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Kenyon's character(s)

Personal Stats

Name: Kenyon Trammel
Race: Human
Class: Rifleman
Alignment: Neutral Good
Temperment: Very casual, Kenyon remains calm under most stressful situations.
While capable of holding his own in any confrontation, he'd sooner drink a beer with his opponent than shoot them. However, when he sees someone doing something that "just ain't right", he has been known become highly aggressive and confrontational.
Age: 24
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown, in a military-style haircut.
Eye colour: Light Brown


-"Soulstriker," Kenyon's rifle, given to him by his father. Based on local military muskets, but improved to give better range and accuracy. The barrel of the rifle is made of an odd mithril/adamantine alloy, to help prevent damage from within and without. Equipped with a bayonet for close-quarters combat, and a steel-reinforced stock for those who get too close into his personal space. Able to be armed with several types of shots, depending on circumstances.

-A modernized pistol, given to him by former Machine God, Mechanus. Modified with a telescoping sight, and able to fire the same rounds as SoulStriker. Since the destruction of Kenyon's gun shop, it is suspected that this weapon has been lost.

-Chainsword - A new invention made by Kenyon himself, based off a weapon he saw Mechanus using in the fight against The Master. Essentially a military shortsword, modified with serrated teeth around the outside of the blade, which rotate around when powered by an engine located where the handguard would be. When revved up, using a throttle on the handgrips, the teeth fly unbelievably fast, tearing through almost any material. Since the destruction of Kenyon's gun shop, it is suspected that this weapon has been lost.

-A revolver, specially made by Kenyon after the loss of his other weapons.


Formerly seen wearing a light grey military coat over a grey, short-sleeved tunic, black pants, and black leather boots, but has recently abandoned the uniform for a more casual blue tunic and black pants. Has a bandolier, with several types of bullets and shots, draped across his shoulder, and a medium-sized satchel at his side. Also wears a pair of flight goggles regularly.


The land where Kenyon comes from, Sarundia, is an interesting place. Interesting, in the case that they've been unable to learn how to use magic. There's been many legends as to why. Some say Sarundia was cursed in ancient times so that no one born on the land would learn the arcane arts. Others say the first people to settle here were refugees from another land that exiled all non-magic users. Whatever the reason, the culture of the Sarundians has centered more around mechanics and gunpowder than magic.

The same went for Kenyon's father, Darryn Trammel, one of the land's greatest gunsmiths. Darryn designed much of the weaponry currently used by the Sarundian military. When he was finally old enough to carry a weapon, young Kenyon would help his father demonstrate the newest tools he had developed.

As he got older, Kenyon showed a great deal of skill with much of his father's equipment, especially the difficult to use long-range rifles. It was at this time that Darryn, noticing his son's affinity to rifled weaponry, made "Soulstriker," his greatest development to date.

After a brief stint in the military, Kenyon was bitten by the Adventurer's bug by age 22. With only Soulstriker, a sword, and his technological knowledge, he went out into the wild to make a name for himself and the Trammel family.

Common Knowledge:

-Speaks with a Southern American accent.
-Despite his tall frame, Kenyon is surprisingly agile.
-Loves a good drink. Give him a beer, and he'll be your best friend. However, don't give him a Dragon's Liver Buster if you wish for him to stay conscious.
-Due to his Sarundian heritage, Kenyon is an avid tinkerer. He is enthralled by anything mechanical.
-Since nearly all Sarundians are unable to perform magic, enchanting weaponry is an expensive business there, left generally for elite warriors and the nobility. Due to that, Kenyon and his father invented several new types of shot for Sarundian muskets and rifles. Using their chemical and mechanical knowledge, they were able to create shots that could engulf their target in flame, encase them in ice, even directly attack them without killing. Kenyon keeps many of these shots in his bandolier and satchel.


-An apparent side effect to the Sarundian curse, Kenyon seems to have strange reactions to healing or buffing magic that is cast on him. Drinking a simple healing potion has been known to make him violently ill, and healing spells seem to cause him as much pain as the wounds they are healing. As such, he avoids healing magic as much as possible, preferring non-magical alternatives, despite the fact that they may hurt or leave scarring.

Name: Ezekiel
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Unknown
Age: Unknown (Looks to be late 40s)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Hazel

Common Knowledge

Not much is known about Ezekiel at this particular time.  All that is known is that he is a Sarundian, like Kenyon, and is currently searching for the rifleman.

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