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Keledrath's library of characters 2.0

If you have any special requests from my old set of characters, PM me and I'll revive them. Otherwise, they all kind of go poof/live happily/sadly ever after.

Garret Storm

Human Male Bard (mid) / Dread Pirate 1
Height/weight: 6'4" ish, around 190lbs
Alignment CG
naturally fair complexion, but tanned from life at sea
Personality: Kind, Generous, and very redy to return loyalty where it is given. But he is still a pirate, so watch yourself.
Blonde hair, blue-green eyes (as in mixed colors, not one of each)
Wears  tough and fairly well enchanted suit of studded leather
carries a pair of Iolian Warblades, both moderately enchanted (the warblade is a modified short sword unique to Iolostan that is designed for slashing)
Is capable of channeling a small electrical current through his body (natural trait among Iolostanians). Not particularly strong, but adds a small amount of damage in a fist fight or when using metal weapons. Can also power basic electrical devices and provide a small amount of illumination.

Garret doesn't look the part of a pirate at all. In fact, he looks more like a town drunk who got to keep his swords.
speaks in cyan

Garret was born on the sea, and has loved it ever since. Born to navy parents, he was exposed to every aspect of naval warfare and activity since before he could walk. Garret found himself especially drawn to the tales of the sea, and paid great attention to them. By the time he came of age and joined the navy, he had a full grasp of maritime myth and legend. He also had been well trained in the use of the war-blade, a variety of short sword from his homeland distinguished by the fact that it is used for cutting rather than stabbing. This makes it far more useful at sea, since it can be used on foes or ropes.
Garret’s time in the navy was short. Not long after being assigned to a ship, the ship’s captain, a foolish man desiring a chance to prove himself, overcommitted in a fight and was slain. Garret took the helm and won the battle. Realizing that these men were more loyal to him, the man who had saved them, than they were to the Kingdom, Garret took the ship as his own. Thus Garret began his career as a dread pirate, captain of the newly christened “Woe of Ports”.
Within a year, Garret’s daring exploits and skills had garnered him the coveted position of the most famous of all captains on the sea. He had amassed a small fleet under his command. Due to the generous nature of Garret’s fleet, which was less of a pirate fleet than an independent group of sea police, the common people loved him.
Two years passed like this, and then everything changed overnight. The Woe of Ports was sunk, along with most of Garret’s fleet, and Garret’s name all but vanished from existence. The culprit was a rival pirate, one who Garret had defeated several times before, and who was a captain of minimal skill. However, afterwards, the miscreant’s true skill was revealed as he incited the maritime violence Garret had nearly abolished. The only whispers of Garret’s name were that he had been killed.
The truth is that Garret wasn’t on board when the ship was sunk. He was on shore, dealing with some of his contacts. When word reached him, it destroyed him. His reputation was gone, his ship was sunk and, worst of all, he had failed his crew. Nearly all of his original crew was still serving on the Woe, and every one of them had died. Garret’s confidence was destroyed. Now he wanders between taverns and takes small privateering and captaining jobs when he can, just to be in command of a ship. But he lacks the confidence to even steal a fishing boat to try and regain his fame.

Anglor Earthscar

race: neanderthal
class: barbarian, primeval
Alignment: N
Height/Weight: 7'6", almost 450lbs
speaks in brown, speaks wolf, giant, common, orc, and elven with a great deal of eloquence. Of these languages, Giant is his favorite, though he generally sticks to Common.

physical description: Anglor is big, and very brutish. He wears a black adamantine breastplate, and his helmet/mask is made from the skull of a saber-toothed tiger.
Underneath the armor and clothes, about 60% of his skin is actually rock, as a reult of his earthborn nature (below)

Earthborn: the earthborn are beings that have lived in close prozimity to a rift to the Elemental Plane of Earth for generations. The latent elemental energy has changed them to reflect the plane. When an Earthborn receives a greivous wound (DnD terms 25% health or 25 damage, whichever is greater, from one attack, all slashing or piercing), when it scars over, rather than normal scar tissue, the skin is replaced by stone. This maks the Earthborn tougher and more hardy, but less flexible (DnD terms gain DR1/-, +1CON, -1DEX, add -1 Armor check penalty) Anglor is a rare example of a more heavily affected kind. He has the powerful build trait (treated as 1 size larger) and also gains +1 STR for each scar.

Story: Anglor was born to the Earthscar tribe of neanderthals, deep in the frostfell regions of the north. The tribe had partially settled many generations ago around a strange rock formation that seemed to be constantly in motion. Occassionally, large rock monsters would lumber out of it, as though lost, and would frequently have valuable metals embedded in their bodies, so the tribe made a habit of assaulting them for the metal, which could be traded for whatever supplies were needed. Anglor was a giant from the time he was born, killing his mother in the birthing process. As he grew, he towered over even the chieftan, and would fight off wild animals with his bare hands. As he was trained to hunt, it was found that his size allowed him to keep pace with much of the prey they hunted, and for his right of passage into manhood, Anglor pounced on a saber-toothed tiger and killed it with his bare hands. That fight alone earned him two scars, a feat whose survival was unheard of among the tribe. However, a year later, in a fit of rage over the choice of his favorite woman to take another, he slew both her and the other man. In the fight, he was wounded again, and as he fled in shame, a shot from the master hunter's bone bow pierced him. But he kept running, and those became but two more scars. Throughout his journeys, he has acquired three more, making him extremely tough.
Recently, when fighting Karlorn, Anglor received three more scars. With 10 Earthscars, his link to the Earthscar itself has become manifest, and if he is placed under extreme threat, he can (nonvoluntarily) open the link, which causes him to be directly fueled by the fundamental forces of elemental earth. However, when he burns out from this, the connection is temporarily closed, leaving him without the ability to scar. All of his Earthscars fade, and reopen. He enters a comatose state, and is revived when the danger is gone, or after a few hours, when the scars reform and close his wounds.


Race: red (Fire-marked blue goblin)
Class: kineticist mid
Height/Weight: 3'6"/40ish lbs
Fire-marked: Any fire ability used by a fire-marked creature is twice as powerful. However, they are highly vulnerable to ice or water based effects and cannot use such abilities themselves. Their skin burns very hottly, and can be used to burn people in an emergency.
Talks in red
Backstory: Torch was born in a goblin tribe that had a considerably above average number of blues, goblins that are naturally gifted in psionics. However, there were times when a goblin would be born with red skin. Dubbed "reds", these goblins showed many of the same traits as blues, with the addition of an extreme capacity for fire-based abilities. One day, while exploring the mountain the tribe lived in, Torch found what appeared to be a pool of magma. However, once he clambered down to see how effective his natural resistance would be, he found that it was actually a suspended sphere of magma, resembling a small sun. In his excitement to tell the tribe, he fell off of the wall as he was climbing  and into the sphere. He has yet to speak of those experiences, but since that day, his incendiary psionics have been greatly enhanced, and he has burns that resemble ritual markings.


Race: Frozen Waterborn human
Class basics : Matrix warrior (custom class)
Description: A beautiful redhead, Kelfi is in her mid-20s. She's fairly tall, and slimly built with a pale complexion.
Weapon: An matrix cord. Kelfi's matrix cord is unique in that it is made of eternally frozen razor ice and has bound itself to her, becoming unusable by anyone else (it will actively try to kill anyone else that touches it)
Matrix cords are weapons from Kelfi's home that are the focus of matrix fighting. The cord is usually made of blended metals spanning the entire spectrum, and are around 7'6" long and very thin. The combat style is very similar to a dance, using the cord as a whip. However, the cord can be spun in such a way that it contains an area, which then becomes rapidly supercharged by the natural magic of the matrix cord, creating a matrix. There are many kinds of matrices, but the most common among matrix warriors are Strike and Spell matrices. When the energy is released, it is shaped by the will of the matrix warrior to enhance their attacks
Other abilities: Kelfi is immune to cold effects, and is actually healed by them. This includes any cold effects she creates through her own matrices.
Backstory: Kelfi was born in an advanced magitech society, aboard the airship Queen of Frost. The ship got its name from it's power source: An interdimensional rift that produced energy at a prodigious scale. Anything that went through either didn't come back or came back frozen. Kelfi wai raised normally and, when the time came to choose her master and profession, she entered into the order of the Matrix Warriors, masters of the art of matrix magic. Kelfi spent several years training as an initiate, and when the time came to choose her final test, which would determine her place in the order, she chose the most audacious task ever even proposed: She would venture through the rift and would not return until she had found a new metal to blend into her matrix cord. Even though initiates were not normally given their first cord until after their trial, due to Kelfi's great challenge, a matrix cord was immediately commissioned for her. When she left her family, she was laughing, sure that she would return within the year. No one has heard from her since then.
After entering the portal, Kelfi found herself on a planar border, where the Demi-Elemental Plane of Ice was encroaching onto the Plane of Water. She set off into the Plane of Ice, feeling a metal was more likely to exist there than in water. A week later, she nearly died from exposure to the cold when she was found by servants of the true Queen of Frost, Lady of the Demi-Elemental Plane. She had Kelfi brought before her, and recognized the power of the rift had chosen Kelfi as its champion. She had Kelfi released from chains, but kept her as a guest. She granted Kelfi the razor ice matrix cord she now wields. And when she felt the rifts energies peaking, the Queen possessed Kelfi, mind and body. She plans to take over the Plane of Water and expand her domain. To this end, she seeks the rest of the Riftborn champions, who have all been called to the Town by the powers that created the rifts. If she can emerge victorious, not only will she gain a foothold on every elemental plane, but she will be in a strong position to absorb the Material itself.
Kelfi speaks in light blue, and her speech is bolded when she is possessed by the Queen of Frost.


Race: Changeling
Class: Rogue
Description: Varies. In his natural form, Lako looks like any other changeling. His skin is white, and he looks like a mid-sized humanoid. His face is the distinctive part, since it looks like a manequin's.
Equipment: A small house figurine that can expand into a fair sized dwelling. About half of the doors are sealed, passable only by Lako. Inside there are about half a dozen rooms, in addition to Lako's quarters. He also keeps a large closet for different disguises, and it is enchanted to create a copy of any outfit that enters the house. There are also several other magical protections.
Lako's rapier is fairly heavily enchanted, and his rings are also a major part of his arsenal. The rapier inflicts illusionary wounds that are much more severe than the true wound (about a 1 : 3 scale). The rings are Invisibility and Charm respectively. The Invisibility ring functions independently of charges, and activates at will. The Charm ring functions as a normal Charm Monster/Person, usable at will.
Backstory: Appears to work for Garret, though his job on board the ship is far from clear.
Lako speaks most known languages in green
Forms: Lako has several shapes he takes. Many of these are spontaneous, but if one becomes an alter ego (used enough that I get bored of describing it) and isn't another Townie, it will be on this list.
Talia: A 14 year old girl, black hair, pale skin, and black irises. Outfit screams "DARK MAGE" at you. Modeled after a shadowcaster Lako worked with before he got mixed up with Shade. Speaks in forest green
Baroness Fireheart: Tall, flaming red hair, and stunningly beautiful, the Baroness wears a suit of black leather armor studded with eleven blood red gems. Additionally, she wears a mask that contains a gem over each of her eyes. The Baroness speaks in crimson


Race: Primal Shadow
Shade is a being made from the same substance as the Shadow Plane, and is therefore elemental more than undead. Shade is bound to Lako, hough no one knows what the terms of their partnership are. Regardless, both seem to be willing participants in it.
Combat: Shade is roughly elephant sized in true form, but can shrink itself. It is also capable of plane-skimming to move extremely quickly.
speaks in "bolded, underlined, and quoted black"


Race: Cyber
Speaks in grey
Weapons: Built in Sniper rifle, built in machine guns, built in lasers, and punching stuff to bits.
Backstory: Martin is from a future Town. When Mark was about 30, researchers in the bioweapons lab created a virus called Chimera that quickly began a war against the rest of the world. As Chimera broke into the final stronghold of humanity, Mark used the last resort measure and entered the Cyber suit that is now seen and known as Martin. This protects him from Chimera, and also allowed him to travel back in time and space to the location of the TARDIS, and Who. Martin also uploaded the entire dataspace into the Cyber suit, but the warp was unstabel and much of the information regarding Martin's target (Who and the TARDIS) was corrupted.
Has GURPS stats (see final post)


Image shamelessly stolen from Who
Race: Human-Timelord hybrid (It's weird)
Age: roughly 230 (Or -99,999,770 if you're going off of date of birth)
Abilities: Nearly everything a Timelord can do, but lacks regeneration and double hearts. Also cannot survive outside of Martin due to modification made to allow him to pilot the cyber.
Backstory: About 100 million years in the Town's future, Who's TARDIS landed and the Timelord fell out of it, human. He had changed his nature using a Chameleon arch to try and stop a poison that was destroying his mind. It failed, but the future Town scinetists were able to secure a sample of his DNA and the watch that contained his Timelord essence and memories. After the poison killed Who, they cloned him, and exposed the clone, Mark, to the watch. The results were mixed. Mark obtained all of the memories regarding the Timelord culture and technological advances, but had absolutely minimal access to Who's actual memories of how he learned these things (Imagine it as Mark has memorized a book written by Who tat contains the entire sum of Who's non-personal fact knowledge). Mark then spent the next 230 years working with Who's TARDIS, ultimately building the Town's emergency evacuation device, which he named Martin, around the TARDIS. Mark solved the issue of nesting before doing this. Then, two years ago, a number of scientists released the plague virus known as Chimera. Mark was utlimately forced to flee with no one else, and had to figure out how to pilot Martin without the 80 person crew it was designed for. With the help of Martin, Mark was able to design a chemical that made his vital functions run with no attention from his mind, allowing him to simply plug into the control interface. The drawback is that now Mark cannot survive without the chemical, which can only be produced by Martin, and which is consumed too rapidly for a portable source to be viable.
Personality: Mark is pretty cheerful, and more than a little desperate to get people to come into Martin and talk to him. He hates Chimera with a passion for destroying his home.
Mark speaks in slate grey


Race: Dracorion
Age: created 19/2/12, but is fully grown
Weapons: A crytaline sword, formerly the blade of Draco, who created and sent her
Story: Kin was created by Draco to allow Meta to save the Dracorion race, whose only surviving members were Meta and his daughter Merra. Due to his part in their near-genocide, Draco felt the need to redeem himself. In his words "I was born from the death of the race. Let the race be reborn from my death."
Kin speaks Common and Draconic in dark blue

Jit Falnon

Race: Psychic Terran
Age: around 186 (ceased aging at 2Cool
Training: Alliance Ghost program (assassination, firearms training, psiblade proficiency, minor psychic capabilities), Roman legion (swordsmanship and tactics), others not named
Known equipment:
Box of money: contains thousands of currencies sorted by type, standard, and average tech level
C-10 Canister rifle: Standard Ghost issue sniper rifle
Eye modifications: eyes have been cybernetically augmented, allowing them to function as cameras.
Belt of Wonder: Contains all of Jit's items, but he can only access up to three at a time.
Backstory: Jit was born in the Korprulu Sector and was engulfed in the Great War. His parents were born on Korhal, and were Mensk loyalists, so when Raynor's Raiders began to fight back, Jit left home and joined the resistance. After the War, Jit joined the Alliance, composed of Terran and Protoss leaders. There, his psychic potential was discovered and he entered the Ghost program. After a few months, though, he vanished. He soon discovered that he was being thrown about in the time space continuum. He would vanish, and reappear at random. Every time, a seemingly random item would come with him, such as his psiblade gauntlets, which were in his quarters. His rifle and ghost armor also came along, since he was carrying them. He found himself in a high fantasy world, where he acquired his belt. Since, he has never been in the same place for more than 6 months at a time.
Note: because of Jit's condition of chronological displacement, at any given time he may or may not know things about characters that he hasn't met in posting. That's because he meets them in their future, which is his past. The reverse is also true, where Town characters meet him in their past, which is his future.
Jit speaks in orange]


Old characters being revived:

Francis Cambaria (Willow Russkij)

Race: Human
Class: Sorceress 16
For descriptions, the normal entry is her natural form as Francis, while the parenthesis are the description of her identity as Willow
Hair: long, pale blonde (raven black, long and straight, about mid-back)
Eyes: pale green (A rich blue, the same color as the sky on a cloudless day)
Complextion: pale (fair with a slight tan)
Alignment: CN (strong lean towards good)
Temperment:  Nice, and can be pretty profound, but if you make her mad, she'll make you reret it.  Especially if you sleep.
Speaks in silver
She speaks Common, Draconic, Elven, Sylvan, and she can speak to animals made by the collars.
Equipment:  A whip, a cloak(of CHA+6)
Telekinesis=she can telekineticly lift up to 25 pounds at a time.  She cannot throw anything with enough force to cause any harm, but can drop things on people.
Gimban= The dark cat that fuels her telekinesis is released by her when she needs a stronger body at her side.  When it is free, she is physically weakened, and has a great deal of difficulty controling her spells and resisting the voice of the collars.  The beast is very savage, but she is learning how to control it more and more as she uses it.  
Backstory: A high ranking noble that disliked her societies caste system, Willow was born under the name Francis Cambaria in the land of Antuar, an island to the North.  She was promised to Lord Fentor, a fat, old, and lazy noble that saw her as a toy, if not just a political advantage.  Willow suspects he's still a virgin to women won by his personality.

About the same time, she began to cast magic, something that her own parents ended up turning her in for a bounty.  Before she could be placed in the anti-magic cell, however, she used her powers to escape, and was forced to kill several guards in the process.

Shortly afterwards, while wandering the wilderness, a panther, black as night.  Instead of attacking her, it ran at her chest, and entered her body.  Since then, on rare occasions, she has ben able to call it out when she is angry enough.  The cat also somehow managed to increase her talent for minor telekinesis, little more than parlor tricks.  During this part of her trip, she also found a wizard that was willing to show her how to make her collars.

On her journey, Willow has slept with two men, which are now her pets.  The first was a thug named Trambon, who knocked her out in the streets then raped her.  He became the Wolger, and is one of Willow's most faithful pets.  The second was a handsome man that Willow thought really loved her.  Then a bounty hunter came to town and started asking questions about a woman matching Francis description:  Blond, pale green eyes, pale skin.  The man tried to turn her in, but she got a collar on him before he could, and turned him into the Howl.  She still cares for it well.

This was when Willow altered herself by magic and took a new name.  She also found that the power the collars gave her was corrupting.  Every time she sees someone helpless, she has a powerful impulse to put a collar on them.  She usually can't resist unless the cat inside of her rises up and helps her.

Backstory since she entered the Town:Willow has met Kismet, Vivian, and Kantur in Trog's, then followed Kismet to help Erin and Maia after being invited to the weding.  While trying to help Maia, Kismet exhausted herself, and Willow brought her back to Trog's and rented Room 1 for her.  There, she nearly gave in to the voice telling her to put a collar on Kismet, then the panther inside her rose to her aide in a way it never had before:  It made her throw the bag of collars against the wall of Room 1, where they still lie.

Willow then met Axl, and Drix, whom she has fallen in love with.  They slept together once on the beach and once in Drix's room.  After that, she went back to the Tavern and helped cheer up Erin, as well as helping Einkil fly for a while.

She was controlled by the collars, and was killed by Imkor.  After being brought back, Gimban, Grantor, and Drix were able to save her.  Gimban, his purpose completed, left.  Since then, Willow has been adopted by Orion and Mirage.

Edsern Sarathi

Race: Human
Alignment: CG
Class: Fighter 20 Abandoned Champion
Speaks in olive, barring other forms.
I know these are stolen, but I actually have always modeled Edsern like this. Modify weapons to be appropriate, make the hair black, and age him about 7 years


Oblivion, a longsword of great power. Edsern can command it to act on its own telepathicly, and it is able to generate strong winds and other elemental effects. When in Ultimatum form, Oblivion becomes a rapier made out of pure void esence.  Destroyed by Darklox.  Reformed as a single blade channeled through Binder

Fenrir: Only used when in Ultimatum form, Fenrir is a ficously sharp longsword made out of Antivoid essence. When used in unison with Oblivion, the Void-Antivoid mixture drive Edsern to entirely new levels of power.

Binder:  His father's sword, a rapier that he took from a demon.  It is capable of sealing the soul of anyone it strikes in the pommel, which is a black diamond.  Has fused with Oblivion after the blades destruction

The Flame of Coros: Given to Edsern by his father when he needed a safer source of power. The blade had been hidden in the heart of the planet Coros, and it's most notable capabilities are adaptation and magnification. The blade itself is made of fire, and Edsern cannot summon or dismiss it like the rest of his swords. It also has magnified the corolox energy left in Edsern from when he was Shadelox's base, allowing the sword to create Coromanders and Corolons, which the sword can regenerate from.


Soulfire: Soulfire is Edsern's most dangerous and powerful ability. It allows him to use his soul as fuel for his attacks. Minor combat enhancements are slow burning abilities, and can be used safely, but any of the Soulfire attacks are a massive drain on his power reserves. However, they are also almost invariably fatal in an uncurable way.

Soulfire Pulse: one of the only utilitarian Soulfire abilities, the pulse is also the least costly. It sends out an undetectable pulse that notes familiar soul energies. Edsern can use this to track someone, or keep watch for an enemy. It is notable that close relationships can return weak results (Example: When searching for Metakirb, Sodan [has Meta's soul] returns extremely strong, DMeta [born from Meta in some way] returns moderate, and Merra [Meta's daughter] returns weakly)

Rifts: Edsern can use Oblivion (and, by extension, Binder) to open rifts to other places. He can use this as transportation, or in a fight, to disorient his opponent.

Telepathy: Edsern can link himself telepathically to people. Previously, he did this with a small Soulfire orb, but now he uses Coromanders to establish the link.

Teleportation: TFoC allows Edsern to vanish in a burst of (harmless) flames, and reappear elsewhere in a small ash cloud.

Flame-Form: When using TFoC, Edsern bursts into flames, and TFoC becomes capable of fighting independently of him. He also floats in this form. Speaks in red when in this form.

Ultimate Form: Edsern rarely uses this form, because the Soulfire is very draining, but it is by far his most powerful. All of his blades come under his instinctive telekinetic control, striking on their own where he needs them to. Speech becomes bolded when in this form.

History: Chosen by Coronus to become shadelox, he has ever since regreted it. He melded into the Corolox essence, but has recently re-emerged after leaving that power behind. He has a protective instinct about Estran, and had a grudge against Metakirb. Alright, he flat out loves Estran.  They are engaged to be married, have a daughter, and reside at the Sarathi Villa.  He has promised not to get into trouble (because trouble means risking death)

After a lengthy deadtime (7.5 in game years), Edsern awoke to find a note from his wife saying that Who had moved the to the Eye of Orion, along with all of their home village from Coros. After rifting there, he learned that Meta had been killed by DMeta, and then went to find Sodan. Currently, his main goals are:
1. Protect his wife and daughter, especially from Chimera
2. Reconnect with the daughter deadtime forced him to abandon.
3. Protect Sodan, since he is all that remains of Meta
4. End Chimera. For the last time.

Best line: No, nothing's wrong. I love you.


Race: Viral hybrid (Includes Monstrous Thrall, smallpox, and AIDS)
Class: none
Alignment: CE
"speaks in quotes" or the color of his host
Notes:  Is somewhat less infections in his current incarnation.
Recently reappeared in the Town with no knowledge of having been here before (part of the original strain had infected a Time Stop virus, and therefore moved through time much slower than the rest of it. Therefore, it had no connection to the previous Chimera.
Notable "slave viruses" (used to enhance hosts): Lycanthrope (fox, wolf)
INFECTED but dormant:
INFECTED and ACTIVE: Aurora (Who), Edward (ObscureJones), Zero (Mine)

Subject Zero

Race: Human
Description: think of the most average person possible. You have Zero.
Zero is Chimera's "main" host. Due to the nature of my mind, I tend to play Chimera's central inteligence from a single host body, unless Chimera is using an infected PC. This will be Zero.


Race: Corolox
Description: various shapes and forms, always made from shadows. Most common form is a shadow copy of Edsern.
Darklox is Edsern's oldest enemies, having been the corolox that used Edsern in when the corolox came to Coros. Recently forged an alliance with Chimera out of mutual hatred of Edsern.
Darklox is extremely powerful, with a near-perfect control of darkness and shadows.
speaks in bolded black

The Enchanter (aka E, aka Tim)

Race: Mind Flayer Ghost
Class: Stupidly high Telepath and Enchanter
History: one of the gems of the multiverse (in his mind)
Purpose: runs random encounters and side-plots out of Trog's, and has otherwise been demoted to the role of comic relief.
Speaks in pink


Race: Sucurine (succubus-eyrines hybrid)
Age: mid teens, can appear at any age, usually looks around 8
Class basics : Rogue and bard qualities
Description : As a shapeshifter, Danae can change her appearance to fit her needs, but she usually appears as an 8-year old girl with flaming red hair and fair skin. Sometimes she'll add horns or a tail.
Backstory: Danae is E's granddaughter. Her mother, Rebecca, used her as a sacrifice to open a hellgate in the sewers of the Town. This split her into good and evil parts, with the evil part trapped in hell. When Jit and his companions went to close the portal, the evil part absorbed some of Jit's energy, and his condition along with it. Then, after Jit disabled the evil side, her good side woke up and went to recombine with the evil. Now she's whole again, and stuck wandering through time and space with Jit.
Danae speaks in violet, though disguises may use other colors.


Charcter's from pre-deadtime (mostly retired, exceptions above)

GURPS stats (Blame Who)



I decided to make a separate post for minor/deceased characters. Note: Speech colors may be reused among these.

The Shaman

Race: Earth-touched Neanderthal
Class: mixed druid and spirit shaman
History: The oldest member of the Earthscar clan, The Shaman gave his identity to the tribe when he took up his role. He is quite wise, and bears 5 scars.
speaks in dark red


Race: Neanderthal
Class: barbarian, frostrager
Description: Very similar to Anglor, though a little smaller. Carries no weapons. Has 8 Earthscars.
Combat: Karlorn fights hand to hand, using the frostrage if needed. When in the frostrage, Karlorn's body is covered in ice that is stronger than steel, and he grows a large blade on the end of each hand.
Backstory: Karlorn is Anglor's younger half-brother (they consider each other to be true brothers, however), and was the sibling who could never be quite as good. Whatever he did, Anglor did better. Worse still, they loved the same woman. So when Nintohi chose him, he was overjoyed. The joy was short lived, however, since Anglor found them together and killed her. Karlorn barely survived Anglor's blow, but Anglor, not realizing this, had already left for exile. Karlorn swore vengeance, and left in the middle of a blizzard. Despite his training and natural resistance to the cold, he nearly died in the blizzard. When he awoke, he found the frostrage was within him. He spent the next two years searching for Anglor, planning to kill him. After the fight, however, they both nearly died, but Anglor was able to drag his brother to The Castle, where they both recovered. After that, Squee convinced Karlorn to give up his quest for revenge and death, and Anglor gave him purpose: return to the tribe and protect it. Make the tribe the children that Anglor had stolen from him.
Karlorn speaks excellent common and better Giant in indigo

Mofran Sarathi

Race: Human (Demon-touched)
Class: Swordmaster
Age: Late 40s, but in the body of his 20-year old self.
History: [pre-introduction backstory to come]
When Edsern's soul was consumed in the first destruction of Chimera, Mofran was able to capture the "ash" that remained, and bound them in with himself into a demon-forged blade called Binder, which had held his own soul since Shadelox killed him. From there, using the energies within Binder, as well as his own familiarity with his son, Mofran reconstructed Edsern's soul, and Edsern was reborn through this and the combined willpower of his friends. Since then, Mofran stayed within Binder, which Edsern took up for his own, lending advice and instructing his son on technique.
When Edsern grew worried about the cost of using Soulfire, Mofran retreived The Flame of Coros from the planet's wreckage for his son to wield. After the sword magnified the corolox energy in Edsern, Edsern used it to recreate his father's body from his prime, as well as his house from Coros.
When Mofran entered the house, he went to the vault he had kept Binder in, and found that the demon lord Nerantiliosh, who had been trapped within Binder, had also been recreated, along with its prison. The demon lord had reversed the defensive seals, and used them to draw Mofran in, where their souls were exchanged. Nerantiliosh now wields DBinder, which contains Mofran's soul, and uses it as a shield, drawing power from Mofran to sustain itself.
Mofran speaks in blue and speaks common and Ancient Corosian

Nerantiliosh (Destroyed)

Race: demon lord
Class: Blackforger
Notes: Nerantiliosh is possessing Mofran, and therefore uses his body. Additionally, he can still bring a great deal of magical power to bear, and wields DBinder
Backstory: Nerantiliosh was one of the great smiths of hell, and the prize of his collection was Binder, the ultimate form of the soul-stealing blades used by the highest ranking demons. When his smithy was attacked, he broke the sword of the party's fighter, who fled into the depths of the smithy. After slaughtering the rest of the party, Nerantiliosh hunted the fighter down, only to be struck from behind. The fighter, Mofran, had found Binder, and sensed the power in it. The demon lord's essence was drawn into the blade, but Mofran was injured when the body exploded. After Mofran returned home, he secretly built a vault, hiring mages of extreme power to create the wards to seal the demon lord away for all time. Nerantiliosh recently escaped, and is planning on slaying everyone Mofran cares about, with the very sword Mofran is now trapped in.
Nerantiliosh speaks in Bolded dark red


And this post is for pictures, since nested spoilers don't seem to work.

Jit Falnon

By Ceika

GentrE (non ghost)

By Matthias2207

GentrE (ghost)

By Mathias2207

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