Hair color: Dark Brown

Meg is the leader of a small gang in the slums.  They do mostly pick pocking and info gathering work.  She has lived in Town since she was about 16.  She wasn’t always a thief but after a series of events that ended with her losing someone that depended on her she gave up her old life.  Now she lives in the slums trying to take care of those she sees as family.

Looks human, has alternate form not yet reveled
Age: looks to be about 18
Class: Ex-cleric/ Rogue
Height: 4’6”
Weight: Really skinny
Hair color: Dark blue

Jay works in Meg’s gang as the unlikely enforcer.  She almost always is carrying a weapon unless someone has stripped her of all of them.  When she is around she normally has at least 15 daggers on her.  

She almost never speaks of her past.  Though it is known that she didn’t always lived in Town, she came here several years ago.  All that is really known about her is that she refuses to sing, is afraid of being in temples, and her hair color is natural not dyed.  Also if Jay is bleeding someone with the scent ability could pick up on the fact that she isn’t human.

Jim and Gordon
Age: mid 20’s
Class: Rogue
Height: 5’10”
Weight: Skinny
Hair: Sandy Brown

Jim and Gordon are twins born in the Town.  They ended up on the street after a fire burnt down the building they were living in.  Their parents trapped inside they had to make their own way.  They ended up meeting up with Meg and joining her little gang she got going.

They are both good pick pockets and work extremely well together.  They also are most effective in a fight when working together.

Age: 12
Height: 4’3”
Weight: Skinny
Hair Black
Class: Rogue

Ken is a child who was born in Town.  His family disappeared one day.  He has no clue where they went but his house was abandoned when he came home one day.  Meg found him wandering the streets and took him under her wing.  He is an extremely smart child who has learned many tricks to survive.  He knows the streets of the slums better then almost anyone else.  He has an uncanny insight into how people think and is very good at hiding his own thoughts.

Long straight Black hair
simple clothes all dark, blacks or grays.

Jen has wandered into Town looking for a place she can call home.  She has some odd ablities like anyone else in Town.  Her's mainly has to do with sight.  She often sees visions around people that are often times Prophetic.  Sometimes she understands them, but most of the time she doesn't.  

If you want Jen to have a vision about one of your characters please IM me.

((Oh and just so you know Jen, aka this women, has an odd ability to see images around people.  Sometimes they are about the future sometimes they just show images of important stuff about people.  A war they have fought in, the fact that they are the uncrowned king of a distant land.  Stuff like that.  All visions she sees are up to the players of the characters.))

Age: 24 or so.
Race: Modified Human

Ian is a fairly handsome young man with sandy brown hair and bright blue eyes.  He often carries a gnarled blackwood staff.  His clothes are patched and worn but look like they were once a nice set of travelers clothes.

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