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Jacklu's Characters

This will be my character list.  Be aware that I have a habit of introducing characters and then never using them again.  All blame for such behavior falls squarely on my short attention.....  Please note that my posting will be, for the most part, sporadic.  This can be attributed to a few things:

1. Work

2. College

C. Family

4. I'm lazy

5. Wait... did I use C instead of 3? What the-

6. .... Did I just cut myself off mid-sentence?  Is that even possible?

7.  See, this is why I don't like making lists...


Race: Fire Elemental
Class: Who knows.
Alignment: Chaotic neutral for the most part, although he has been known to drift to both good and evil from time to time.
Age: 450 years
Height: 5' 5"
Hair and Eye Color: uh... fire?
Equipment: He has a powerful sword called Narithe. It is black and its blade has multiple curved blades sprouting from it.  The sword is alive to a certain extent and can only be wielded by Jacklu.  It does have a tendency to cut open reality accidentally.
Personality: Jacklu is very mischievous and acts according to a grander plan that only he seems to aware of. He will just as often try to prevent an unnecessary fight as he will start one.  Try not to catch him on a bad day though.
Backstory: Originally summoned by a powerful wizard to act as a body guard, he escaped at the cost of his brothers and sister.  Since then he has roamed around, fighting and partying.  He briefly fell into the service of Bahamutte and disappeared for a while.  When he returned he got right back to what he was doing before, which is.... something...
Notes: Jacklu is my main character, but don't expect to see a whole lot of him.  Jacklu is the character I use when I don't want to worry about plot.  He often breaks the forth wall(and every so often the fifth and six wall, and one time the kitchen wall... but that's another story all together.)  So basically, unimaginable cosmic power! Itty bitty living space. Odd, I know, but it does explain why he came here with such small numbers...
*Note: due to concerns on the forums about having gods as characters, let me expand a little,  Jacklu is not a god, he has no godly powers, and I will almost always scale him so that any fight he gets into will be interesting, regardless of whether he wins it or not.  I am much more concerned with RP than battle mechanics and as such, I don't really put much stock in stats when it comes to my characters.  Jacklu is here to have fun, not "Win the Town."  Wink

Speaks in Orange.


Race: Half-elf/ werellama
Class: fighter
Alignment: Chaotic good
Age: 25 years
Height: 6'1"
Hair and Eye Color: Brown Hair and Brown Eyes
Equipment: Rouk has a bag of holding that he carries his collection of various teeth and feathers in.  He wields a greatsword with arcane symbols inscribed on its blade. The sword used to be possessed by an evil spirit but has since been purified.  Rouk also has a pair of beholdertooth daggers.  Around his neck he wears a pendent that was given to him by his sister shortly before she died.  The pendant heals any minor wounds he receives and will teleport him to safety if he is on the verge of death.
Personality: Rouk is playful and good natured.  He tries to make friends with those he meets but does enjoy a good fight every once and a while.  He often acts in a childish manner and can seem naive at times.
Backstory: Rouk was orphaned as a child and was raised by monks. After training for several years with them he joined a party and went on some adventures.  Soon after he left them he got lost in a snow storm and ended up in the Town.  He's been here ever since.  He tried becoming a guard at Inari's temple but didn't quite make it due to player absence.  Since then he just roams around.
Notes: I love Rouk. He is based partially off of the character I'm using in a champaign.  He is also not very likely to show up.

Speaks in Blue.


Gender:  Both
Race: Human
Class: fighter
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Age: unknown, looks about mid twenties
Height: 5'11"
Hair and Eye Color: Black hair and Blue Eyes
Equipment: Rex has the shirt on his back.  His weapon is a giant meat cleaver.
Personality: Rex is a jerk.  He loves fighting almost as much as he loves killing.  Make no mistake, he is evil.  Luckily, he is also incompetent.  If he actually defeats an opponent in battle, either he was fighting an NPC designed to lose to him, or he was fighting himself.  
Backstory: At some point in the past, Rex accidentally cursed himself and now whenever he falls asleep or loses consciousness he changes gender.  Recently the curse has worsened so that the change happens whenever he takes an aggressive action or receives some kind of shock.  The change will usually heal most of his wounds, however his female version can not wield his weapon.  
Notes: I'm really sorry about Rex guys. I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me for ever creating him, but darnit, he's just so fun to play.

Speaks in Blue when male and Violet when female.


Alignment: Neutral good
Age: NA
Height: 1'3"
Hair and Eye Color:Green eyes and hair
Equipment: None, she fights entirely with nature based spells and special arrows associated with Pixies including Memory arrows and Sleep arrows.
Personality: Bubbly.  She is outgoing and good natured, if a bit mischievous at times.  She will, however, react badly to strongly evil characters, though not always with combat.
Backstory: She's in the Town trying to find out what destroyed her clearing in the woods.
Speaks in Light Green.


Race: Appears to be a crow that can turn into a human
Class: ???
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Chaotic Good
Age: ???
Height: 5'10 5'4" in human form 1'2" in crow form
Hair and Eye Color: Black hair and eyes when in human form
Equipment: None
Personality: Crow is personable, willing to help out when needed. She is concerned primarily with the idea of creating small changes that affect large results later on and makes almost all of her decisions based on that.
Backstory: Crow Has traveled the various planes sowing small seeds of change where she went. Until recently she has never settled for long, preferring to return to a particular place only after hundreds of years had passed so as to see what had become of her work. Other than that, her past is a mystery. Her origins, her motives, and her ultimate goals are unknown, perhaps even to herself. Edit: Crow is the paragon form of all crows. She exists as a part of a large quasi-pantheon that represents all living creatures. Recent plot has revealed that she is part of an endless cycle of death and rebirth involving her home plane and a number of unspecified planes(possibly metaphorical). One this last iteration though, she broke the cycle and died in the process.

Currently: Crow is effectively dead for the time being(excluding Rebo's Roads plot, but that is considered out of continuity). There is a good chance she will be back in some form or another though.

Speaks in grey.

Jeffery Patterson
Race: Human
Class: ???
Alignment: ???
Age: 18
Height: 6'1"
Hair and Eye Color: Brown hair and eyes
Equipment: None
Personality: Jeff is arrogant and somewhat out of touch with reality. He generally acts as if he has everything in control. Don't let it fool you, he is ignorant and somewhat dimwitted.
Backstory: Jeff simply found himself tied to a chair in the middle of the Town. It's looks like he had been tied up by a group of geeks led by someone named Norm. How he got here and why is still unknown. He has since gained the ability to create undead creatures and turn undead creatures into living ones, providing they were not already dead when they became undead.

Speaks in Peru


Race: Human vampire
Class: fighter
Alignment: lawful evil, but he almost never exhibits the evil part
Age: unknown
Height: 6'2"
Hair and Eye Color: White hair red eyes
Equipment: He fights with a rapier
Personality: Victor is a gentleman through and through.  He may be evil by nature, but he is very courteous.  He will always hold the door open for you and knows which fork to eat salad with.  He shows women the proper respect and values rank and title highly.  More importantly, he will not stand idly by if his honor is trespassed upon.
Backstory: He arrived in the Town much like everyone else, and decided to stay to take advantage of the Town's unique properties.

Speaks in Darkred

Nien'lo Caterina

Race: Human (Daylin)
Class: NA
Alignment: - Good
Age: 23
Height: 5' 9"
Hair Color: Golden blond
Eye Color: Emerald Green (Left eye turns deep blue when Fantasia is active)
Equipment: NA
Personality: She is somewhat reserved and somewhat tomboyish. She does get fairly nervous when meeting new people, especially men.
Backstory: Caterina was dropped into the streets of Town (1.0) when her home plane crossed into the planer nexus briefly. She has no memory of what happened for the four hours leading up to her waking up. Some time later, strange portals began opening up, trying to capture her for some reason. It was around then, that she found out that she was pregnant. A VI (Virtual Inteligance) named Fantasia, that is bound to her brain, had recorded the events prior to her arriving in Town. As it turns out, she had been raped and killed by someone she thought was a friend. This is why she has a fear of men and unknown people. To top things off, Her home plane aged exceptional fast compared to the Town, and by the time she found all this out, it had already aged to the point where it collapsed. Shortly after discovering this, she was captured by one of the portals that was after her and was brought to the Town 2.0. She has since given birth to a healthy baby boy. The baby also happens to have psionic abilities.

Speaks in Tomato.

5632A Fantasia

Race: Virtual Intelligence (Daylin)
Class: NA
Alignment: - Good
Age: 23
Height: 3'
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Equipment: NA
Personality: Somewhat haughty, she is a bit arrogant and prideful, but still compassionate and caring.
Backstory: Fantasia is a VI inside Caterina's head. She can project herself via a holographic projector inside Caterina's left eye.

Speaks in lightskyblue.

Daylin culture:

The Daylin are a fairly advanced civilization. Your typical futuristic utopia. The Capital City stretches out over a space roughly the size of Road Island. Flying cars, holographic projectors, advanced Virtual Intelligences, cybernetic prosthetic body parts, they have it all. Daylin culture is one of honor and strict adherience to social protocol.


The main religion of the Daylin people is D男lnionism. They worship D男lnios. D男lnios is seen as the Creator. Acording to Daylin belief, each person is made up of four aspects. D男lo, D男la, Spi値a, and Dayatin. The Soul, spirit, mind and body. Every living creature has a D男la, Spi値a, and Dayatin, but only humans posses a D男lo. (Of course, this excludes other races only because the Daylin plane only contains humans.) Daylin put a lot of value in their faith and in the faith if others.


Names play a significant role in Daylin culture. A person痴 name is considered to be their most prized possession. As such, it is seen as an insult to call someone by a name other than the one they introduce themselves with. A standard greeting involves giving someone your name, then telling them what you would prefer to be called. Nicknames are very rare, and usually are only used within very close relationships, such as a husband and wife. This also means that, for people who introduce themselves by their full name but don稚 invite the other person to use just their given name, the person being introduced must be called by their given and surname.

Daylin VIs:

It is typical in Daylin culture to implant each person with a VI at birth. The VI's physical body consists of an artificial brain made of manufactured Neurons. The core is planted in a human brain. As the human grows, so does the core, wrapping the brain in a web of hybrid neurons. The hybrid cells are neurons from the host that have been modified to form a bridge between the VI and allow the two to Converse very quickly with each other. As the VI grows, its personality develops, based heavily on its experience with its host. The VI is responsible for helping to regulate its host's artificial systems. VIs are able to interact with other people through the use of holographic projectors installed in the hosts body, generally in one of their eyes, though not always there. The VI chooses what its physical avatar looks like, often revealing much about its personality by how it chooses to be seen by others. As VIs and their host痴 age, the hybridization of brain cells increases, converting larger and larger percentage of the host brain mass. As this happens, the VI and the host begin to synchronize memories and personalities. At some point, this process results in the host and VI merging into a single mind. This is known as HVIM (Human VI Merger). It痴 viewed as a culmination of a lifelong relationship between the VI and host and is looked forward to by most people. This usually doesn't happen until around the age of eighty though.



Race: Human Werewolf/shadow
Class: NA
Alignment: In her human form, she would probably be NG but she is starting to drift towards evil as time goes on.
Age: 20
Height: 5'9"
Hair and Eye Color: Short black hair, deep brown eyes
Equipment: She currently uses a Dao
Personality: Somewhat meek in her human form, very aggressive in her werewolf form
Backstory: One her first night of transforming into a werewolf, she killed her family and ran into Sszinyon.  He took her in for his own reasons, known only to Artemis....  Though I think we can all guess at them pretty accurately....  She is generally a good person...  But she is rather loyal to the person that is caring for her, so you might as well treat her as evil.  Due to some shaky pseudoscience her were from now includes shadow traits.

Speaks in Darkcyan

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