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J. Muller

J. Muller's Character List

William Chase

Name: William Chase/Alias Robert Forest/Alias Nathan Anderson

Superpowers/Abilities: Master of hand-to-hand combat, expert marksman with any conceivable weapon, proficient with explosive and incendiary devices, master of disguise. Only real superpower is danger sense--limited sixth-sense warning of trouble.

Description: An unremarkable man, of average height and build, appearing in his early thirties (actually 29), with black hair and brown eyes perpetually hidden by mirrored sunglasses. Though he is in excellent physical shape, it would be difficult to determine that just by looking at him.



Chase is a freelancing hitman and gun-for-hire. Professional and loyal to his employer, he kills quickly and efficiently unless ordered otherwise. He cares little for the human lives he is hired to end, though oddly enough, he is friendly and pleasant when not at work and has been rumored to spend his spare time volunteering at animal shelters. He also has a curious code of morals. He will refuse to kill anyone he considers to be an ‘innocent’, though his definition of the term is limited compared to most others, encompassing, primarily, children and animals, though he will kill animals if he has to. Though he is well-paid for his expert services, he cares less for the money than he enjoys the pure thrill of the assignment, the adrenaline rush he get from outgunning, outfighting, or outsmarting his opponent. Though some might regard him as simply a skilled thug, he is quite intelligent and even a master chess player. His mastery of all forms of combat, garnered during a five-year search for the skills that would allow him to beat anyone, has allowed him to be successful even in a world where his opponents, as often as not, have metahuman advantages that go far beyond the sixth sense that has allowed him to escape death countless times. Before he goes into battle, he is meticulous in spending time researching the weaknesses of his enemies and acquiring the weapons and equipment to take advantage of those. He's come to the Town to find an area in which his abilities will truly be tested against the most powerful people he can find.

Equipment: An array of weapons and equipment appropriate for his occupation. Also, what appears at first glance to be a gold filling in one of his back molars is actually a magic item making him resistant to spells that would force him to tell the truth.
Common Knowledge:
Note that his occupation is not common knowledge.


Robert Fowler

Description: Male, 6’2”, light brown hair and eyes. Average build. Usually wears old-style clothing and carries a walking stick.

Abilities: Skilled at fencing, crack shot with a pistol or rifle. Also has the power to create wormholes. Most commonly, he creates one to a point nearby and uses the ability as a sort of semi-teleportation. They are invisible unless he wants them to be visible. He can only go to a place he can see if he’s traveling on the same plane, but he can also use his power to travel between planes, though this takes a great deal more effort. He can, however, with very little effort step into his own private extradimensional space, in which he has made his home.

Background: An adventurer by nature, Fowler loves to explore new territory. Equally at home in the passageways of some long-forgotten temple or in the streets of a city, the self-described “gentleman adventurer” is never far from a mystery to be solved or a treasure to be found. His origins are a bit of a mystery—he doesn’t like to talk about them—but it shouldn’t be too hard to guess where he came from if anyone’s acquainted with the place.

Notes: He is an officer in the Town Police.

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