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Magic or Super science?

I've got Girl Genius open in one tab and The Wotch open in another and it got me thinking about which I liked more, magic or super science. In the end I decided on super science and I just wanted to see what every one else thought.
The Herald

*is too hard, wants to be able to vote for both*

Ooh, this is tough...

Well, I really do like both, but super science tends to have more interesting explanations.

"We can travel from place to place via wormholes that tunnel through the fabric of space-time"


"I teleported..."

That and super technological stuff has more varied explanation, where every spell tends to draw on the same source of power.
Obsidian Blade

Although super science tends to be more interesting, I chose magic because I like the idea that it takes a certain amount of willpower or intelligence to wield it, rather than just money and the right equipment.
Draken Frosthand

I choose magic, because Super Science can be reliably proven impossible by the given means by which the end is achieved.

Sure, magic is impossible, maybe, but can you reliably determine that the means to achieve the end are utterly impossible?

*waves hands and speaks giberish*

That doesn't count because we would not know the proper words and gestures!

Both are still awesome, however.

I have to say magic.

In many cases I find it more varied and interesting than science, which is often overdone and lame. Not that I don't like some science, but it's always been limited and it has to be very well done. I even think my first real stab at a science fiction character (Cali) has turned out more like fantasy than science fiction in some ways. Maybe I'm just not good at science fiction.

As for explanations. Science requires constant explanations, and that's really annoying at times. It's also annoying when people constantly question your explanations, which is common in science fiction. Sometimes I just want it simple and ready to use without a lot of explanations, and for that magic is much better. But magic can be complex and have a billion explanations, it's just that people often decide to skip that because it's not needed all the time, and would be annoying if it was explained all the time.

I really like both, and I always have. But I say magic only because there's more possibility. Super Science can only do so much. With magic though, anything is possible.

A mis-quote. (As in, it's a quote, and I'll find what the real quote is soon)

"Any technology can be advanced enough to be observed as magic to the uninitiated."

But, I don't have a preference.
I don't mind either, and don't really prefer either =).

Super science just has a better aesthetic to it. Plasma balls, lightning rods and different coloured chemicals bubbling away in beakers and what does magic have? Newts and cauldrons.
Shadow of the Sun

Personally, I am a fan of superscience.

Remember; science and magic were born twins. And, we happen to have one with us now. Who knows what it may achieve?

That analogy is just confusing

Shadow of the Sun wrote:
Remember; science and magic were born twins. And, we happen to have one with us now. Who knows what it may achieve?

Well, we don't really have super science.
However, I can assure you, we are damn well close to it.

Amazing how even this poll is.

Indeed, though I was hoping that super science would be winning by now.

The biggest problem with super science is that most of it wouldn't work anyway.  So in the end it's just magic that refuses to call itself magic.  Magic can have varied explanations as well, you just have to go out of your way to create whole cosmologies to do so.



In RP settings I favor magic because there are more ways to actually defeat it.

I like Artifice... Which is kinda like technology that utilizes magic in it's method.

Where would that go? >.>

Magic. I mean, they're both completely unrealistic, but at least magic is credible due to being magic. Super-Science is like, someone is so brilliant, they managed to duplicate the effects of magic despite the world being without it.

Plus, you know "A Wizard did it" vs. "Some geeky guy in a lab coat and Buddy Holly glasses did it".

I had to go with super science. Why? lasers! No matter how impressive a magical spell is, nothing, in my mind, beats a dirty great big laser blast streaming across some huge futuristic battleground.

Gnrlshrimp I could hug you.
Shadow of the Sun

"It doesn't stop being magic just because you know how it's done."

Science IS magic, and any dichotomy between them is false.

Super science is awesome... I would prefer to be aided/murdered violently by a clearly proven means. i.e I would take (very little) comfort in being killed by a laser rather than a spell of *Kabbulanthrapy or something.

*Note that Kabbulanthropy does not and should not exist.

Well I do like magic, I'm going with super science.

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