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Hoseki Darketh-Shiryl

”What? ‘Say something that summarizes my character?’ That’s silly.”
Race: Dimension hopper
Alignment: Probably Neutral Good
Class: N/A
Appearance: Hoseki is frequently tall, blonde, female, and winged. (Eperan angel form.) Sometimes she is an iron bar, and sometimes she is male. On very, very special occasions, she is an Aswarian. (See Gatamu’s entry for details)
Personality: Hoseki has a number of wonderful qualities: she’s friendly, helpful, generous, and polite. She’s also unforgiving, violent, stubborn, lazy, and prone to self-delusion. If you are kind to her and her ex-boyfriend, she will be kind to you. Don’t piss her off.
Backstory: Little of note. Hoseki has had 26 significant others over the course of her long life, including Guuyn once and excluding Kantur.
-Hoseki is the daughter of Darketh and Shiryl, younger sister to Gatamu, and older sister to Atani.
-Hoseki has breshwenn, an affliction that strikes dimension hoppers and renders them incapable of taking a hopper lifemate. Hoseki, like some others, has chosen to fill this void in her potentially endless life by taking native mates.
-Hoseki currently has no significant others.
-Hoseki is a bouncer at Trog's.
-Hoseki has a splinter personality named Kiuen, who is in love with Karil.
Inspiration: Hoseki comes from Kiuel, dimension hopper star of the now-retired webcomic Syzygy. Hoseki’s outfit and usual form are Kiuel’s in the beginning of the Epera Arc. ‘Seki’s name is from my name (naturally).
Theme Song: "My Happy Ending," by Avril Lavigne.

Gatamu Darketh-Shiryl
(Image unavailable because I can’t draw Aswarians for crap)
”May I eat you?”
Race: Dimension hopper
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: N/A
Appearance: Gatamu is almost always a Big (one size category large than Colossal) creature resembling a tiger with wings, birdlike hind legs, beaky lips, and ginormous FANGS. (Aswarian form.) He has taken the form of a fat orange cat before, and if he wishes to look both normal and sapient he will because a tall, muscular elf.
Personality: Gatamu is fun-loving, carefree, and perfectly willing to kill you if you okay it. However, he has very powerful morals: he’ll only eat you if you give him permission to or if you’re a request from family or someone who will let him eat them later. Gatamu isn’t above being petty, and he has been known to hold very silly grudges. He cares very deeply for his family and holds the majority of his sister’s ‘friends’ in contempt.
Backstory: Little of note. Gatamu has traveled extensively and eaten many strange beings in many exotic dimensions.
-Gatamu is a son of Darketh and Shiryl and older brother to Hoseki and Atani.
-Gatamu is close to unique among hoppers in his strong desire to eat, and eat sentient beings. He feels this compulsion ('genetically' based, from Darketh’s side) far more than his siblings or other relatives, but he has enough food sources that the danger of him losing himself is minimal.
Inspiration: None springs to mind.
Theme Song: "A Little Priest," from Sweeney Todd. Any of a number of versions. It's not a perfect fit, but one doesn't often stumble upon songs that are basically about eating people.

Atani Darketh-Shiryl

”This is just so they know my font color, right? I don’t have to be witty?”
Race: Dimension hopper
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: N/A
Appearance: Atani, when visiting Town, takes the form of a short, blond elf with few distinctive features
Personality: Atani is shy and non-confrontational, preferring to sidestep problems rather than face then head-on. He’s developed a bit of a romantic side from living with Adachi for too long. Atani will stand up if he thinks his loved ones are threatened by anything.
Backstory: Little of note. Atani was frequently bossed around by his elder siblings in his youth, but since he bonded with Adachi they have decided to cut him a bit of slack and treat him like an adult.
-Atani is a son of Darketh and Shiryl, younger brother to Gatamu and Hoseki, and lifemate to Adachi
Inspiration: Nope. Made ‘im up because I knew Hoseki was a middle child and the Darketh-Shiryls need someone slightly sane.

Adachi Nobar-Tyrel

Race: Dimension hopper
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: N/A
Appearance: When in Town, Adachi is a mischievous-looking, darker-skinned elf with a solid build and wide grin
Personality: Adachi is cheerful, romantic, and acts a small fraction of his actual age. He is completely in love with Atani, convinced that his Darketh-Shiryl is the most adorable, wonderful hopper in the whole wide world. Ah, young love!
Backstory: Adachi had a falling-out with his parents many syzygies ago, when he announced that he was going to bond with a Darketh-Shiryl (one of the most infamous of hopper families). He has since met with them and they have begun to relent slightly, since, after all, Atani’s pretty normal.
-Adachi is the son of Nobar and Tyrel, younger brother to Elhazidon and Wirj-in, older brother to Makrimer, and lifemate to Atani
Inspiration: The name ‘Adachi’ comes from a given-name sounding surname I heard once. Adachi himself is who he is because though the Darketh-Shiryls need someone sane to balance them out a bit, Atani should be driven insane himself (in a different way) by his lifemate.

Darketh Ky’rin-Salaan and Shiryl Fornua-Loayromn
”Bow down to your GOD!”
”Your doodad is three millimeters off-center. Here, let me fix it…”
The parents of Hoseki, Gatamu, and Atani, Darketh and Shiryl met in Aswaria. They are among the most eccentric of dimension hoppers (Darketh being fond of setting himself up as a god in a handful of dimensions and Shiryl having what acts like OCD to the nth degree) and have raised their children accordingly. Darketh has a rather chilly relationship with his parents, but Shiryl is on good terms with her family.

(Image unavailable)
”I see other dead people...”
Race: Jwabo
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Sorcerer. Ish.
Appearance: Guuyn is around the same height as a short adult human, with thin limbs (his left arm has three joints, his right the typical one), taut grey skin, and an elongated skull with deep-set black eyes. He is, by human standards, quite expressionless.
Personality: Guuyn is presently rather baffled by Eltanan society, and is trying to express himself properly by this land’s natives’ standards. Meanwhile, he has a tendency to stare unblinkingly at you.
Backstory: Guuyn was captured by enemies of his city and enslaved for many years. Before that, he was studying Jwabo magic under a well-known magician.
Inspiration: Around the time of Kantur’s death at the jaws of Gatamu, I decided that I should actually pay attention to Hoseki’s past native friends. Guuyn was originally just one among many (he was number four, to be exact), but I pulled him to prominence and PC status because Hoseki was looking too happy.

On Dimension Hoppers and Their Attributes, Attitudes, Abilities, and Assonance

Dimension hoppers are an interesting lot, though most lead unremarkable (for them) lives. They are, first and foremost, shapeshifters, capable of transforming into anything that they can image or have examined properly. They do not have a ‘natural’ form and their shape cannot be altered or affected by anyone but themselves. On a syzygy (an event that occurs about once a month, and involves some dimensional alignment stuff; also may refer to the length of time between two syzygies), hoppers can hop from one dimension to the corresponding location in another dimension. Dimensions vary a great deal with regards to natural laws, cosmological composition, and inhabitants or lack thereof.

No matter the senses of the form they currently wear, hoppers have an additional sense- it is, for lack of a better term, the ‘hopper sense.’ The range depends of the size of the hopper- for one the size of an adult human it is thirty feet, and perhaps twice that if they ‘squint.’ This sense tells the hopper essentially the exact physical nature of anything in range. Essentially, if you stand too close to a hopper, you are given a casual, passive scan that tells them everything from the color of your hair to the chemical formula of your pancreatic secretions. This sense does not attach to an organ, and essentially renders invisibility and whatnot meaningless to a hopper. No known spell or ability makes something undetectable by hopper sense.

Dimension hoppers have the ability to ‘grow’ objects by extruding the mass and shaping it into the substance and form they require. They can grow magic items, technological items, and even stainless steel sporks.

Dimension hoppers no longer have a single dimension they call home. Since it was destroyed, the hoppers have essentially split into roaming family groups. Lifemates always travel together, and may meet up with children, siblings, or parents for a syzygy somewhere. It is fairly unusual to meet a dimension hopper when the meeting was not planned, due to the number of dimensions and their generally large (even infinite) size. Many hoppers still hold the classical opinions that dimension hopper society venerated- shun those with breshwenn (it’s contagious! Stay away!), the older sibling may command the younger, and natives are inherently inferior to hoppers. However, more and more younger hoppers have begun to form their own opinions and stay away from old-fashioned establishment views of an establishment that no longer exists. Hooray!

Dimension hoppers lack souls. Abilities that affect the soul do not work on hoppers, and whatnot.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM or IM me.

(More to come!)

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