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Kelanstan (SW Monster)

(Picture coming soon)

"On his hundredth birthday, to prove his arrival at adulthood, the Karistan must face the mightiest creature in the galaxy: a Kelanstan. He is allowed to use any powers and weapons he feels will keep him alive.  Still, only half of those that enter the forest ever return alive..." -- Lee Kalentite, King of Karista

Kelanstan are creatures feared by all of the Sith race, the Karistan.  This animal can sense any even infinitesimal sign of force powers, and immediately stalks the creature possessing it.  It is said that the kelanstan not only eats the creature posessing force powers, but his very soul.

Physical Description:  Kelanstan are ten feet tall on all fours--though some can get as tall as twelve feet, it is rare--towering over even their humanoid counterparts of the planet Karista.  Its canines can reach six feet long, the lower fangs being half the size of that as are its claws.  Their jaws are as strong as a pit bull's, though it is rare that they need to use such power.  It is fully furred, its fur normally being a medium brown (though it occasionally can fluxuate as dark as black or into a light tan depending on the area of habitation.)  Its eyes are a glowing red and can instill fear into a subject easily.  Some believe this is because the Kelanstan itself has force powers.

Homeworld: Karista

Init: +3; Def: 25; Spd: 30 m; VP/WP: 12/12; Atk: +10; Str: 20; Dex: 10; Con 20; Int: 5; Wis: 2; Con: 1

Species Traits:
Low-light vision.
Nullify Force Powers: Jedi/Sith power attacks will not work on this creature [unless it's something to improve the Jedi/Sith; ie, upping one's strength to fight, etc.)

(This creature is not meant to be an easy fight.  In fact, Sith Grand Masters can even be killed by it, so it's rather dangerous to face alone at all.)

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