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Kantur's Characters

Name: Kantur Eberauss  (Formerly Kantur VoRebrend)  True Name: Thultcha (Tuh-hu-ool-tcha)
Race: Tiefling
Class: Rogue/Cleric
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good
Age: 31
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair colour and length: Black, shoulder-length
Clothing: Typically a courtiers outfit with appropriate jewelry in the colours on my avatar.  [Additional:  Trog's/Kyr's Temple Kantur also wears a plain collar.]
Eye colour: Blue.
Looks: Fairly average.
Weapons: A +4 Short sword that prevents resurrection by normal means.  A shocking rapier, a whip and a plain dagger.


Kantur began life as he still is, a Tiefling.  While at first he accepted what he was taught by his family - that all that weren't blessed by a fiend's blood were scum and fit only for servitute - he quickly realised that wasn't true with his first crush, a half-elf who was a servant in his family's keep, someone to be truely despised according to them as the half-breed of two pitiful bloodlines.  When she was beaten one day for doing a poor job of dusting some trinkets on account of spending time that day with Kantur, he told them to stop, that it was his fault.  All it earned him was a place beside her getting beaten; "If scum you want, scum you'll be.".  He pretended to live with their ideals for a short time until his crush was 'accidentally' killed in a hunting accident.  He left home to forge his own way, returning once a few years later to collect an inheritance due to him.  On his travels, he stayed in town's until he was run out of them on the grounds "He has evil blood that must flow to an evil heart".  Eventually he came to Town, and since has been a Barman at Trog's, dated Hoseki, had a not so pleasant visit from his family wanting to end a prophecy they held most important in their lives, made a fatal mistake when he was dating Hoseki, came back to life soon after and went to Inari's for refuge, where he slowly fell in love with Lorrian.  Many months later, when he and Lorrian were engaged, Hoseki returned to Town, causing Kantur a problem - he still loved her as well as Lorrian.  Unable to deny his feelings, he eventually had his soul split into two so he could live a seperate life with each.

Lorrian's Kantur:  Married Lorrian on the 20th of September, and has spent a few, very happy months with her since.  Other than applying for the Head of Healer's post in Inari's (Which later he rejected, believing Exachix only wanted him to do it until someone better came along), nothing much has happened.

Hoseki's Kantur:  Has since had to deal with some of Hoseki's relatives and the return of one of her former boyfriends from another dimension.  Gatamu seemed oddly neutral to finding Hoseki and Kantur were back together.  Since then, under the effects of Faye's aura of attractiveness, Kantur cheated on Hoseki with her, regretting it immediatly and believing it was genuine feelings on his part when he spent time with her.  Hoseki since found out, forgiving him, realising it was Faye's enchanting aura that'd caused it and became determined to eat her for what'd happened until, finally getting her chance, she found herself unable.

Seoral Estdare
Race: Human
Class: (Homebrew) Paladin 9
Alignment: LN
Age: 18
Height: 5'10
Weight: 170
Hair: Black, neat.
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Usually in armour.
Looks: Fairly attractive.


Seoral was born to a single mother, his father killed in a riot in his home village caused by a demon in human form trying to flee from the village.  Seeing the destruction that still affected the village 15 years later, he chose to seek out this 'demon' and attempt to bring about justice, both for his village and wherever he could, choosing the path of the Paladin of Justice.  He carefully listens to all involved in a situation, careful to watch for lies before bringing about the closest thing he can to 'A Pure Human Justice', hoping to make those who do wrong see the error of their ways and repent before they face the truely pure justice of the Gods.  In tracking the 'demon', his path eventually led to Kantur and after listening to his version of events realised a horrible truth - the 'Demon' that destroyed his village was his father.  He quickly rode back to his home to find if this was true and has only recently returned.

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