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little thing with letters.

Accent marks and what not, how do you do them.  I am fairly sure there are quickkeys that are standard for them.  Anyone know what they are or what I am talking about?

Alt-Codes, or if you use a laptop like I do, Character Map is your friend.

The Chilli God

Yeah, pretty much any letter, number or punctuation mark on this keyboard comes with a capital form, and two alternate forms, accessed by holding down the alt key. My favorites are Alt-2 () and Alt-l ().

I can also get hold of all of them through an option in a menu. They even have characters from different languages (Greek, Japanese, etc) and cool little sign thingies that would be impossible to show on these forums since they show up as question marks.

It's probably harder to find them with your computer, though. Good luck is all I can say.

Ctrl+alt+vowel gives an acute accent

Others are done from alt+numpad code
One of my favourites is the latin letter 'thorn', alt+0222 (or alt+0254 for lowercase)

I use it for tongue smilies =

You can experiment with different numbers, or just check to character map for the codes.

You know....I never realized it was that simple, otherwise I would have been spelling pokemon correctly...

well, it doesn't work on here...see, laptops apparently work funny. I have to use the number pad, and to do that I have to hit the number lock...

and it ain't worth it...

ps: if you want to know, the e is ctrl alt 130.

For those with Vista, hit start, and type "char" then hit enter.


For those with Vista, get a real OS

I've told you my reasons for not switching to Linux. My laptop isn't very compatible with it as it has a lot of hardware drivers when you're dealing with the built in network card and the tablet screen, when switching OSes, it's a real bitch to replace the drivers, especially when one of them is the one that allows you to get online. On top of that, I have tried to boot it with Knoppix, but the disk check fails at some point, and it all stops. I guess I'm stuck with Vista, however, I really don't mind at this point, as I can go online, and draw stuff into it. As for downgrading to XP, I fail to see the point anymore, now that I've adapted to Vista. Everything's just there, and I find it in just a few clicks.
Destro Yersul

I never upgraded, so I'm stuck with XP. Not that I mind at all, because XP is, IMO, a half decent OS.

Meh, my experience is that with a bit of fin tuning, you can pretty much use any OS. Pretty much like a car. With good cars, often it's the driver's fault when something goes wrong. A lot of complaints about Vista is that they added GPS and a better radio, and all that stuff, but they switched the transmission to manual, and when a lot of people first got on it, they either didn't realize it and complained about a car that only went in first gear, or they ended up not using the clutch right and grinding the gears. Really, that's about it. When you get used to Vista, everything become automatic and actually intuitive. ((I know, considering how I was complaining a few months ago about how unintuitive vista programs were...))

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