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MasatoHyuga's characters.

I'm also adding a poll.... Why?  Because I can.
And because it helps me know what character people enjoy RPing with more, or just like the most.
You don't have to answer, I don't mind.
"A Light Warrior never leaves his character sheet un-attended too! ....Well maybe thats just me..."

Masato Hyuga

Race: Human

Alignment: Nuetral Good

Class: Red Mage

Equipment: Has a cool looking red hat, red cape, red cloths, red shoes.... yeah... Also carries a katana and rapier around. Also not to mention a sheet that is a character sheet where he records all his stats.

Background: He is under the belive that we are in fact *in a role playing game called 'Deee & Deee'. And that a god called the 'Deee M' is controling our everyday lives.
He wants to find the perfect combo of stats to make the best character ever. and his quest leads him to 'The Town' Where he hopes he can gain some 'Role-Playing Exp.'
Though his real identity is that he was one of the 4 warriors of light (Final Fantasy 1) and pratically saved the world with his fellow adventurers.  He misses those times and yet he doesn't want to go back to it.  He faced true chaos and won...  But not without leaving scars of fear of almost certain death.  Though he seems to care less about it now days.
He has a talent for not letting people know to much about him, why it is, is because he can.  Though someone that gets close to him may know...

Looks: Shoulder length sraight brown hair. With a red Hat with a feather in it. a cool expersion on his face at all times and is usually cheerfull.  And almost always is writing in his character sheet
[COLOR="Red"]Talks in Red[/COLOR]

Limit Break
Final Synergy Lvl 1

Also adding clearification that the HALO Masato is completly different from The Town Masato!  I won't use the HALO Masato in The Town EVER, unless something happens...  Which I doubt.  And the HALO Masato is a wolf, and is married...  The Town Masato is different in mostly that way.


1.  A strange rod-like artifact is found.
HALO Masato:  I see...  This was apparently used as some sort of shock stick used by those with the authority.  Usually to keep crowds under control during big events.

The Town Masato:  What's this do?  *ZAP!*

2.  Currently losing Tetris Game
HALO Masato:   ... Screw this I have Fire Emblem...

The Town Masato:  Egads stupid Tetris Blocks!!! Evil or Very Mad  Evil or Very Mad [/b]

And Masato's Gender Bended self...
(Will add more later)
Suffered from amnesia when Masato was gender-bended.  Regina then took the liberty of somewhat making Manami think that she really was a girl all her life, and even used her character sheet to make up a "Backstory" to her. (below)

Moxie wrote:
Nah, I wouldn't have you be mopey, I wouldn't hang out with you that way. Now you're just kind of like the little sister. So, I'll write up a past that has some drama, but not stuff you mope about. You know, interesting stuff you can bring up time to time and gain XP, but not be all angsty about. Like, your father went to war when you were really young, he was a bold Red Mage, you looked up to him, but you were fairly young when he left. He never returned from the war, and it kind of left your mother devastated. She became kind of ill, so your older sister, who was going to be a red mage like your father, had to stay home and take care of her. Well, when you reached adolescence, your mother died, and you were still ambitious about following in your father's footsteps. Your sister, who just got married, knew she couldn't do it, so she sent you off on your way to follow the family tradition. Sort of bitter, but not completely void of good people, so you are full of hope rather than angst. When you get to the next town, you and I meet up in a tavern, where I'm slightly wanted for being a klepto, an you're mistaken for someone else. We spend the night in jail, and tell a little about each other. I make my escape, and, feeling guilty about leaving a new friend behind, decide to turn back and release you. We spring from prison, and go on the lamb. In the woods, we fend off a bear, and make it to a small villiage where we find a mean sheriff. That's you, Raist. He doesn't take kindly to us immediately, and you, "Manami", blurt out that we escaped from prison. Well, Raist, at first contacts the first town about our location, but after we save him from a drunk, he sees that we aren't bad people. When the authorities arrive, he tells them off, but they catch on, and find me, as I've hidden Manami away. Me and Raist get the rope, but Manami comes to save the day at last minute. From that point on, we've been on the run. And so, I've pointed out The Town, a place where I've always wanted to go. And here we are.


"Can I just.... Watch?  I think I can still gain Experiance points by staying near anyways..."

Scott Jensen

Race: Human

Alignment: Nuetral Good

Class: Red Mage

Equipment: Has the garb of a Red Mage, carries a rapier. Nothing else of much importance. Also not to mention a sheet that is a character sheet where he records all his stats.  Of course his "Monsters Manaul"

Background: He is a student of Masato, eager to learn. Though he is quite shy and only really talks to Masato. He has come to the town to train with Masato in the ways of Red Magiery.  Though he has his own secret ambisions just like everyone else.  He has secretly learned the Draconic langauge and is interested in dragons.

After an event in town he discovered he has power to wield thunder at it's top power.  He absorbs all thunder or electrical attacks.  He also posseses a powerful limit break called "Indignation".  The power is mostly concentrated on his left hand, where he wears a glove to protect the lighting from striking anyone without warning.

Looks: Short blond hair, a shy expression. He's about 12 years of age. His left hand is covered with a strange looking glove with magic runes on it.  He has a rapier on his left side.

Limit Break: ]Indignation Lvl 2

((Only use him for plots of course.  So technically most NPCish out of my characters))

"I'll make them pay... Humans... Everyone..."


Race: ?????

Alignment: Nuetral Evil

Class: ???

Equipment:  Carries a strange black longsword.  It can cut through just about anything.

Background: Shady, nothing is known about him.  It's like he just poped into existance.
Only he knows his own past, from his actions and talking it seems as if it is full of extreme hatred.  Hatred towards everything living and breathing.


He has shoulder length silver hair that covers most of his face.  Most of the time only one eye is visible.  His face has a dark look, and he is quite pale.  He has gloves on most of the time, but no one has seen what was on his hands once they were off.  He looks young... No one knows his true age.

((Haven't added Liellia, probably won't for awhile))

The name is Trey Ulwing, What information will you be needing?

Trey Ulwing

Race: Laguz (Hawk)

Alignment: True Nuetral

Class: Hawk

Equipment: Talons

Background: Trusted Guardian of the Heron, Liellia.  He's devoted to his job protecting her.  He is also her translator, since he can speak common and understand quite a bit of the language Liellia speaks (The same one Volug mostly speaks).

Trey knows quite a bit of knowledge of land everywhere, due to the fact he is a Hawk Laguz.  He enjoys dishing out information that other people don't know, liking the fact he knows it and they don't.  Trey has a nack for gathering information quickly, or getting something quickly.  He is quite agile, but also shouldn't be underestemated for his strength when in Hawk form.

Trey can sometimes get annoyed real easy, or tends to give up easy as well.  But NEVER, when it involves protecting or helping Liellia.

Looks: Messy brown hair.  It is quite short.  He has wings on his back with brown feathers, giving away he is a Hawk Laguz.



Race: Laguz

Alignment: ????

Class: Wolf

Equipment: Fangs, claws...

Background: Volug is of a Laguz race, which can turn into beasts such as cats, tigers, hawks, ravens, and even dragons.  Volug is a wolf Laguz, which were thought to have dissapeared.  His background is unknown.

Volug doesn't speak common, he knows it, but doesn't speak it.  He has a very hard time pronouncing all the words.  But he tries to learn, and get along with others so he doesn't seem TOO different...



Th-... Thank you.


Race: Laguz (Heron)

Alignment: Lawful Good

Class: Heron

Equipment: None

Background: Liellia is one of the sacred Laguz Heron, who are widely known by all Laguz yet rarely seen.  You can say she is widely popular and very well respected without being known to Laguz.  The Herons are just the most sacred race of all Laguz.

Liellia only speaks very little common, but understands all of it.  She mostly speaks an unknown language that very rarely anyone (Including Laguz, but not so much rare there) knows, but Volug does as well.  She also is very kind to everyone, trying to help in everyway she can.

Liellia, cannot fight in anyway shape or form.  And can be very easily killed if unguarded (Which is Trey's job).  However, to aid allies in battle or other circumstances, she sings.  A Heron's singing has a very strange power in it, able to do many things.

Liellia is one of the 3 or 4 last surving Heron.

Liellia has a special power like most all Female Heron's, she can peer into peoples hearts to know their intentions, feelings, and even thoughts.

Looks: Long blond hair.  She has pure white wings on her back.  She is often mistaken for an angel.  She also has white robes.

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