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I'm sorry

I've done a lot with the Town I'm not proud of.

I've gotten so close to my characters, that I've taken things personally against me.

I've thrown blame at people whose only fault was caring about me and trying to point this out to me.

So why is it that it takes losing a friend to shine the light in my face?

I'm sorry to the ones I've hurt, by getting upset when something happens to my characters. Something small. Something I shouldn't care about, but do.

I'm sorry to the ones I've fought with, for the dumbest of reasons.

I'm sorry to the one that has tried and tried again to tell me that she cares about me, but I couldn't see my own flaw and fucked our friendship up royally. I'm sorry that I shoved all that blame at her, and that I took things way too far. I'm sorry that I couldn't see what she was trying to tell me until now, and possibly not even now. I'm sorry that I pushed her patience passed the limits and still continued to fight.

I'm sorry.

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