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In the Giants' Playground

The world of Matir was empty. In fact, it was less than empty. It was nothing. Only when the first Giant stepped in and placed down the foundations of the world, did there rise the first Mountain and fall the first Valley, and with this, the Giant was pleased. After all of this, the Small came to Matir. Plucked from their homes, the Small came forth upon the world as it was fresh and young. New Giants would come and grace the world with their presence and all were pleased. Later, the Giants gathered and selected a handful of the Small to be their emissaries in this new world. They returned rich and with outlandish tales, and yet, it did not stop there. Every so often, the Giants would pluck the Small away from their homes only to return them with the same stories of strange places and odd colors. These were adventures for the Small but just games for the Giants. Yet, all were pleased. Yes, gods did hold their following and sway. Yes, beasts did walk the land. Yet, the Giants watched over it all.


It started slowly, as all things of such nature did. The Giants began to leave, one by one. As each one did, the land began to fade with them. Great mounds of strange soft decay mounted high and the grasses of the Valley began to decay and bleach. Lakes of strange caustic liquid flowed out of ancient reservoirs, and from the sky there fell great rocks that would quickly cover in mold and putrify. It was like this, until only a single Giant was left The Small were forced to eke out a twisted existence of their former lives, slaving upon the dying lands and coming to bitter engagements upon every turn. The last Giant labored long in repairing the destruction upon the world but to little avail. The last Giant finally looked upon the Small and took pity on them taking them up in a great pair of arms, and placed each one inside a powerful ward. One by one, the Small fell under a spell and slowly turned to stone. There they rested for ages upon ages...

Now, The ward has weakened and so has the spell. A few have begun to stir. The find themselves imprisoned in a strange place of hard paper and rubbery glass. They can see there are others like them through their prisons. And that a few, a very small few, have gotten out.

This is the tale of those few...

And thus is how this story starts. I am going to use this to gauge interest before I put too much up but I plan for this to be more or less a pure DnD game.

I am stealing Rebo's base stat generation... Its well done, what can I say?

All abilities start at eight.  Twenty four ability points can be spread between the six stats, up to eighteen on any given ability.  The PC can also be given up to three optional Flaws.  These Flaws can be redeemed as bonus feats or as two additional ability points.

Oh! and the starting level will be seven (7). That would be handy to know.

As for skills and feats, those will be normal per class.
Traits are allowed; more on those if people are interested.
Pretty much anything can be included. I will ask for most of the non-core stuff to be checked with me. Psionics, complete Arcane/Divine/Warrior/Mage/Adventurer are the few that you can go ahead with.
Any race that is under/at a level adjustment of +4 or less is usable.

Please post any questions or PM/MSN me. I hope to see some interest t!

It sounds good, Teru. It really does. I'll think about it.

For confirmation, are these flaws as in the Unearthed Arcana notion, or is this something else?

They are, I will edit in a few sites to draw from also tomorrow.. I saw this a bit too late tonight...

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