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Lord Vader

Madness Combat

Any other fans here? I have to say, the looooong wait for 8 was *definitely* worth it. Great movie, can't wait to see where Krinkels goes from here (if he does.  Confused )

For those of you who have no idea wtf I'm talking about, Madness Combat is a series of action-flash animations, typically with the protaganist (Hank Wimbledon) infiltrating a building and blasting his way through it. 1 was sensless violence, 2-3 were him killing the Sheriff, and after that an interesting plot starts to develop. If you like action movies, I recommend this: it really is a cool series.
Here's a screenie.

Here's the author's website. (Warning: the website contains mild-to-strong profanity on occasion, while the series does not, to the best of my knowledge. Except for the wall-posters in the background.)

NOTE: If you are offended by Jesus killing people and making zombies (yes, "Jebus" is in this animation series) don't watch this.
The Chilli God

Madness is one of the types of flashie that I aspire to be able to create sometime in the future.

I haven't actually seen any of the series myself, but I have seen several knock-offs and flashies (Eg: Bunnykill). Kinda like watching a video game being played by your big brother.

This series was completely and utterly fantastic.
I loved 'em all.
I think the 5th one was my favorite, but it's a bit hard to decide....

Bunnykill was pretty good, too, actually.
Lord Vader

Chili God, I recommend watching them: the later ones are epic.

My favorite was 6, because of the battleaxe scene and the way he wrecked Tricky in the end. Best Madness kill ever. >=)

Also, I LOVED 5's intro: easily the coolest one ever, and 5 had the best soundtrack. I just thought it was really short, and there wasn't a ton of different weapons, but all the 1337s and the bullet time was awesome.

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