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Magtok's Malicious Museum of Madmen and Muppets

Magtok aka Lord Magtok, Mag, Maggy, Margaret, Maggot, Officer M'Naghten, Maggums, and whatever else you weirdos feel like calling me.

Class: Evil Genius

Race: Human. Well, half-human.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Description: Currently wearing his classic black robes.

Personality: Magtok's personality is very much like my own. You could say that, were I to take my memories, personality, beliefs, etc. and put it all in a blender, let it swirl around for a few minutes, and then place it into a refrigerator and let it get frozen overnight, you would have Magtok's personality.

Equipment: Whatever the heck he feels like having.

--Magtok speaks in darkslategray.

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