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Homemade DnD Quizzes

OK, well, here you post some quizzes you came up with to see just how 'good' at DnD somebody is. No links to quizzes on any quiz sites; These are quizzes you came up with. Feel free to take quizzes somebody leaves here, too.

Yes, this has it's own thread because I couldn't find any threads specifically oriented towards roleplaying games and quizzes at the same time.

Um... what? I don't understand what kind of quiz you mean... do you maybe have an example?

Yeah, one sec. Gotta find that comic...


1. For DnD, you own
A. Some supplements.
B. Alot of supplements.
C. All of them.

2. The dice you have are
A. A single complete set.
B. Several complete sets, one for each type of setting your DM puts you through
C. A new set for every day of the week.

3. If you're on a hot streak rolling, and then someone touches your lucky dice, you:
A. Grumble.
B. Demand a re-roll of any adverse results.
C. Punch his lights out.

4. Your character has:
A. Some magic items
B. Tons of magic items
C. Enough magic items to slay an Archdevil and to be prepared for any contingency.

5. Upon beginning a typical encounter you:
A. Attempt to parley
B. Fall back into the shadows and size up the opposition
C. Charge

And so on. That kinda thing.

Oh, um, okay.

Is it wrong that I want to complain that there aren't enough options? Or is the quiz meant to assume that everyone taking it actually fully plays D&D.

I don't have any supplements, only to Core Rulebooks. I don't consider dice 'lucky', so wouldn't react at all if someone touches my dice. In fact, since we only have one small set of dice between us, we have to share anyway. Heck, for a while we had to use the 'random number' function on my calculator, before I could actually buy some dice.

Erg, I'm being annoying and nit-picking again, aren't I?

I think there should be a way to read your own answers and find out what you are, too.

I also hate quizzes that are so obvious as to what your result is gonna be...

Well, there would be more choices, most likely; these ARE quizzes that the good people of this forum are making, and this was a simple example.

And Xasp, really, you need to do some game-shopping. =P Get some more dice, and prime 'em.

I'm with Xas on that.  Who needs dice for everyone?  I think the GM should have a set, or enough sets for everyone.   But not everyone needs dice.

What can I say? I'm a traditionalist. I prefer to bring my own dice to the, not because their loaded.

Blackout, I would, except that the only games shop I know of near me doesn't have a great selection, and I can't be bothered to look online.

They still haven't got any d10 in since I first bought my dice, so I don't have one.

OK, I can see how that would raise some problems.

I bought O a nice steel die once...about 1.5 inch d20...great binking die.

I had 4 coloured binking dice about twice it's size.  I gave away 3 to close friends.

Meh. Binking dice. Dun really care for 'em. But, this is a quiz thread; LET THERE BE QUIZZES!

How many of each dice do you own?:

d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d%, d100, Other

30 +

Happy now?

Also - what's a 'binking dice'?

It's a large die that you throw at someone when they don't behave.

And I collect full sets of ice.  Though I do have 30+ of d6.  I only have 10-15 of the rest.


30+ for each type...

Even those giant d100, with 100 faces? And do any of you have special 'other' dice? If so, what kind?

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