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A young girl who appears innocent and naive, she has long dark brown hair, purple eyes, and usually dresses in her light blue outfits.

Alyssa grew up in a poor, small family which consisted of her and her mother. She's been known as naive and very foolish by her peers and is questionable at her performances.
What the general public does not know, is that Alyssa is not just Alyssa, but she is also the mystery heroic figure known as "Blue Wish."

Blue Wish is a very intelligent woman which helps protect the general public at night time. The general public does not know much about Blue Wish.
No one has ever came close enough to even speak to Blue Wish other than his/her heroic friends or foes.

Alyssa speaks in cyan.
Blue Wish speaks in dark blue.


Dusty is known as The Sand Man although taking place in a womanly figure. She is a magical being who possesses the power to drift anyone away into the dream land, along with controlling their dreams, all with just her magical sand.
Nothing else is currently known of Dusty.

Dusty speaks in a whispy yellow color.

Veronica Deashing

Veronica, known as Veri, is a dark being that has supernatural abilities which includes invisibility, and super strength.
She spends most of her time pulling pranks and making the petty things in life a little more noticeable, cautiously and slowly spreading her darkness around.
Be aware of Veronica, never take anything from her. The most innocent item could turn out to be a flying, hungry 'health' potion.

Veronica speaks in dark red.

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