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I'm sorry.

If only because I'm going to be guilty about it for God knows how long, I'm making public my deepest apologies to a forum member who I won't name for privacy's sake. I realize what I did wrong; I had a nervous breakdown today because of it. My only request is that the victim and the others who knew about this not see this as a lasting stain on my character. I got worked up, pissed off, and I was really, really, stupid. I overblew a minor issue, and I descended to the level of verbal harrasment. I understand that I can't heft the blame on to other's shoulders, and that I alone have to take responsibility for the damage I caused.

I'm taking a break from Town. I may be back in a week, or even a few days. I may be back in a month, a year, two years, depending on how I feel about this then. I may decide it was nothing, it's past, and I need to put it aside. Or, I may not. I may move to another forum, I may not. Regardless, I don't think I can look at this forum the same way again.

So, for now, it's goodbye to Enupnion.

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