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Is it just me or is the forum getting laggy? It takes a lot longer tha usual to load up pages and sometimes it won't load up at all.
Orange Zergling

Couple days ago it went out for... 2 hours or so around 2-3am Central USA time.

Huh. I logged in on my mom's computer and it works fine. Odd.
The Chilli God

Yeah, there was this notice set up on the front page yesterday and the day before, saying that the site was going to be down for about twenty minutes on both of those days. That would explain O_Z's issue, but if Raist is only having issues with one computer... Maybe it's just his computer. *Shrug*

When in doubt...blame Vista.

Yes. Blame Microsoft. =D

Exachix wrote:
Yes. Blame microsoft. =D

Corrected for you. Razz

Thanks. Sorry I missed that.

In other Microsoft news:

Vista is an issue...ever since we got this computer, it's had problems. But the whole problem with Vista is you pretty much have to have double the RAM it's usually sold with....

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