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WoF Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf's characters

Here is a short list of my characters, to be added to later

Lone Wolf
Race- Human
Gender- Male
Age- 25
Alignment- Neutral
Class- Tech/ Mechwarrior
Height- 5’9”
Class- Nanomage

Personality- Lone Wolf is quiet and observant, most often found in the background and shadows. Lone Wolf makes friends easily and is very loyal to his friends. Better known as Lone by those closest to him he is often found looking for adventure.

Background- A former mercenary with the W.o.F. Lone Wolf is a trained sniper and mech warrior. Also a tech by trade Lone customized his mech and builds his own power armor. Traveling in a warship captured in a commando raid and a drop ship to get from ship to planeside and back Lone travels around looking for places to test his skills and continue his training.

Equipment- Lone is most often found in his custom built power armor or battlemech when there is a fight at hand. Out of armor He carries a heavy sniper rifle and P90 SMG for when things get dicey and a .50 cal Desert eagle, other then that he enjoys using his Katana and combat knife and wears light body armor made for mobility. Lone also has nanite seeds that can be dropped to grow/build useful items like small defensive turrets barriers and shelter.

Power armor- At nearly 9 feet tall and 10 tons the assault armor is a work of art. Painted in the Honor guard colors of the mercenary unit he belongs to its mostly black with silver trim and piping and is adorned with a howling wolfs head crest on his right shoulder and bloody wolfs paw print on the left. Standard weapons on the armor consist of 2 practical projector cannons (PPC) one mounted under each for arm and a fully automatic shotgun alongside each for arm. There are 3 honeycombed canisters in each shoulder housing little bio engineered pets. Over the right shoulder is a large concussion impulse cannon or CIG, though it does little damage the round from the weapon does impart the kinetic force of being rammed by a warship at flanking speed. In heavy entrenchment the armor is changed by nanits. The shotguns are absorbed into the arms and the ppcs are enlarged and a second cig is added over the left shoulder. The armor is thickened to absorb more damage and the sides gain armor plates that can be extended to provide cover for friendlies. The legs also gain deployable ankers to help steady the armor from the increased amount of recoil.

Abilities- Lone Wolf Has some psionic abilities and can use them to enhance his power armors weapons as well as some week telapathick abilites.
WoF Lone Wolf

Ships of the line
the ships in the fleet Lone Wolf has with him.

Wolves Wrath- Nightlord class battle ship. The wolves wrath is Lone's most prized battleship. The biggest warship built by the clans this vessel is immense. Sporting vast weapons batteries and large fighter bays the ship also houses vast machine shops and foundries where Lone Wolf builds and customizes his armor and weapons. The ship also houses his prized battlemechs that he has won in battle or in competitions. The ships shear size prevents it form ever landing however.

Armament- With its vast arrays of massive auto cannons, lasers, and ppcs, along with its missile batteries the wolves wrath is a formidable ship.

Dark Omen- Abaddon class battleship. This formidable battleship is a work of art. Long sleek and majestic its broadside stile turrets show its true purpose.

Armament- with a complement of 8 heavy turrets lined down both sides and its heavy armor the ship is always ready for battle. Its small complement of remote fighter drones also offer ground support for when its needed.

Trinity- Hyperion class yacht. With its duel hulls shaped like a pair of daggers flying above and below each other and its four swept wings arching off of the engineering section this sleek ship looks fast and graceful. As Lone Wolf's privet yacht its armament rivals that of some battleships.

Armament- With its ten defensive turrets eight bow mounted cannons and high speed this sleek yacht is often underestimated as a warship making it one of Lone Wolfs favorite ships.

Dark Void- Excalibur class drop ship. This massive “flying egg” as people tend to call it can mostly be found docked with the Wolves Wrath. As the great warship cannot make planet fall the Dark void serves as a heavy transport and area affect weapons platform.

Armament- With its groups of lasers missile batteries and auto cannons ringing the egg shaped vassal and its three large bays its an ideal ship for landing heavy equipment in a war zone. As an added trick its armor is modified with an active camo system allowing the ship to all but disappear when on the ground and become undetectable in the dark reaches of space.

Steal Wolf- Wolf class assault frigate. This is the smallest ship in the fleet. Small fast and highly maneuverable its one of the most aggressive ships.

Armament- With its auto cannon turrets and rocket launchers this ship is fast and aggressive making up in speed and agility what it lacks in size.

Vengeance- Valhalla class carrier. The biggest ship Lone has in his fleet and his flagship the Vengeance is truly massive. With its vast hanger bays, docking clamps, and powerful turrets the Vengeance is the workhorse of the fleet.

Armament- With its full turret coverage and massive fighter bays and heavy armor this ship is a true force to be reckoned with.

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