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Lex-kat's Character Portfolio

Name:  The Onion  Razz

Class: Top Secret, Interdementional, Spy

Race: Unknown, but appears as an onion.

Sex: Unknown, but usually sounds male.

Default Appearance:  A typical onion.  But has recently been seen as a pretty young black-haired woman, wearing nothing but a cotton nightshirt.

Alignment: Chaotic Malicious.  Twisted Evil

Special Abilities:

1- Indestructable- Due only because he uses onions to represent him.  Who is the madman behind the onions, the world may never know.

2- Endless Knowledge- The Onion claims to know all, and sometimes, he appears to be a ble to back this up.  But does he really?

3- A Present- When the Onion is destroyed or leaves willingly, he usually leaves behind a gift of some sort.  Wether it's a nice gift or not, depends on how The Onion is feeling.

Weapon of Choice: Gasses- When The Onion leaves, he sometimes leaves behind poisonous gas.  What type of gas, is entirely up to him.

Weaknesses:  Sometimes forgets what time and place he is in.  He also is usually easily destroyed, even thought another onion is usually waiting in the wings to replace the previous one.

Background:  No one knows.  Not even me.

Re: Lex-kat's Character Portfolio

Name:  Bobbie Wayne

Class: Jewel Thief

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Default Appearance:  Long Black Hair, Red Lips, Green Eyes, and a body most men drool over.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Special Abilities:

1- Contortionist- Can bend her body in incomprehensable ways.

2- Anything as a weapon- Bobbie can turn anything into a weapon.

3- Balance- She can walk a tight-rope as if she were walking down a sidewalk.

4- Shrinking- She can shift her size to be upto 2" tall.

Weapon of Choice: Weighted rope- She carries a weighted rope whenever on a case.

Stilleto Daggers- One in her left boot.  And a pair of spring-loaded ones up her sleeves.

Weaknesses:  She is only human, afterall.

Background:  Coming Soon...[/u]

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