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Imaginary Video Games

What are some video games you wish existed?

Two of my friends and I came up with one at school.  300+Star Wars on the Wii.

Personally, I'd want a fusion of the best RPGs. I'd want Oblivion's vastness and wandering abilities, as well as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Heart's mystic-tech feel and with Fable's effects like scarring and muscle mass based on stats, as well as world growth as Dark Cloud tried to do and Fable 2 will try to do. In essence, I want a giant sandbox where the slightest difference in how you handle any given situation can result in an entirely different gameplay experience. Even so much as buying a bow for your first weapon, or getting hit really hard and breaking a bone.

Sandbox ftw.

My wish:
A sci-fi RPG that has combat similar to that of a first-person shooter, while maintaining other roleplaying elements that would make the game great in other aspects. An example would be Oblivion in a sci-fi setting, but perhaps a little different, with no main quest, but in it's place, a bunch of Major Quests that seriously impact the rest of the galaxy when you do them, but grant significantly bigger rewards when you do them than a Minor Quest.

Town: The MMO?

Nah, it'd never work.

So, I agree with both Moxie and Blackout.

Me and my friends have actually worked out a plotline and characters for such a game a few years ago. One of my favorite things about the thought experiment was a party gameplay element that had characters fight alongside your PC. As your character develops through choices, your party members usually follow along classes, like summoner or mage or fighter, so you aren't stuck on sections because it requires a certain type of magic or something you weren't really focused on. However, while each of their spells and abilities are available to the main PC, there would also be limits. For example, the Summoner of the party, who uses guns and is mainly a tribute to Vincent Valentine from FFVII (God, he's so sexy), has a Limit that allows him to transform into a Devil (Kython, specifically, has some neat effects with chains in the form), or several other forms.

Plotline for the game was straightforward, but there were tons of miniquests, eastereggs and sub-plots. And when you were done with the main quest, there were several other major quests for powerful characters, including the Celeste Tournament and Chasing Deus Ex Machina (It's a gigantic mechanical dragon. It's part monster, part dungeon, and the way to get the best weapon for him in the game.)

Plot Synopsis. From an early age you were raised in a temple by it's clergy. One day, when you've finally come of age, a paladin tells you to come with him up to the top of the mountain. From that point it's basically a tutorial on controls and commanding allies, you get into a few easy skirmishes, but as the paladin points out, it's a relatively safe path, so it's not so big a deal. When you get to the ruins at the top of the mountain, the paladin reveals you to be a prophesied one, to stop the Demon, Danny, from returning to earth. He tells you of this ancient demon that used to terrorize earth, and how the twelve sages sacrificed themselves to prevent the demon from returning to earth. He points out that in order to do this, they embedded his energy in twelve crystals, hidden in caverns like the one you're about to enter. He tells you that because of who you are, only you and the demon himself can retrieve all the crystals; leading to either Danny's return to power, or complete destruction. After venturing into the dungeon and retrieving the crystal, the Paladin tries to convince you to give him the crystal, you can prevent this by refusing him all three times. The PC and the Paladin leave, only to have the paladin be shot by a sniper on a ledge in the distance (This sniper has remarkable features similar to the Summoner mentioned above). Some powerful baddies chase you to a ledge, and force you to jump off. (Okay, the beginning is very railroady, but after that point, it becomes pretty sandboxy with the exception of the port cities and the other temples.)

Reminiscent, again of FFVII (One of my favorite games ever... and no, it was not about the cross dressing and effeminate boys <.<) You land in the bedroom of the main love interest. (Because your main character's traits are entirely up to you, the main love interest is also a variable character, but they're the inverse of you. For the sake of my story from this point forward, I'll have the main character be a Male Sword Wielding Fighter, and the Love Interest a Female Dark Mage. The personality of the character, however, is often the same no matter the class, but if he's male, he'll constantly be hitting on you, and if she's female, she'll resist you and try to tell you off. And pummel you to death for invading her bedroom. Now, despite the fact that she's the main love interest, don't take that as you're forced to love her, or even be straight. They'll be tons of chances to get into other character's pants.

Well, from there I don't remember much of the plot, although your main melee physical character is a blunt weapon wielding caveman. Your Animal character is a giant chicken that is a tribute to Chocobos and often doesn't get along with the Tank, who eats just about everything in sight. And it turns out that the Summoner is actually a mercenary hired by cultists of Danny to get a hold of as many gems as possible. He infiltrates the group to help gather up all the gems as possible. Later it's revealed that he's not actually a merc as he said he was during his confession, but an actual demon that sold his soul in order to get the love of his life back. He did, but she was an undead monstrosity, so he had to go through all the grief of watching her die again, this time by his own hands. He decided to break the deal with Danny by the end, and In The Afterlife post-plot, he ca actually replace Danny as the demonprince. The party healer is a lich and the party paladin is a psychopath. Interesting events, features, minigames, and just absurdities appear throughout the game. ((there's also the Weakweapons, while difficult to gather, and useless to start, each character has one, (Except the PC, who's most powerful weapon is achieved in the Deus Ex plot,) but after doing something with them, they unlock great powers.[/code]

Two ideas me and my friend have had:

1. Silent But Deadly
They strike without warning. They attack without fear. They kill without mercy. They are one unit, animalistic in instinct and hardened in heart. You don't hear them coming. They don't hear your heaves of breath at night at the nightmares you have of them.

They are the Mimes.

No ordinary man can handle them. Entire armies can fall to only a few Mime units. Blinking at the wrong moment means death. It'd take someone special. Someone who knows how the Mime mind works. Someone like Jack Poivre.

Jack Poivre doesn't like to talk about his childhood as a Mime. He doesn't like to talk about his upbringing and how he turned against it. All he likes to talk about is how much he enjoys strangling the life out of those bastards. Take on the role of Jack as you fight your way back into the enemy stronghold you once escaped out of and take your final vengeance on all Mimes and Mime-people.

Rated T for Invisible Violence.

2. John

John wakes up with a yawn as the rays of a new day shine happily on his face. Pulling his morning robes on, he puts some coffee on the pot and heads to the bathroom for a quick shave. Heading out with a whistle, he picks a warm mug of coffee up - Two sugars, one cream - and heads outside to pick up the morning newspaper, reading it at the table as he eats a hearty meal of bacon, pancakes, and scrambled eggs.

At the stroke of 9:00, John walks in time to the tune in his head back to his room where he puts on his work clothes. He gets his pants, shirt, tie, nice black socks and new shoes; Non-slip gripping soles to avoid any more embarrassing situations, ha-ha! He puts on his gloves and smock as he walks out of his bedroom and towards the basement door, stopping only to take the mask off of the hanger on the wall and slip it over his head.

Not even the horrible screams of his innocent victims can muffle John's happy whistles as he uses all manner of physical and mental torture on them! Learn what makes John such a happy guy in this RPG where you learn real human anatomy as you play along! Choose from over 20 different torture devices on your victims, and even go out and collect some more if you get a little overzealous and kill one - The game doesn't punish for that!

John, 100+ hours of bloodbusting FUN!

Rated M for Language and Use of Tobacco Products.

Can we include games we actually made?

Okay, here's concept art for a child game that I didn't create, if you think actually made games don't count...

Man, those are old... I might actually get back into flash games...

I hae ideas for videogames, but I don't want to tell anyone.

... >.> <.< >.>

*sneaks away muttering in a paranoid manner*

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