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Looking for a Partner

I think I'd like to DM an adventure. I'm completely new to DMing (though I've played a good amount of D&D), and willing to try it out and learn about it. I have some good ideas, and I at least know the basics to DMing and the different customizations a DM makes for his adventure. I'm simply looking for someone to partner with me, guide me a bit and basically have two DMs to one game.

Anyone interested?
Destro Yersul

I'm up for it.


*starts discussing ideas over AIM*

Just about ready to set up a thread; this is going to be quite a big post. I'm waiting for Destro to get back from vacation so we can discuss some class and feat changes, and finalize our ideas before we start.

Edit: Typos!
Destro Yersul

And I'm back! Live from Canada, and here to bring you all the latest news from the Great White North, which is actually pretty bloody hot right now.

In our... what? No newscasts? Alright then, back to you, Moozy.

Mmm, sounds interesting ... any teasers you'd like to dangle before us?
Destro Yersul

Alright, let me think.... Ah! I know!

Here's something for you: a couple changes to the base classes.

The class now gets free proficiency with any two exotic weapons.

Monks: Full BAB progression, and no penalty for multiclassing once they reach 5th level

Two Bonus skill points per level, which can only be spent on knowledge skills

May now take Poison Use as a rogue skill.

Please direct any questions to Moozy or Myself.

It's times like this when I wish I new a thing about D&D.
El Jaspero anything actually happening with this campaign? If so I'd be interested.
Destro Yersul

It should be up soon. Moozy is back now, and everything is pretty much ready as far as I know.

Yeah, with any luck, the actual thread for this game will be up soon. We're fully done (I think) with planning, and I'm really just gathering up the loads of homebrew information Destro has sent me. Razz

Name of the thread you will be using? I would like to join a game. This thread is probily old.....wait its more than a YEAR OLD!!!!!!!????
Destro Yersul

yeah. This game has been and gone, and is really really dead by now. Sad, really. We had such plans...

Ah well, with Moozy gone there's not likely to be any revival. Sorry.

Lol, thats OK I would join any game you guys ever come up with, so tip me off the next time please Smile.

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