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In the City

Welcome to Farbank, western port city located at the mouth of the Sien river. The trading port is a diverse place, with nearly every major race represented to one degree or another. The city is split into many districts, often by race or income. A general rule of thumb is the higher in elevation you are, the better off you are.

Look a bad MSPaint Map!

Green is land, blue is water (but I probably didn't need to tell you guys that, not did I? Razz ) The grey scale to the north is increasing elevation, eventually leading into mountains. The blue-green color in the southeast is forest. The black lines across the river are major bridges. The brown blocks on the ocean represent the docks.

Your adventure begins at the city's main docks. The salty sea air blows in from the west. Rope and wood creak as the water rises and falls. Men shout to each other in a dozen tongues as they load and unload the ships.

((Atleast you can see what it's supposed to be Smile))

Somewhere near an old dilapidated warehouse a small, cloaked figure stands in the shadows of the overhanging roof, counting a few gold coins in secret and watching the docks with cold eyes beneath the black hood. With a slight nod the figure pockets the coins again and leans on an old, rotten barrel to consider the nearby people silently

It had been an exhilarating.  Traveling by ship like that for the first time.  Wide open sky.  It had shocked young Rohlo the first time he had seen it.  To feel the sea breeze.  To set his eyes on such an endlessly vast expanse of rolling blue.

He had seen underground lakes and rivers, but nothing like this.  Nothing could compare to the feeling of... awe... something so all encompassing invoked in him.

But that adventure came to an end, eventually.  As all adventures do.  And now Rohlo Goldlock has a new adventure to dive into.  At least... he hopes that he does.  This is a new city for him.  A big one too.  No doubt there are daring deeds to be done within.

It is a trim, unusually short halfling who steps off the ship.  The clothing is drab earth tones.  All the better to slip by unseen.  A simple overcoat and trousers.  Shoes well worn from years of use.  A light olive green cloak to wrap around himself to stave off the biting ocean wind.  His face is somewhat chiseled in its features, well defined.  Like all the deep Halflings, especially akin to his father with a short, curly brow beard to go along with the nearly identical hair.

His kind eyes have a curious silver tint to them, though that is often only caught in glimpses.

In all, there's little to make the halfling stand out from the bustle of other humanoids that scamper here and there about the docks.

But, truth be told, this is a ruse.  A husk worn to stave off unwanted attention.

Because you see, Rohlo is in fact a kobold.  A silver dragon-wrought kobold.  That he's even alive is mostly good luck on his part.  An interesting story should any that he trust ever detect the ruse.

"Well...  To adventure, then," the 'halfling' declares with a grin as he sets out to explore.
Draken Frosthand

The docks of Farbank... Wretched hive of scum and villany, like many similar places in the world, no more wretched than any other similar gathering of the poor, diseased and... Whatever.

It's here that we find Officer Mallus Reed in his daily patrol, he's not the best, he's not the strongest, nor the most dangerous, just a respected officer, even if some suspicions are raised by those who first see him in his light armor, with just a few light weapons visible, and a halo of luminous sigils floating around his head.

Less than average, indeed.
Destro Yersul

The man who steps off the ship behind Rohlo is much larger than the kobold. 6 foot 3 and built like a tank, Alan Wright would be an imposing figure in his armour if it wasn't for three things.

First of all, the holy symbol hanging on a chain about his neck is not of Heironyus, as might be expected of a Paladin, but of Pelor. That might allay some fears, as the sun god tended to be more forgiving.

Second, his weapons and gear are stowed, for the most part, across his broad back. The tower shield hides the view of the smaller shortbow, though the massive sword cannot be as easily concealed. Still, any man who hasn't drawn a weapon yet is bound to be less intimidating than one who has.

Third, he's carrying his helmet under his arm, and smiling to himself as he takes in the sights of the city. Interesting place, this. Well, let's find the church, shall we? Been a while since I've been to an actual chapel... Yes, he is talking to himself.

Ekim wandered the docks, looking around. He tried to take in all the sights and sounds he could. While several of the buildings and doings of the people there interest him, what caught the most of his attention was the variety of ships harbored there. It was true that ships had been a big interest for the majority of his life. Even though he'd studied as a fighter, he longed to be able to own a ship some day.

An elven woman sits at the docks, a small white bracelet with carved wooden leaves tied to it in her hands. She stands out among the various people, with leather armor bound to her form, and a thick chain wrapped around her waist like a crude belt. Her eyes are a sparkling blue, her hair long and brown, and her eyes pointed, her elven features obvious. The city seems a strange place for her, for she looks like she would be more at home in a forest, but yet she is here, looking out over the water. A small pack is on her back, and there is a small pouch of coins at her side, a little too obvious and open for someone used to cities and the pickpockets therein.

Hopefully she won't become a target too quickly. She does seem to have the keen sense of her kin, and very little escapes her notice- perhaps she'd catch enough people to start learning. Or maybe she'd lose all her money and learn that way. Either, learning in the future is likely.

She doesn't seem to have any particular goal at the moment, and just stares over the water, holding the small bracelet in her hand. The coming and going over other people doesn't catch her interest or disturb her, and she just sits on top of a pile of rope no one seems interested in and satisfies her urge to look at the sea.

((Alright, since Bookboy's apparently fallen off the face of the Earth, let's get on with this, shall we?))

A small crane is built into the stone structure of the docks, and a group of men are using it to unload a large crate from the ship Alan and Rohlo just disembarked from. The crate is lifted from the deck and swung out over the dock. It's contents shift, tilting the crate precariously to one side as it swings tought the air.

"It's not going to hold!" The crane operator shouts.

And indeed, the ropes snap, sending the crate crashing to the cobblestones below. The box breaks open, revealing the cargo: three big cats with golden colored fur. One bears a mane of long hair around its head and neck, marking the trio quite clearly as lions.

The people on the dock scream and run, but what are our heroes doing?

((Aside from rolling initiative, of course))

Just he and the city, yes sir.  A chance to meet new people, see new places, and hopefully not get eaten by lions.  Rohlo eeps as the big cats shake free of their confines, edging away from the animals nervously.  And subsequently hopping behind some other crates for cover.

The 'halfling' peaks over the wooden barrier, taking the heavy crossbow off his back in the process and taking aim at one of the tawny beasts.  It's be tricky... he needs to wait for the crowd to be clear enough to get a clean shot.  Thankfully the people are dispersing in a hurry...

There!  Hopefully it strikes true, but considering the circumstances that might not be easy...

With an audible twang the bolt goes sailing off from behind the crates moments before the little guy drops prone behind them.  Hopefully the lions won't have had time to figure out where the bolt came from...


Initiative: (4) 8 =/
Attack Roll: (2) 10 T_T
Hide: (3) 21 X_x

Dice hate me D=

Rohlo is prone behind some crates somewhere within sixty feet of the lions

Draken Frosthand

Mallus hears the noise, and upon arriving, joy, lions, or rather, a situation, one for which he was not quite well trained, dangerous animals on the loose. And those are big ones, which means he won't be able to put them down with magic.

*Sigh* So many points, so little time to think, still, he is tricky, that's why the Illumian is one of the best.

The officer stays safely out of reach, but still close enough to cast Silent Image, surrounding the lions with (large) metallic walls with thorns on the inner side, a closed, illusory cage (DC 14 to disbelive, 15 if they are flat-footed).


Initiative 1d20+2
18+2 = 20

Standard Action: Cast Silent Image
Move Action, move, stay at safe range. (100 ft. or so)


Cats. Every birds nightmare. And these sure are big cats. Perfect Tara cackles to herself from her spot near the warehouse.

A small, silver dagger is drawn from her sleeve (move) and with a few gestures and an utterance a slight shimmering appears in front of the small figure (casts Shield, standard). She then takes a step to get free of the corner of the warehouse and get a better look at the lions (5-foot step).


Initiative: 1d20+3 = 20

Shield: 3 minute duration, +4 AC (AC 17 now)

Tara should probably be a fair distance from the lions, since she was standing at a warehouse.

Destro Yersul

Well, Alan hasn't gone too far by this point. The heavy armour had slowed him down, for one thing. So he performs an about-face, setting his helmet on his head and unslinging his sword and shield. The shield itself is rather large, almost as big as him, and the sword is quite a lot bigger than a standard longsword. And yet he's holding it one handed.


I think it takes my entire first round to turn around and prepare for battle. One move action each for the shield and sword. and I guess I'll throw in a 5 foot step towards the three lions, so long as that doesn't bring me into attack range of them. Oh, and the dice hate me too. Initiative (1d20+4=7)


Eilila is swift to react, uncoiling the chain from her waist and whirling it out even as she leaps towards the lions, attempting to cow them and drive them back. Her chain snakes out like a gleaming whip, striking at any lion too close. A strange echo of the chain made of chill shadow streaks along the same pass, hopefully distracting the lion from the real threat and catching it off guard. A whispy cloak seems to form around the elven woman, clinging to her and covering her in shadow, making her movement hard to predict, and her position difficult to place.


Initiative: 1d20+4=20
Lets see... with that roll I can assume I act before anyone else, so I won't have to worry about Draken's wall...

Swift Action: Take up the Child of Shadow stance.
Move Action: Close in on the nearest lion and draw her chain as part of the action. She will move at least 10ft, and she will take advantage of using a reach weapon on her target- even if this means she has to double back to reach her 10ft move requirement. This allows her to get concealment against all attacks until her next round- a 20% miss chance.
Standard Action: Shadow Blade Technique. Roll twice- the highest roll is for the main attack, the second roll determines if the target takes cold damage.

A one will never hit. A 25, however, is much more likely.
She is in a Shadow Hand stance and using a Shadow Hand weapon, thus she can add her dexterity modifier to damage.
Damage: 2d4+7=11
One below average.


Ekim hears the screaming and makes his way closer to the source, drawing his mace along the way. He was thankful that he took the time to put his armor that morning. Aside from that though he can't do much, as he sees the cage put up around the lions.


Elilia swings her chain out at the second lioness and catches her across the face. The big cat growls, not liking that one bit.

One lioness seems rather intimidated by Mallus' illusion, but the other two cats see right through it.

The lioness Elilia struck breaks out of the illusion and charges the elf, but is unable to land a hit.

Rohlo's bolt misses its mark, sailing through the air well above the lions. Fortunately,  they don't notice the projectile or the 'halfling' as he ducks behind the boxes.

The male lion likewise charges through the illusory walls and right for Ekim, raking him with a claw (9 damage)

Meanwhile everyone else prepare for battle.


Initiative Order/HP

Eilila (17)
Tara (12)
Mallus (16)
Lioness 2 (X-11)
Ekim (25-9=16)
Lioness 1 (X)
Rohlo (19)
Alan (27)
Lion (X)


Eilila spins her chain swiftly, letting it whir through the air in a dark blur as she strikes out at the lioness coming after her, attempting to confuse and hamper it with the shadow she is creating. Seeing the others being a bit more pressed than she is, she decides to try and make this quick, backing up towards the docks.
Come on... just come at me again...


First, Eilila gets an attack of opportunity against the lioness since it moved within her threat range.
Attack: 1d20+7=12
Yeah, that'll likely be a miss.
Damage just in case: 2d4+7=9

On her turn, Eilila will use Clinging Shadow Strike.
Attack Roll: 1d20+7=24
Damage: 2d4+7+1d6=18
The lioness must also make a DC 14 fortitude save or suffer a 20% miss chance to all attacks.
As a move action, Eilila will tumble away from the lioness 15ft, making her check to provoke no AoO. She'll also try and move as close to the water as she can. (Can I get within ten or five feet of the edge of the dock?)
She still has her Child of Shadow stance up, and thus has concealment.

Destro Yersul

Alan heads towards the lions as fast as he can, making for the one next to Ekim. He'll take a swing at it if he can get close enough. If he can't he'll keep going.


Move action towards the lion, then attack. If one move doesn't make it he'll just trade his standard action for a second move action and see how close he can get.


The 'halfling' grumbles to himself as the various critters move into melee and begin to pound at each other.  And those walls that suddenly sprung up really aren't helping his aim at all...

He's peeking up over the boxes now, careful with the shot to make sure he doesn't accidentally hit someone other than the lion.  One would think that this wouldn't be a problem since the lion is significantly larger than what it's clawing at, but the laws of the universe are odd sometimes.

That said, he busies himself with cranking another bolt into place...  There!  An opening!

Twang!  Away it goes toward the big cat after the crazy chain lady.


Shootan at a lion.  1d20(14)+8=22
Damage: [1d8(Cool+4]x2 = 24


Should the attack strike true Rohlo will pump his little hands in the air and shout, "Yes!  Got 'em!" before suddenly realizing what a bad idea that is and clapping one hand over his mouth.

Tara takes a moment to get a sense of the situation, then grins and points a finger at the (male) lion, closing an eye as if aiming. She utters a few dark words and sends a sickly ray towards the target.


Ray of Enfeeblement

Ranged touch attack: 1d20+4 = 13

Strenght penalty if it hits: 1d6+1 = 2 Sad

Draken Frosthand

Mallus gives a small step out of his hiding corner and aims at the male lion, shooting a crossbow bolt at him.


Ekim's ticked now. See, he'd just been enjoying a nice stroll along the docks, and now a lion has charged him. AND gotten through his armor. When he'd first seen the lions escaped, he'd been trying to find some way to subdue them, so that the people that were transporting them could be helped in crating them back up. But now? Oh no, he's going for the kill now.

((I'd have the rolls here, but I need Amber or Art or somebody on to take a look at my character sheet. I think I may have not done my BAB on Ekim's weapon right.))

((Looks fine to me.

3 BAB + 4 strength +1 masterwork +1 weapon focus = +9 -(power attack penalty if any)

You're human and a fighter, so no odd bonuses floating around except via feats, which I already checked.))

((But I'm holding it two handed. Wouldn't that make the STR +6?))

((1.5 x strength mod applies to damage, not attack bonus.))

((Is this game alive? Should I bother keeping my character sheet?))

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