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Katonta's Newbie Art Attempts

Hehe, well now. Seems I'm jumping on the bandwagon a little bit. I've been a little nervous about making an art thread, as I have very little developed skill in both computer drawing and hand drawing. But, I hope to get better as I draw more and more.

But I digress...

Here's my first computer-drawn picture. I call it the Hypno-Rapier, for no real reason, just because I liked drawing it:

Critiques, comments, tips? Help in general? I'm still very new at this, so bear with me.

(*fiddles with hosting* Ah! There we go. Much better)
The Chilli God

The Hypno-Rapier is aptly named. I was staring at it for longer than I would usually look at something.
...Because, you know, I was actually expecting it to start spinning around and/or make stabbing motions or give me epilepsy or something. But I don't think it's going to do that.

Or is it?

*Stares at the Hypno-Rapier for a little while longer, just to make sure*

It is a very nice rapier, Kato. And you have considerable amount of skill with that. Plenty more than me.

Eh, I'm OK at this. I'm learning new things all the time, the more I play with it. Here's another weapon, a plain, Combat Steel Halberd on blackened wood. I haven't figured out the gradients yet, so I can imitate a light shining on it, but I'm working on it.

I think I'll stick with weapons for a small more while, as they are quite simple and you don't have to deal with the wrinkles of clothes. Soon enough I'll graduate to something more complicated. Probably outfits. I hope to eventually get to drawing people. I might, eventually, get to Vael's level. Though that is going to be far from now.

On the bright side, Vael does give me a nice goal to head towards. Smile

It looks really good Kato. I like the blade design a lot.

Can't really see how you could cut someone with it, though...

*shrugs* Neither can I, but it is a real halberd. Well, most of it is, I added on a little bit. The two blades on the left side, the two spikes angling downwards, and the bottom spike are my own creation. The crescent and top spike are part of the real thing.

You could probably stab someone with it a lot easier than you could cut.
I like it. Its very pretty and ornamental..and would hurt if pushed through the stomach

The extra spikes coming down would probably actually make it harder to hack with, looking at it...
But yeah... Poke and hack, Poke and hack!

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