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Lori's Toons



Name: Lorienna De'Calyn

Status: ACTIVE
Race: Undead
Class: Paladin, lvl '?'
Alignment: Lawful Good
Stats: STR 18, DEX 12, CON 21, INT 19, WIS 18, CHA 23 (17+6)
Age: '?'
Height: 6 4" standing tall, around 5' 2" hunched over in her armor
Weight: 98 lbs in normal clothing, around 170-180 total geared
Hair: Mottled blond-green, short.
Eyes: Lacking. Pinpricks of light in the sockets, yellow as opposed to the regular "evil" red typical to the day's zombies.

[Equipment of note]

Modified Full-Plate: Specially made to allow easier movement considering her lack of full muscles.

"Dedication's Last Breath": This shield, showing a holy symbol of unknown origin, grants Lori access to Inflict Critical Wounds as the spell, 5 times per day. This ability is forever lost should she cast the spell on anyone but herself.

Greatsword of Ghost Touch

+6 Cloak of Charisma

"Sanguine", Mount: Heavy Warhorse, pure white in color. Summon once/day.

[Things to Know]

    Though a zombie, Lori radiates good.
    Unless mounted, it is not altogether obvious that Lori is a servant of the church. She pretty much just looks like a zombie in fancy armor.

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