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The Herald

I'm Thinking of Moving Back In

... and bringing the handful of people who've joined my own FFRP forum with me. We follow pretty much all the same rules.

Any objections? Also, I might in future ask for a forum in the Free-form Roleplaying section titled "Creation and Connected Realms". Just thought I'd toss the idea out so it doesn't come out of the blue later.
The Bushranger

*glues Iames to the forum*

YAY! Another person with a fun name.

It is Yah-mace, right? I remember seeing that on an old thread somewhere.
The Herald

That's correct. I'm thinking of changing my username, but I decided to keep the old one for a bit so people would know who I was first. Razz

Welcome back Smile

Hi Iames! It's wingrae, not sure if you'd remember me since we didn't interact much, but it is great to see you back!

I'm totally cool with bringing your friends  Cool

I hope to see you around the forum!

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