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Imperium - Tabletop 4X/Roleplaying Game

No, Dustworld/Ascendance/Purgai are not on hold.

This is a tabletop 4X game, rather than a pure roleplaying game. 4X is short for 'Xplore, Xpand, Xploit, and Xterminate.' The dice you will need are the same as that of DnD, with the exception of the d4.

Your role in the game is that of a leader of a nation. You expand your empire, establish it as a major power in the world, and try to make it better than any other empire out there.

Most of these other empires? Played by your friends.

People required to play the game are at least two; A game master, and one player. The game master is responsible for rolling percentile dice to determine natural disasters, deciding the nation that a band of marauders might decide to hit, and anything inbetween.

Below, the rules will be listed, and you will be able to embark upon playing a game that is simple, yet fun to play(much like Dustworld or Ascendance).

More to come, ladies and gentlemen.

Creating an Empire
At the beginning of the game, your job is to create a species for your empire to be home to. You can create anything under the sun(s). Certain traits for your species to have are 'bought' using Species Points, which give your species positive traits. (Natural toughness, keen eyesight, etc.)Negative traits(natural weakness, poor eyesight, etc.) can be taken to provide you with more points.

With a species established, you may now go about deciding on what kind of culture your empire would have. This culture would provide your empire with a series of bonuses and penalties, depending on what kind of culture it is.

Following the establishment of a culture and species, you must then decide on what type of government this empire has: Anarchy, Democracy, Corporate, Republic, Oligarchy, Theocracy, Monarchy, Tyranny, Hive, and Collective. All of these would have positive and negative effects, except Oligarchy, which would strike a nice middle ground and no bonuses or penalties at all.

When an Empire is created, you then move on to the next phase: Developing your Empire.

More to come.

Facilities, Resources, and Units
Units are soldiers, explorers, settlers, and vehicles or aircraft that your empire deploys to find new land, establish new settlements, defend settlements you've already established, or to attack enemy forces. Units come in six types: Infantry, Aircraft, Vehicles, Artillery, Settlers, and Explorers. Each of these, with the exception of Settlers and Explorers, are broken down further, into sub-types.

Infantry are always available, regardless of your technology level, but their weapons and armor vary depending on what you have researched thus far.

Aircraft need the resources Aluminum and Oil, and the proper technology needed to aquire them, until the neccessary technology is researched to circumvent the need for Oil and Aluminum.

Vehicles and Artillery both require Oil and Iron and the proper technology to aquire them, until the neccessary technology is researched to circumvent the need for Oil and Iron.

Explorers and Settlers are also available regardless of technology level, like with Infantry, but they have no weapons or armor. Settler units establish new towns for you to build up, and Explorers move faster than any other unit in the game, allowing you to discover resources like Water, Minerals, and Special Resources, more quickly.

Facilities, meanwhile, are certain outposts and compounds inside or near your cities, meant to produce resources, Technology Points, or Units for your Empire to use in it's expansion and development.

The Resources are Minerals, Food, Water, Money, and Special Resources.

Outposts are resource-producing Facilities(listed below), whereas Research Labs give you extra Technology Points. Factories and Training Camps produce Units for your Empire to use, with Factories producing Artillery, Vehicles and Aircraft, and Training Camps producing Infantry, Explorers, and Settlers.

Mining Outposts produce Minerals, which are used to produce vehicles, armor and weapons for infantry, and everything else that uses metals. In order to be truly effective, they must be built over Mineral Deposits, which are areas thicker in Minerals than usual.

Farms are used to produce Food for your empire. Without food, your people will riot, and your military units will begin to dismantle themselves. In order to be truly effective

Money is whatever sort of currency your empire uses; It's the most important form of resource in the game besides Food and Water. Everything you do costs Money. You gain Money from expanding your Empire and creating Economic Centers, a Facility that is best built inside your cities. The more Economic Centers and towns you construct, the more money you get each turn.

Special Resource Outposts are meant to produce special resources(Uranium, Oil, Tungsten, Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold, Steel, Silicon), with which you can produce special units, such as Tanks, Aircraft, and the like. Certain Special Resources can be harvested and used for an economic boost rather than a technological one. Each Special Resource has it's own harvesting technology.  

Irrigation Systems are neccessary for your towns and cities to get fresh Water. Water is a resource which has an importance on par with that of Food. The effects are the same. Irrigation Systems must be built near rivers, lakes, and ponds.

More to come.

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