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Lee G.Kai

Age: 18 (30's equivalent)
Race: Space Chicken
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Equipment: A sturdy staff, shapeshifting "legendary" "weapon" ribbon worn around his head. Sloppy clothes. No shoes, however.

Abilities: Pretty capable using his wieldable ribbon and staff, but isnt the strongest space chicken ever. Can fly and also use simple defensive spells.

Personality: Cheerful and forward to the rude point. Confident in himself, even though he's a little embarrassed about wielding a ribbon. Rebellious, but almost reluctantly so, shows some lawful tendencies. Tends to have his own views on things, and is very adamant about them

Backstory: Was born to a world that was already taken away from him. Aliens had invaded nearly a hundred years ago, capturing his planet and using it as a combination of a zoo, pristine park reserve, and bioresource, several races being trained as weapons and killers. Rather than have their child be used like many of their friends, his parents had the money to leave for space, earning themselves the derogatory label of "Space Chicken". They wore the title proudly, but Lee never knew there was an alternative, or even a home planet. He grew up on a multispecial space station and trading post. When Lee turned 15, Space Chicken Adulthood, a series of events led his father to angrily give Lee the Legendary Ribbon of their people, the sixth legendary weapon made long ago by their greatest hero. His father proclaimed that Lee's grandfather had died protecting their home planet and race, but he refused to tell Lee the name of the planet or even their races true name. In a fit, Lee fled the family and decided to search for his lost planet to try and save it. There were a lot of bird races called "Space Chickens", however, and it was years before he realized how hopeless this was. Mostly because he had ran out of fuel in the middle of space... Doomed, resigned, he drifted for several months before he fell into a wormhole...

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