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Legends of Arhade

You have been crowded into the small cell, which reeks of fresh blood and sweat. It has long ceased to bother you, you have been through
too many fights in the arena. You have long been captives in the Mosium Theater, the largest stadium of its kind in the entire Dunhardown Empire. You hear the calls of thousands of Dunhardown's citizen that have come today to watch the fights.

It is here, in Dunhardown's capital city of Tik'Terar that you are expected to meet your fate. But you have resisted, and you have survived longer than any other group of slaves and professional gladiators to come before you. A bond of brotherhood has grown and each of you trusts the man beside you more than you would your own family now. You each have a different history, a different background, and differing philosophies and outlooks in life. But you are brothers.

"Up the tunnel now, maggots! You get the privilege of dying in front of your emperor. Thats right, Emperor Jonlas Tonaro himself! You have been lucky so far, but I don't rightly think you can pull out of this one alive," says one of the guards. He pushes John forward with the butt of his halberd, prompting the rest of you to file up.

As you slowly walk up the blood-colored stone tunnel, you hear Hanrik Oktusson, the Emperor's Herald, yelling out to the crowd.

"Loyal subjects of Dunhardown! Your Emperor greets you!" Hanrik stops to let the crowd cheer, speaking again only when it subsides. "Today is a day of celebration! This is the day that our noble and brave Emperor won his first victory in his holy crusade to reunite the Old Emperor of his great ancestor, Emperor Arhade de Marcon Aurelius!"

More cheers. How you hate the crowd at times, particularly when they are cheering someone other than yourselves.

"Today is the first anniversary since our illustrious ruler's defeat, conquest, and cleansing of the evil and unholy principality of Elder's Grove. You will all remember how it came about. How the Emperor had offered the young princess, on the eve of her coronation, his hand in marriage as a symbol of friendship and unity. She refused, and called upon the pagan gods of Bahamut, Correllan, Moradin, and Pelor to curse our glorious Emperor and the one true God, the Living Arhade!

Boos and hisses reach a frenzied level, and the ground rumbles with the stomping of thousands of feet. Dust falls from the ceiling of the tunnel as you reach the massive bronze gates that lead to the arena floor. It is very rare for you all to fight together as one. You were told, however, that this would be a fight similar to the Wall-Assault games that you have had to do before.

"Of course, our Emperor could not allow the name of our God and our Empire be sullied. He was forced to cleanse that kingdom by the sword!"

"And now, for your entertainment, the Mosium Theater is presenting a reenactment of that glorious siege of the palace of Elder's Grove, and the defeat of their armies that outnumbered our own nearly three to one. I present to you, the heretic army of Elder's Grove!"

You hear the bronze gates at the opposite end of the arena floor slowly creak open, to the boos and hisses of the crowd. The boos are replaced by horrified gasps and shrieks.

"And now, I present to you, the heroic army of Dunhardown!"

Your turn... the doors creak open, revealing the massive theater in its entirety. It is oval in shape, and you see thousands of people standing in their seats and cheering. To your right, in the Emperor's personal box, is Emperor Jonlas Tonaro himself. He sits in a throne of silver wrought with emeralds and sapphire. He is flanked by his bodyguard. Two elven concubines are seated on the floor beside his throne, dressed in silk. His face is tanned, and well-defined. He is staring at your direction, his glare cold.

Ahead of you, you see it. A hastily constructed wooden fortress has been built on the sandy floor of the Theater. Manning its walls and standing before its makeshift gate are a mass of goblins. You count ten initially, but there are likely to be many more on the inside.

Instinct takes over, you know what to do. You surge forward...
The Bushranger


Erin holds her wand tight, her face determined. One of these days she was going to make it out of here - she just had to survive long enough. Thankfully she had people she trusted to fight alongside her, sparing a quick glance at the elven ranger on her flank with a quick smile and nod before they charged...
Destro Yersul


Argyros hefts his Falchion and grins. This is it. Let's show them what we can do. The draconic paladin doesn't even need to glance back at his companions as he charges forward.

He knows they'll be right behind him.


Krysta winces at the thought that she was fighting in the empire's "heroic army". It almost made her sick.

Just one shot. that's all it would take. She thought, taking a quick glance at Arhade. I may die, but at least the world would be rid of that.... monster!

But she didn't aim her crossbow at him. Instead, she charged out the gate, her short sword drawn, and fought for his entertainment.

Coward!!! she yelled as she charged out.

1d20+8= 23


John was nervous. He was always nervous before battle. Yet he was also confident, which was one of the reasons he was nervous. He was confident that he would do well in the battle because he was well trained and knew how to battle. The confidence made him nervous making him think of how to fight the battle too much.

Hes hand fidgiting towards his rapier in its sheath only showed that he was ready to fight and get it over with. So as the gate rose he charged out drawing his rapier going from the young man that he was to the combat leader he was trained to be.
" Foward! "


Canatsu returns Erin's smile with a tight one of her own, her two rusty swords sliding from their sheathes with a dull scraping noise.
They had taken her swords from her.
The ones her father had given her. The leather armour, too.
They would pay for that.
He would pay for that.
Canatsu doesn't bother looking up at the king, who sat there, draped in his finery while a simple guide fought for his amusement. He gets no glance, no words from Canatsu, for none shall be wasted on a coward.

The ranger pauses a moment, before darting forward at full speed, splitting from the group. Her eyes scanning the fort for a goblin off to the side, while at the same time keeping an eye on her comrades.


She snarls and leaps forward when the gate opens.  She doesn't think about the odds, just about surviving as she rushes forward with her 'comrades'.  Her morningstar is in her hand and her ragged armor hangs off her body.  When she spots the goblins, she calls out to them in their language, telling them all the ways they're about to die, a lot of which seems to include teeth, claws and overwhelming pain.

Init (1d20+3=14)

Here's the situation:

There are two goblins on either side of the drawbridge. They are desperately trying to raise the gate to prevent your entry. You have a few rounds to act before they succeed. The rest of the goblins finger their weapons nervously, but they continue to scowl and snarl at you.

Initiative Order:

7)Goblin Slingers

Don't worry about posting in order of initiative, just post what you want to do. If someone who goes before you does something that would normally alter what you wish to do, I will give you the opportunity to change your actions.
The Bushranger

Erin levels her wand at one of the slingers on the wall and takes a deep breath before shouting out an incantation.
Evil llahs sdneirf my taht erif htiw nrub ouy yam!
And a blast of green fire leaps forth from her wand at the gobbo...


Minor: Warlock's Curse on the slinger at L13.
Standard:Eldritch Blast on the slinger at L13
- Attack vs Reflex: 1d20+3=20
- Damage: 1d10+2=10
- Warlock's Curse damage: 1d6=6
Move: Shift to L21

Destro Yersul

Argyros moves straight ahead, knowing his companions can take care of the goblins to the side. He'll be taking out the ones by the bridge, starting with the one on the right.


Just hit it with the falchion. Suppose I should roll...
1d20+8=21 to hit.
2d4+3=6 damage.

And if I did something wrong, let me know and I'll go re-read the combat rules.


Krysta moves to T-18 and attacks the Goblin in S-18 with her short sword.


Attack: 6+6= 12
Damage: 4+2= 6

Ignore previous damage, please.

Damage should be: 1+3+8+3= 15
Because I should've used First Strike to get a Sneak Attack on the Goblin.


Ruadhan snarls and attacks the goblin at N16 with her morningstar


Canatsu will sprint over to the goblin at S-18, to hit it with a Nimble Strike with her long sword, before shifting back to S-19. If it move closer, she'll hit with an Attack of Opportunity.


Attack: 1d20+6=26
Hit: 1d8+3=5


((sorry about taking so long to do this))

John rushes up to the first goblin and strikes at it with his rapier.


Move to square R-18 and attack goblin at S-18 with rapier.
Attack 1d20+5=18
Damage 1d8+1=9


Quick breakdown of the action:

(In some cases, I had to take liberties with moves and attacks, due to previous characters actions.)

1) John advances, striking the goblin with a strong blow. (9 damage)
2) Krysta advances, but misses
3) Argyros advances to one of the gate-goblins. He suffers a opportunity attack from the goblin at S18, who misses. He strikes the goblin lifting the gate, killing him in one fell blow.
4) Erin curses the gobling slinger, and then follows up with a mightly Eldritch blast, killing her target. The crowd murmurs their approval.
5) Canatsu bounds after the poor S18 gobling, critically striking it, cutting open it's belly and letting it's entrails fall to the sand of the arena. The crowd roars approvingly.
6) Ruadhan bounds forward enthusiastically and swings powerfully, but the goblin manages to duck the blow, yelling obscenities to the shifter in his goblinoid tongue.
7) a) the other gate goblin runs screamin inside the "fort."
   b) one gobling swings his rusty shortsword at Krysta, but misses.
   c) another gobling attacks John, managing to strike him through his  armor (4 damage)
   d) The goblin that dodged Ruadhan's attack screams and jabs at her with his sword, but misses.

Cool The Slingers that remain open fire.
   a) One targets Erin, and a heavy stone slams into her shoulder ( 5 damage)
   b) the other two slingers target Argyros, both striking him on the chest and shoulder (total of 7 damage)

Next round begins, same initiative order.

Battle Map:


Krysta attacks the Goblin in front of her (T-17). Using her Piercing Attack.


Attack: 1d20+6= 14
Damage: 1d6+3= 8


John takes the blow from the goblin and glances over at Canatsu. Thats all he needs to do to tell him to work like a team of wolves as he strikes out at the goblin by him.

Wolf Pack Tatics
Canatsu gets to shift one square as a free action before my attack.
Attack: Strength vs. AC1d20+5=22
Damage:1weapon+strength mod 1d8+3=6

Canatsu looks over at John and smiles, ignoring the pile of goblin entrails in front of her. She shifts over to Goblin at T17 and hits it with a Twin Strike.


Attack One, Longsword:
Damage: 1d8+3=7

Attack Two: Shortsword:
Damage: 1d6+3=6

Destro Yersul

Argyros takes a few steps into the fort, headed for the goblin at Q11. He aims a blow at it with his falchion, putting as much strength as he can into the blow.


Power attack! To hit: 1d20+6=11

Probably a miss, then. You can roll the damage if it isn't


Ruadhan snarls in anger and goes for the goblin again.  She swings her morningstar around in a vicious arc, determined to spatter his brains on the arena floor.

The Bushranger

Erin sprints forwards, then levels her wand at the remaining slinger on her side.
Nwod llaf lla!
And a blazing light lances down at him...


Move: Move to K-16.
Minor: Warlock's Curse on the slinger at M-13.
Standard: Dire Radiance on the slinger at M-13.
- Attack: 1d20+3=21
- Damage: 1d6+2=3, 1d6=6

I presume this kills him, so:
Free: Misty Step to K13 atop the wall.

She also has Concealment until the end of her next turn.


Actions: (sorry it's not verbose, updating quickly here)

1) John's attack hits, and finishes off the goblin (6 damage)
2) Krysta's attack hits (8 damage)
3) Argyros misses, but while advancing into the fort notices several more goblins lying in wait.
4) Erin strikes the Slinger (9 damage) and teleports to the top of the wall, noticing more goblins below.
5) Canatsu, having already shifted. her first attack misses, but the second hits, killing the gobling (6 damage)
6) Ruadhan strikes the goblin with her Morningstar (6 damage)

7) a) Q18 Goblin misses John
   b) Fort goblins advance, a couple attacking Argyros, but only one hits  
       (5 damage)
   c) N16 Goblin swings at Ruadhan, but misses
   d) Slinger fires at Canatsu, its stone striking her (3 damage)
   e) Other slinger fires at Krysta, missing her




John advances to Argyros side. " Argyros attack the one to the right! " He yells at him.


Argyros gets to make a melee basic attack against the goblin at R-10 if he hits the damage is basic damage plus my intel mod which is +2



Krysta drops her Short Sword and pulls out her Hand Crossbow. She takes a 5-foot step to get into better range and attacks the Slinger directly in front of her (T-13).


Attack: 1d20+5= 25

Damage: 1d6+3= 5


With the success of her recent attack, Ruadhan snarls at the goblin, informing him how he will die in crude terms as she strikes out at him again with her morningstar.


Attack (1d20+5=9), damage (1d10+1=7)

Primal Fury +1 to attacks w/ primal powers against bloodied enemies

til the end of the encounter, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls.  In addition, while you are bloodied, you gain regeneration 2

The Bushranger

More goblins! Erin shouts to her friends still outside the walls. A whole fracking lot of goblins!

Taking aim at the closest one, she levels her wand and incants its doom.
Hgin si dne ruoy!


Minor: Warlock's Curse on the goblin at N11.
Standard: Eldritch Blast on the goblin at N11.
- Attack (Prime Shot): 1d20+4=19
- Damage: 1d10+2=9 1d6=3

Destro Yersul

Right. Argyros aims a blow at the offending goblin, once again putting some extra strength into the blow.


Power attack! Again! 1d20+6=22

Ok. Betting THAT will hit. Therefore, damage: 2d4+3=8. Crappit, forgot to add the power attack bonus. Took it off the attack roll, but.. *shrugs* Ok, make it 10 damage.


Uhh Destro I think you miss understood. Instead of me making an attack you make a basic melee attack on my turn and then take your turn.
Destro Yersul

((Ah, yes. I did, then. Mostly because I'm unfamiliar with 4th. And I didn't look in the spoiler tag. >.>))


anyways, rolls for that, aim power attack at the other goblin, and let's see how this works: 1d20+8=16

Dunno if that hits. If it does, Twobit can roll the damage


Oh hai gais... ^^"))

Canatsu moves up to attack the goblin at R11 (or Q11, whichever is still alive) with a Nimble Strike, darting back a step and preparing to hit any goblin that peruses with an attack of opportunity. She doesn't taunt her enemy, and fights in an almost respectful manner - the goblins were prisoners too, and she saw no reason to begrudge them their race.


Attack: 1d20+6=10
Hit: 1d8+3=6

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