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Tyl Flo


Alignment:Lawful Good


Class:Around level 5 Paladin

Tyl's mount is a Heavy Warhorse named Coco, she is chocolate brown and has pure white hair. Tyl and Coco's emotions are partially connected, so if one is feeling a lot of joy, than the other is feeling a lot of the same joy. This usually causes problems when one is feeling love, or hate.

Personality:Tyl is a Good Guy, he loves to laugh and joke, but does have a serious side to him. He is not afraid to protect even the lowest Commoner, even if it meant possibly dying for said Commoner.

Appearance:Tyl has nice, short brown hair the color of bark that he usually keeps tidy as much as possible. He wears a set of deep blue plate mail and has a matching scabbard on his back. In the scabbard is a blue-handled short sword that looks worn like a hand-me-down, as does everything else he's wearing. His height is around 5'11" and his eye color is the same color blue as his armor. He is usually seen with a small, lip-only smile on his face. He also has that "wet behind the ears" look.

Backstory:Tyl is a new paladin, fresh out of his temple back in his hometown. When he was a boy, he was always the group protector, the kid all the boys would run to when a bully was being especially mean. As he grew older, he eventually joined the local temple, seeking to be a paladin and never regretted it, although he does miss all his friends back in his hometown. He has migrated over to a new town after being forcibly kicked out of his old one for summoning his mount, Coco, to him in the middle of the streets. He was accused of Necromancy and a mob grew  that gave him no choice but to leave.

Notes: Tyl talks in This Color.

Also, until further notice, he will be in an extended deadtime until such a time that I am interested in him.

Currently Called: Capelli Fuoco
Race: Looks to be Human
Age: If you were to take a guess, it would be around six years old.
Height: Around 3'2"
Hair Color: Flaming-Red
Eye Color: Greenish with an under-layer of red, but it's faint.
She looks to be around six to eight years old and the most notable thing about her is her hair, which reaches down her back, past her legs, and just barely doesn't touch the floor. Her clothes are loose, seemingly designed with her future in mind, giving her room to grow into. They are quite plain, the fanciest thing being a design of fire and water crashing together across her midriff, waves above the water show that it is evaporating while the flames stand strong, seemingly portrayed as getting stronger from the exposure to the water rather than weaker. Her feet are bare, but are usually covered by her dress, so it is hard to tell and her teeth are bone white, but crooked.

She came to Town through a portal in Trog's leading from a place that was mostly on fire. In the distance, a small blob could be seen that looked like a building, but it was hard to tell from the heat waves of the fire.

Her life, though short, is full of fear and terror at the hands of her "parents." Faced with the punishment of beatings every time she spoke out of turn, she was forced to become silent and hasn't spoken since the age of two. A brilliant girl in mind she is very smart for her age, but because of frequent beatings to her skull as a baby, she has become mildly mentally handicapped and retarded. When she experiences an extreme emotion, like terror, things in her hands and things she touches heat up at enormous rates and after a few seconds of holding onto something, it can begin to boil and even catch on fire while a liquid.

Her life is one of a destined adulthood, but it is not sure that she will become one as she still has to make the right choices to even live, for her life tells of one of extreme danger throughout her years. If she reaches adulthood, she will become known as a grand woman, though other than that, it is not known what she may do.

Name: Aratheli Mojica
Race: Human
Age: 25
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Aratheli wears bright and colorful clothes, an even brighter shawl, a sombrero, and leather gloves. Adorning his mouth is a black mustache the curls upwards at the tips. This Spaniard speaks with a mild Spanish accent and sometimes reverts to Spanish for the occasional word when it is more comfortable for him. He sounds like Gregorio from Spy Kids (played by Antonio Banderas). He carries on his back a scabbard for a rapier. Whether it is magic or not is unknown.

He speaks in Orange

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