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Lord Vader

Lord Vader's Characters

Name: Ryon Steelheart

Class: Knight

Alignment: Chivalric

Physical Description: Tall, about 6'0". Long brown hair with a full beard. Slightly scarred.

Personality: Ryon strictly follows the code of chivalry. Namely, he believes in the following:
Honorable combat
Respect of women and careful observance of the laws of battle
And above all, maintaining his honor.

Abilities: Highly trained in most kinds of weapons. A formidable opponent in combat, especially hand-to-hand. Although he does not know it, Ryon was born with a special gift. Any magical effect directed against him *may*
fail due to a quirk during his birth and an unwanted visit from a fey.

Background: Ryon comes from a feudalistic society. He is the son of a duke. He has been raised in chivalry and knighthood since the day of his birth. He was a promising warrior, and had jousted in many tournaments, placing well more often than not. The duke's castle was his inheritance, until one day, when he was off hunting, he fell through a mysterious rift in space-time.

((More background/personality coming later.))
Lord Vader

FU-2 (or Fighting Unit-Class Two.)

Class: Combat Droid.

Age: FU-2 was manufactured twenty years ago and has been hunting down meatbags ever since.

Abilities: Spell-proof plating, mechanically enhanced strength and reflexes, and modular weapons mounts.

Personality: FU-2 disdains any sort of organic life-form, referring to them collectively as "meatbags". He holds other constructs in slightly higher regard, but still maintains an air of superiority.

Background: FU-2 was turned out of a manufacturing plant and sent to the front lines of a war. He soon discovered a talent and more importantly, fondness, for killing meatbags. He was captured and deactivated by a scrap dealer who is trying to take any chance he can get to palm him off on some hapless dupe.[/b]
Lord Vader

Age: ???

Class: Soldier/Commando

Equipment: Galeth wears a massive suit of powered armor at all times. He carries many different types of weaponry, from a massive uranium-coated projectile rifle to a plasma grenade launcher.

Personality: Galeth is a hard-bitten soldier, ready to work for the highest bidder. He also does a bit of piracy on the side.

Physical Description: 6'5", very muscular, very rugged. Many scars from dozens of battles and firefights.

((More coming later, wanted to get this up.))
Lord Vader

The Black Gauntlet

Description: This is a criminal cartel that operates in the Undertown of the Sci-Fi Town. They do everything, from simple drug running to wholesale murdering of opponents. They have various safehouses spread throughout the Undertown.
Their technology level is fairly low, given their backwards state, but it is higher than much of the rest of the Undertown, given their numerous outside contacts.
Lord Vader

Mystery Man:
Race: Human....kind of.
Age: ?
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: Mystery Man appears to be a human, except his body is entirely wreathed in shadows. All that you can see are his two eyes, glowing red with hidden malevolence. Mystery Man stands about 6'0".

Abilities: Mystery Man can teleport short distances at will, and also has the ability to create nearly any kind of weapon at will. He is, however, no more durable than an average human. His preferred choice of weaponry is two machete-like swords.

Personality: Mystery Man is evil, but is also incredibly intelligent. He won't run into a room and start killing random people, but murdering doesn't bother him, and in fact, amuses him sometimes.

Mystery Man talks in red.
Lord Vader

Terkoth Galen
Race: Human
Age: ~35
Height: 5'11"

Clothes: Brown tunic, pants, dark cloak.
Equipment: Longsword, longbow, two hand crossbows.

Background:Terkoth is a human who's spent quite a bit of time roaming around. He enjoys nature and as such has made it his life's work to explore it, and see as many of nature's creations as he can. He has become extremely proficient at living in the field and surviving off almost nothing. He does not, however, find animals as enthralling as nature itself, and as such has become a crack shot with the bow over his dozens of years of hunting to provide for himself.

Personality: Terkoth is generally indifferent to most things, spending so much time by yourself wandering around tends to make you see things from a more neutral perspective.

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